Chapter 570: A Coincidental Summoning

Chapter 570: A Coincidental Summoning


“You actually crossed through the Nether Mountain Range?”

“It was Belo’s father who annihilated the three Corps in the Eternal Winter Forest?”

“Belo’s father was an Evil Dragon Bishop?”

“The Evil Dragon followers have assembled five Corps in the Doa Royal Palace?”

“Our Kingdom of Eiche’s army has assembled on the border and the war is about to break out? Even Teacher Liszt and the other teachers have arrived at Kalon City as an advance party?”


Receiving reinforcements from teammates during the most fatigued moment was more exciting than any other time.

As they exchanged information, Ayrin and the others soon understood the current situation.

“Haha! We can watch undead fighting undead!”

Ayrin was more excited than anyone else.

His eyes beamed as he saw the Undead Corps Belo brought.

His behavior made the others speechless.

You wanted to see a big guy fighting a big guy in the past, now you want to see undead fighting undead. What kind of special hobby is that?

“Quick! Belo, let your Undead Corps fight those skeleton warriors.” Ayrin took no notice of the surrounding expressions and said with expectation, “See, those skeleton warriors are stacking up and almost reaching the top of the walls.”

The densely packed skeleton warriors kept rushing at the metal wall. Those at the back could not even touch it and instead climbed up the bodies of the skeleton warriors before them. A large pile of skeleton warriors kept stacking up like a rising tide. If that continued, they would soon reach the height of the metal wall and cross over.

Belo did not respond. He snorted as usual.

The frosty undead arcane masters climbed the metal wall like a tide as well.

“Gggg......” Stingham was so scared his teeth were clattering.

“Stingham, what are you doing?” Ayrin turned to look at Stingham.

Stingham looked at the undead arcane masters cramming around him and cried out, “These are dead people! They are zombies! Aren’t you scared?”

“You aren’t afraid of the skeletons outside, why are you scared of these? Also, they listen to Belo’s orders and won’t bite.” Ayrin looked at the black panther at the side warily.

Hearing the first half of his words, everyone thought it was true. However, when they heard the second half, they almost tripped.

The black panther growled loudly and gritted its teeth.

“Skeletons are all bones, they’re not as scary as these things......”


Just as Stingham grumbled, a great arcane power impact rang out.

Waves of arcane power joined up and flowed down the metal wall like a waterfall.

Countless skeleton warriors were scattered by the impact.

Undead arcane masters jumped down from the metal wall expressionlessly.

The scattering bone fragments and air currents caused by the impact helped with shock absorption from falling.

Although the undead arcane masters were not as sturdy as the skeleton warriors, their wounds would soon regenerate. Furthermore, their physical strength seemed to be stronger than the skeleton warriors. However, more importantly, the undead arcane masters could use arcane skills. They had a huge advantage over the skeleton warriors.

The undead arcane masters became a white flood below the metal wall.

The black tide and white flood clashed. Countless bone fragments flew into the air.


Meraly opened her eyes wide. She turned around to look at Belo excitedly, “Belo, your Undead Corps is really like the bane of the Skeleton Army. If not for you arriving on time, the Fearotz Stronghold would have been lost.”

“Is it?” Belo snorted.

Meraly was shocked.

Normally, Belo always used such a tone. However, for some reason, now that she was excited and even admired him a little, Belo using that tone made her feel a little frustrated and sad.

Ayrin, who seemed more excited than anyone, suddenly mumbled, “There’s too many of them.”

“Too many of what?”

Meraly was unable to understand Ayrin’s words while feeling a little sad.

Suddenly, she trembled. “How can this be?”

Her eyes opened wide. They did not contain any surprise, only astonishment and incomprehension.

She saw some undead arcane masters at the front collapse.

Even though they have an overwhelming advantage, why......

Such doubts only lasted a second in her heart as she quickly understood Ayrin’s words.

There were too many skeleton warriors.

The arcane skills used by the Undead Corps became a deadly net. However, due to the absolute number advantage of the skeleton warriors, there would always be a few leaks.

Just the leaks alone were able to exhaust some of the undead arcane masters.

Although the mortality ratio was overwhelmingly in favour of the undead arcane masters, at a rate of about a hundred skeleton warriors to every undead arcane master, there was an endless tide of skeleton warriors. Their numbers reached several tens of thousands.

