Chapter 567: Onward, Nether Mountain Range

Chapter 567: Onward, Nether Mountain Range



Stingham could no longer endure and collapsed.

“Ayrin, Rinloran, run away! You two bastards, I knew I would be screwed over by you two and die......”

His consciousness was hazy. He actually pulled on Meraly’s leg, thinking he was holding back a skeleton warrior.

“You......” Meraly looked at Stingham gratefully, “Since you knew you would be screwed by them, why didn’t you run away?”

“Because we’re a team...... Why does your voice sound like Meraly? The most useless flat-chest girl, why haven’t you run away? Run away......”

“Bastard! Just faint and sleep!” Meraly lamented and stepped on Stingham’s face.


Kalon City.

“That is?”

A group of arcane masters building defensive structures using the materials from the rubble suddenly stopped and showed astonished expressions.

In a street not far away from them, a group of four male and one female arcane masters walked past.

The arcane master at the front carried a lazy demeanor. The short-haired male arcane master next to him seemed to be keeping a low profile. Meanwhile, the muscular man on the other side seemed hot-blooded and bright, filled with energy.

On his back, there was a man with a pale face who seemed deep asleep.

The female arcane master appeared to be quiet, a herbal fragrance around her.

“They’re the Holy Dawn Evil Six! There’s no mistake! The lazy guy at the front is Liszt who can use the Holy Gate of Life. The low profile guy is Master Scoundrel Rui! I saw them before!”

“Are they the ones? Even Baratheon’s Maelstrom Team was no match for them......”

The group of arcane masters absentmindedly looked at the legendary number one team in the Kingdom of Eiche pass by. Only after they completely disappeared from sight, did the group snap back.

The Holy Dawn Evil Six have already appeared here. Then, the Kingdom of Eiche’s army should arrive soon too, right?

As this legendary team disappeared around a corner, one arcane master couldn’t hold back and asked, “The Ever-standing Meat Shield Ashur should have died in battle long ago. They only have five members left. Why are you still calling them the Holy Dawn Evil Six?”

“Perhaps because they have never forgotten that teammate. They have been fighting as if they have six members. Their team unity is really strong...... That’s probably why others are still calling them the Holy Dawn Evil Six.” Another arcane master answered, “The heavily wounded arcane master Minlur was carrying should be the Crafty Conspiracy Master Carter...... For some teams, no matter how many of them are injured or how many can still fight in the end, everyone will still call them by the name their fame brought them. The Holy Dawn Evil Six is such a team.”

“Holy Dawn Evil Six is like this...... Their students are also outstanding.” Many people had such a thought.


“Teacher Liszt? Teacher Ciaran?......”

Chris rubbed her eyes. She thought she hallucinated, but when she confirmed those familiar faces were real, she immediately called out happily.

Chris’s voice also attracted the attention of the resting Belo and Moss.

When Liszt saw Belo, Chris and Moss, he said, “Ohehehe, Belo, you did a good job.”

“Wouldn’t we have let you down if we did anything else?” Belo pushed up his spectacles.

Yugou and the others at the side mumbled, “What a bunch of crazy people.”

Only teachers like Liszt’s team can actually put trust in Belo and the others to let them take on an opponent on the level of Besche.

Other teachers in normal academies would absolutely not dare to send such a talented team into the Eternal Winter Forest.

“You have achieved your original objective. Looks like you have a new one now?”

Liszt glanced at Belo. He sensed Belo’s aura and lazily grinned, “That’s good. You won’t be slacking off.”

“Why have you come here so soon?” Belo did not seem to waste any time and looked at the teachers, “What should we do next?”

“Our Kingdom of Eiche’s army has assembled at the borderline. The war will begin soon.” Liszt still seemed lazy and slowly spoke, “We were originally here as an advance party to reinforce Kalon City. But we never expected you to complete your mission beyond even our expectations.”

A cold glint flashed on the lens of Belo’s spectacles. He immediately followed with a question, “Reinforcing Kalon City? Is there something special here?”

“Based on the movements of the entire Evil Dragon army, their tactical intentions are clear.” Liszt nodded and became serious, “Before this, apart from the five Corps assembled in the Doa Royal Palace, they were focusing their attacks on two spots. One is the Fearotz Stronghold, the other is the Southern border towards the Eternal Winter Forest.”

