Chapter 569: Arrival Of Reinforcements

Chapter 569: Arrival Of Reinforcements


“If we die here, will our mothers feel ashamed of us?”

The arcane master with a sharp chin was lost in thought.

He had never thought of this question. Until now, all he thought about was obtaining power through the Evil Dragon bloodline.

After obtaining it, the sense of power filling him made him unable to think about anything else, leaving him craving for a higher tier Evil Dragon bloodline.

While he was absentminded, he did not notice a thin line of blood spreading towards him and the arcane masters around him through the ice from underneath Belo’s feet.


Another night shrouded the Fearotz Stronghold.

Deon rubbed his eyes. He had been observing the same direction for days. The same scenery made him a little absentminded. However, when he saw the Heroic Wall on the other side of the Fearotz Stronghold still standing firm through the goblin monocular, his heart would uncontrollably beat faster.

He was one of the scouts from the Exorcist Corps in Zion City.

The Exorcist Corps had been routed by the Sequoia Corps and Undead Corps during the latter’s march towards the Fearotz Stronghold. Even so, he continued to fulfill his mission by following the Sequoia Corps and Undead Corps and sending useful military intel.

When the Evil Dragon’s artifact ‘Evil Spirit Resurrection Gate’ appeared and the Royal Thorns Corps was forced to retreat, he stayed back and secretly observed the situation.

He clearly understood that be it the Kingdom of Doa or Kingdom of Eiche, everyone resisting the Evil Dragon Army needed to know the latest news about the Fearotz Stronghold. He also knew there were many frontline scouts like him in the forest nearby observing the situation and sending the intel up the chain with whatever method they had at hand.

Perhaps due to the pressure of the assembling army at the Kingdom of Eiche’s border and the overwhelming size of the Skeleton Army, the Evil Dragon Army judged it was sufficient and sending any more reinforcements would be meaningless. According to the records, the Skeleton Army would indiscriminately attack all arcane masters in their path. Hence, after the Sequoia Corps’s remnants retreated, no new reinforcements came to the Fearotz Stronghold.

Since the appearance of the Skeleton Army, twelve days had passed.

Even now, the metal wall protecting the Fearotz Stronghold still stood. The Skeleton Army did not swarm past Fearotz like a tsunami. It meant there was an arcane team fighting beyond the metal wall.

What kind of arcane team is that? How can they last for so long?

Every time the fatigued Deon gazed at the metal wall, he would show the utmost respect.

He was clear that as a normal arcane master, fighting intensively for a whole day would have squeezed out every arcane particle in his body. Every muscle in his body would cramp. It was similar to intensive training, one would not be able to recover within days. Hence, even if they took turns to fight, every arcane master would quickly reach their limit when defending against such an overwhelming number of skeletons.

There was no point even if there were a large number of arcane masters. One arcane master could only defend and control a small area. If they were taking turns, they would be split into many small groups by the Skeleton Army.

Deon took a deep breath. He slightly shifted his stiffened body as a gust of wind blew past and spoke in his heart, “An arcane team that can forcefully stall the Skeleton Army for so long...... Such an incredible team...... If you really can’t hold on any longer, you must escape!”



There are really too many!

Even if they’re ants...... once there are too many, they are really scary!

Huff...... Huff...... Huff......

Within the Skeleton Army, Ayrin was heavily panting. He was completely soaked in sweat, steam coming from his body.

Around them, the skeleton warrior corpses had piled up into hills.

Countless skeleton warriors were slain.

However, there was still an overwhelming amount alive.

No matter how many they killed, more would take their place.

Ayrin and the others were reaching their limits.

Even Mody, who was continuously replenishing arcane particles, was getting squeezed to the limit after constantly keeping up the powerful domain. His muscles were cramping.

Merlin had used up her materials.

She had made some covering bulwark around everyone at first. The metal was much tougher than the skeletons. However, under the endless siege of the skeleton warriors, the bulwark was slowly torn apart.

