Chapter 568: So What If I Die Fighting?

Chapter 568: So What If I Die Fighting?


Countless sword-like ice peaks formed the Nether Mountain Range.

Since the Era of the War with Dragons, the Nether Mountain Range was an insurmountable mountain range even for elven bloodline arcane masters bringing elven rations.

Finding and digging a path through the nearly vertical ice surfaces required a large amount of stamina. The extreme cold and thin air also hastened the loss of stamina.

More importantly, the center between many vertical ice peaks became natural gale zones which were even more powerful than forbidden skills cast by expert arcane masters.

The gale was on a level that could easily sweep an arcane masters thousands of meters away.

Hence, the linking method arcane teams normally used when climbing mountains was useless. If they encountered a sudden assault by such a strong gale, it would not just be a few swept away, the whole chain would be wiped out.

A Corps shrouded in frost was crossing through the peaks of the Nether Mountain Range.

The Nether Mountain Range treated all visitors the same.

The Corps crossing through the Nether Mountain Range would occasionally be assaulted by terrifying gales and a few arcane masters would be swept away into the bottomless abyss below.

However, be it the arcane masters who fell or the advancing arcane masters, none made any sound.

Apart from that frosty Corps, there was a slightly lesser Corps with all members wearing white fur arcane robes hidden in a narrow path further above. They looked down to observe the advancing Corps.

Amongst the Corps hidden on the narrow path, the leading arcane master was someone young with long purplish black hair.

He had a sharp chin, and his grey pupils let out a cold glint. He seemed extremely merciless.

An excited and relieved expression slowly showed on his face.

Lord Coffin Master Bishop’s judgement is spot on.

You really intend to cross through this mountain range to reinforce the Fearotz Stronghold!

It’s a pity that even an Undead Corps like that...... will only become frozen undead here.


At the center of the Undead Corps, Belo suddenly whispered, “Enemy.” A bloody glow flashed across his eyes.

“Enemy? Where?”

Chris and Moss immediately became nervous.

“They should be right above us.” Belo spoke without showing any strange movements, “I smelled their presence. There are quite a few of them.”

“The Evil Dragon followers already have defensive measures set up here and deployed a Corps?” Chris and Moss changed their expressions.

“Chris, Belo, since they have been laying in ambush here, they must be well prepared. They may attack at any time. What should we do?” Moss asked with a pale face.

In such a place, if the Corps advancing in a long narrow line was ambushed, the result would be disastrous.

“Well prepared? Do you think they are prepared for an avalanche?” Belo’s face revealed a fervent and sarcastic expression.

“Avalanche?” Chris and Moss were dumbfounded.

“Don’t you have your Warcry?” Belo looked at Moss, “Whether it works or not depends on how loud your Warcry is.”

“You’re saying...... let Moss use Warcry to collapse the ice peaks above?” Chris and the others behind her were shocked.

It was really too crazy an idea.

“Those prepared will always suffer less than those unprepared. If we are going to suffer casualties anyway, we should at least be the prepared side.” Belo’s mouth curved into a crescent.


“What are they doing?”

“Why are they digging holes in the ice?”

“Are they actually thinking they can dig through a tunnel to cross the mountain?”

“The Nether Mountain Range isn’t a pure ice mountain. Within the ice is a hard and solid rock mountain. If they want to start digging now, even the Mountain Dwarves in the past would take half a year to dig a tunnel through these mountains.”

The white color Corps hidden on the narrow path above made a slight rustling sound.

Hearing the whispers of his subordinates, the leading arcane master unconsciously frowned. He had an ominous feeling.

Did the enemy already notice us?

If they sensed an ambush, what would I do if I were in their place?

He carefully thought about it with a slight chill in his heart. However, he could not understand the enemy’s intention.

In the tunnel dug into the ice layer, Belo looked at the black rock around them and told Moss, “We have dug into the rock layer, it’s enough. If we take too long, the ambushers above us will start to suspect something is wrong. We can begin.”

“Are we really doing it?” Moss’s legs were shaking non-stop.