The undead arcane masters were still at full strength. Once they spent their arcane particles, the mortality ratio would only get worse once they had to fight in a melee.

“You understand it now?” Belo snorted.

Meraly turned around and saw Belo push up his spectacles with a cold gaze, “By then, the Skeleton Army will still have about two hundred to three hundred thousand, or maybe just fifty to sixty thousand, there’s no difference. Because in the end, the Fearotz Stronghold will be lost. As a result, the demihuman-plus-monster army which is a greater threat can cross through and join the war. Meanwhile, that Evil Dragon follower who used the ‘Evil Spirit Resurrection Gate’ can very well use it again somewhere else. He will be able to build another terrifying Skeleton Army.”

Meraly could not say anything, her eyes turning red.

“Look at you, you flattered the wrong person. He’s the hardest to talk to, even I don’t talk to him much.” Stingham gloated, “I told you to leave early. Even perverts like Ayrin and Belo can’t do anything about the Skeleton Army. What use do you have? Are you going to fight using that arcane skill of yours to summon cats and dogs?”

“Chris, Moss and Belo can still fight...... Let’s not waste time and rest. I don’t know how many days we can sustain here......”

Ayrin frowned and started calculating in his heart.

“Belo, is it the stronger you are, the more undead arcane masters you can control?” Ferguillo plainly asked at that moment.

Belo nodded.

“If we want to stop a Skeleton Army of this size, we need at least five to six times the number of undead arcane masters you control now. If you can control over ten thousand undead arcane masters, the ‘Evil Spirit Resurrection Gate’ will be useless. The production rate will be slower than the extermination rate.” Ferguillo spoke in a serious tone, “Then, that Evil Dragon artifact will be completely oppressed by you and lose its effect.”

Belo snorted, “For that I would need at least six arcane gates.”

Mody lightly sighed.

Belo being able to use this ability was already beyond their expectations. It was equivalent to gaining an extra Corps. However, Belo was too far away from opening six arcane gates.


At that moment, countless golden rays suddenly shot out from next to them and lighted up the area.

Everyone turned around and saw Meraly holding up her Golden Holy Sword with an extremely ashamed expression.

Ayrin and the others were already used to such a scene. She had been chasing after Stingham with her Golden Holy Sword before, so they did not pay much attention.

“What’s happening?”

However, after a few minutes, there seemed to be a disturbance amongst the vast Skeleton Army.

Countless crittering sounds gradually became clear and loud.

“Dark Goddess Sight!”

Ayrin instinctively used this arcane skill to improve his sight, yet he could not see it clearly.

After another dozen or so minutes, everyone drew a sharp breath.

They could clearly see large patches of skeleton warriors collapsing!

It seemed as if there was a terrifying plague spreading throughout the Skeleton Army!

Countless golden dots could vaguely be seen within the black tide of the Skeleton Army.

Everyone turned around to look at Meraly and asked in astonishment, “What did you do?”


Meraly also seemed unable to grasp the situation.

“Rats! So many rats!” Ayrin shouted out. He finally saw it. There were countless rabbit-sized rats with golden light dots on their foreheads. The rats were desperately gnawing on the skeleton warriors. As they gnawed, the bones shattered and skeleton warriors collapsed one after another.

“Metal Devouring Rats!”

“Holy Light Summon!”

“There is actually such a large population of Metal Devouring Rats in this swamp!”

“Meraly’s Holy Light Summon...... Coincidentally, there is such an astonishing Metal Devouring Rat population!”

Everyone realized what happened.

“......” Stingham was completely dumbfounded.

He was mocking Meraly as the most useless one and saying her summoning skill was a joke.


Meraly herself was also completely dumbfounded.

Because of Belo’s attitude and Stingham’s sarcasm, she merely used the Holy Light Summon out of spite.

Her Golden Holy Armor was already destroyed, so she could only use her Golden Holy Sword to summon it. It was weakened, but...... coincidentally, there was such an astonishing Metal Devouring Rat population in the swamp!

Yeah...... Rat species do prefer to live in a swamp!

Ayrin shouted excitedly, “This...... is incredible!”

It was clear to see the fall of the Skeleton Army under the pincer attack by the Undead Corps and Metal Devouring Rats!

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