Rinloran showed a bitter expression. He began to lose sensation in his hands from the sharp pain.

He turned around with difficulty and spoke to Ayrin, “It’s about time......”

“Yeah!” Ayrin answered with difficulty, “I think I can only sustain for another two days.”

“What!?” Rinloran almost choked and coughed out.

He was almost unable to sustain for another hour, yet Ayrin, that monster...... actually said another two days!

But it’s probably only he alone who can keep fighting, right?

“Black King, it’s about to end.”

Mody took a glance at Rinloran. He did not say anything further and just tapped the black panther next to him.


The black panther giving off a strange aura growled in frustration.

“It won’t...... bite me when I’m tired......” Ayrin muttered.

The black panther had sharp ears and heard it.

It immediately became enraged.


A terrifying arcane power storm exploded around it.


A unique domain manifested and wrapped everyone inside.

“What is this domain? It’s so strange!”

Ayrin was dumbfounded.

He and the others had not been able to react before the domain teleported them away.


When the strange domain dissipated and Ayrin became aware of his surroundings again, he heard the unfriendly growl of the black panther.


He was dumbfounded.

Everyone was atop the metal wall.

A black formation was disappearing underneath the black panther.

Rinloran snapped out of shock and spoke while coughing, “Black Moon Emperor!”

“Black Moon Emperor? You mean this black panther?” Ayrin was a little astonished.

The black panther is actually the legendary protector god of the Mountain Dwarves? The Black Moon Emperor which could create its own spatial passage and possesses a teleportation domain?

So, the famous Black Moon Emperor from the Era of the War with Dragons actually had the appearance of a black panther?

Meraly and Shanna were also shocked.

The darkness Mody created was disappearing. As the starlight showered down, the Skeleton Army finally began to find the right direction and swarmed towards the metal wall.

“Are we going to give up and use the Heroic Wall’s power?”

Ayrin finally caught his breath. He looked at Mody. There was no time to care about the origin of the black panther.

“It’s about time......” Mody slowly nodded, “If there is a powerful Evil Dragon Bishop in the swamp who has been waiting for a chance, you and I still have the strength to fight if he appears now. We can still let the others safely evacuate. However, if we continue dragging on, I’m afraid we can’t guarantee their safety even if we want to let them escape.”

At that moment, the fainted Stingham suddenly shouted, “Ayrin...... Rinloran...... Run away!” He then grabbed onto Meraly’s leg.


Mody and the black panther sensed something. They turned to look towards the dark night in the distance.

“What’s that?”

Ayrin also sensed a chilling aura coming from that direction.

He opened his eyes wide to stare into the distance. He could vaguely see a Corps shrouded in frost rapidly approaching.

“More Undead Corps? But why do they seem different?” Ayrin mumbled to himself.


Meraly and Shanna trembled as they saw the figures shrouded in frost. They could not tell any difference.

“Their eyes are red!”

Ayrin’s eyes suddenly sparkled, “In the past, the undead arcane masters had white eyes!”

In the next second, Ayrin cupped around his mouth as a sound amplifier and shouted, “Those undead arcane masters’ red eyes look like Belo’s! Belo! Is that you?”

“Just red eyes means it’s similar to Belo?” Meraly was speechless.

However, a loud shout came from far away like a thunder roar. “Ayrin, you’re still here!”

“Moss! It’s Moss’s voice!”

Ayrin immediately became excited, “We are here! Moss!”


A Flaming Evil Eye was shot by him and rose up like a signal flare in the dark night.

“Belo and the others are coming?”

“They brought reinforcements?”

Even the fainted Stingham woke up and opened his eyes.

Suddenly, Stingham shouted, “Meraly, you’re so perverted. Why did you stretch out your leg and make me hug it?”

Meraly grumbled, but her body was trembling from excitement.

A streak of flames rose up from afar.

She could vaguely see Belo’s figure at the front.

At that moment, Belo looked extremely reliable.

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