He was clear that the rocks of this mountain seemed solid, but were very likely cut into pieces after the icy water seeped through them. The frozen water was like glue and adhered the rock pieces. If the ice shattered from the vibration, the rock could also collapse.

“Nothing is foolproof in a battle here. Moss, we don’t have time.” Chris looked at Moss and spoke in a serious tone, “Maybe Ayrin and the others are still fighting at Fearotz.”

“If I don’t dare to take a gamble...... even when we already have a little chance...... If we get stalled by the ambushers above us, Ayrin would mock me to no end if he found out......”

Hearing Chris mention Ayrin, Moss instantly shuddered.

“Alright! I will do it!”

His heart pumped the hot blood to his face. His face turned beet red. In the next moment, he rapidly expanded.


“What’s going on?”

Suddenly, the Corps arcane masters on the narrow path high up felt a strange vibration.


Before they could react, a terrifying sonic boom rang out from below.

Crack crack crack......

At the same time, the ice surface began collapsing.

“Shit, these lunatics!”

The sharp chin arcane master raised his head unconsciously. He saw shattered chunks of ice falling down like rain from the ice peaks above them. He immediately reacted and let out a roar like a wounded beast.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The sonic booms continued.

Deep cracks spread through the ice at a terrifying speed. The countless shattered ice shards and snow made those cracks look like white waves.

No order would be useful anymore.

The ice peaks within their sight were all collapsing.

Apart from instinctive evasion and escape, there was nothing they could do against the wrath of nature.


Just like what Moss was worried about, the solid-looking rocks began shattering along with the ice.

In a place not far behind Moss and the others, Bat suddenly shouted, “Shit!” His body felt as if it was slammed by a dashing carriage and was flung out with the falling rocks.

Just as Bat was about to fall into the abyss, a string of blood suddenly swept towards him.

Hiruka and the others opened their mouths wide but no sound came out.

Belo cut his own wrist. A string of blood rushed out and rapidly froze in the air, becoming an elastic string and wrapped around the falling Bat.

At that moment, a strong gale blew past and pulled Belo’s body out.


Chris suddenly appeared on a piece of falling rock.


She blasted a strong wave of arcane power from her hands and pushed herself back to knock into Belo.

Belo let out a grunt.

He was getting pushed towards the cliff side.

“Ah!” Moss yelled.

He stretched out his two enlarged arms and forcefully grabbed Belo who was pushed back.

Meanwhile, Belo used his other hand to grab Chris’s clothes, the frozen blood still wrapped around Bat.

Hiruka and the others only reacted then and helped to pull Belo, Chris and Bat to safety. When they finally pulled Belo and the others back, they were already drenched in cold sweat.


The destructive avalanche went on for over ten minutes.

The scenery around them completely changed.

The few ice peaks around them were like broken swords. Various irregular shaped ice blocks stacked up messily.

The sharp chin arcane master and the dozens of remaining white fur leather-robed arcane masters trembled amongst the huge ice blocks.

Undead arcane masters wrapped in necromancy aura and frost passed through the floating ice flakes and surrounded them.

Belo’s unique fervent and impulsive voice called out, “Have you prepared your last words?”

The sharp chin arcane master hysterically yelled, “You have also lost many people! Even if you pass through the Nether Mountain Range, you can’t plug the opening at Fearotz!”

“Look at you, you’re trembling from fear. Even you know how many enemies there are. You also know it’s suicidal going to Fearotz!” He turned to look at the shaking Moss.

Moss tightened his fist.

He was still trembling uncontrollably from fear.

He did not meet the gaze of the others.

However, he turned to stare at the sharp chin arcane master and suddenly spoke, “So what?”

The sharp chin arcane master was stunned.

“Even if I die fighting, the Doraster Continent will remember our names.”

Moss was still trembling, but flames burned fiercely in his eyes. He looked at the sharp chin arcane master and spoke slowly, “Unlike you Evil Dragon Army arcane masters. Even if you die, nobody will remember your names, right?”

“Even if I die fighting...... at least my mother will be proud of me. What about you? Will your mother be proud of you?”

Moss stared at the sharp chin arcane master who had a pale expression and shook his head, “After you all die here, your mothers will only feel ashamed, right?”

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