“Kalon City stored a large amount of cheese. Cheese has a long preservation period and is easy to transport. In addition, it contains high calories. It can become one of the main food supplies for the Evil Dragon army. More importantly, Kalon City has a few unique ‘worm springs’. The water production rate from those springs is high. The spring water contains natural white ‘worms’. The springs are also called Monster Nutrition Springs. The spring water is beneficial to monsters. The monsters and beasts bred around here use those springs.”

“The large size of the Undead Corps can stall the Kingdom of Eiche’s army in the Eternal Winter Forest. That will allow the five Evil Dragon Corps and demihuman-plus-monster-army to arrive and give the Evil Dragon army a major advantage. It will be very difficult to win this war if that happens.”

“Nobody imagined the situation in the Kingdom of Doa to be this severe. After the Fallen Shadow Valley campaign, we originally thought only the remnants of the Evil Dragon followers would be left. Originally, we would have lost this war for sure. However, we didn’t expect you to gain the ability to control the Undead Corps.” After a pause, Liszt continued while watching Belo, Chris and the others, “Some amongst the Evil Dragon army should have also noticed this. So, the Evil Dragon followers in the Southern border are retreating towards the Doa Royal Palace. We expect they will gradually let go of their control in the Southern side. In that case, the major clash should be near the Doa Royal Palace.”

“What a terrifying plan!”

Chris finally understood and shouted, “They wanted to use the Undead Corps to control the Southern border. Then, their five Corps and the army coming from Fearotz would assemble here. By then, they will gain an overwhelming numerical advantage when facing against Kingdom of Eiche’s army!”

“The commotion Ayrin and the others caused in the Doa Royal Palace exposed this plan in its early stage, so we gained a little initiative.” Liszt grinned, then he became serious again, “But the key point to the final outcome lies in where Ayrin’s group is at.”

“Teacher Liszt, are you talking about the Fearotz Stronghold? Do you know what happened to Ayrin and the others?” Moss anxiously asked.

“Now, the stretch between the Southern border and Fearotz Stronghold is mostly engulfed in warfare. Although the Evil Dragon followers did not gain the upper hand in some areas, large scale destruction can cause chaos. This is their advantage. The latest intel we received was that Ayrin was going to the Fearotz Stronghold to assist in its defence. By now, the battle there should have begun, or already ended.”

Liszt shook his head, “But since there are no reinforcements heading in that direction...... it’s more likely the stronghold has fallen.”

“Fallen?” Moss was shocked, “Then Ayrin......”

“Regardless of how the situation over there is, Belo, it should only be you guys who can stop the demihuman-plus-monster army coming through the Fearotz Stronghold.” Liszt took a deep breath and slowly breathed out.

“Teacher Liszt, are you saying we need to rush over to the Fearotz Stronghold?” Chris immediately understood the meaning.

“Belo and you all, as well as the Undead Corps, is the most powerful fighting force that can be assembled here within a short amount of time. Furthermore, the Undead Corps does not require rest or rations. They are suitable for long marches. With Belo’s ability, the Undead Corps can be resupplied after losing some.” Liszt nodded, “Even if the Fearotz Stronghold had already fallen, with a Corps such as this going there to stop the demihumans and monsters from flowing into the Evil Dragon army, it is equivalent to cutting off the Evil Dragon army’s powerful reinforcements. At a suitable time, you can even cooperate with us from their blind spot and deal a fatal blow.”

“But it’s impossible to make it in time. We already knew Ayrin’s group went to the Fearotz Stronghold. However, we felt we wouldn’t make it in time. Also, we would be crossing through areas controlled by the Evil Dragon army. They will be stopping us and not let us reach Fearotz.” Chris pointed out.

“Go through the Nether Mountain Range.”

Liszt explained his plan while looking at Chris, Belo and Moss with a serious gaze.

“Good idea!”

Bat, Yugou and the others who were listening at the side felt their hearts skip a beat.

If one looked at a map of the Kingdom of Doa, the Nether Mountain Range indeed was the shortest path between Kalon City and Fearotz.  However, the mountain peaks of the Nether Mountain Range were extremely steep. There were no paths in many places. Also, many parts of the mountain range were covered in solid ice and as such were very slippery. Many arcane masters that tried to venture through the mountain range went to the Netherworld. This was where this mountain range got its name from.

However, the undead arcane masters were not afraid of the cold. Crossing through this region seemed like a real possibility. Even if some of them fell, it would not be much of a loss.

At that moment, Belo unexpectedly did not ask about the marching matters. He looked at Carter who was carried by Minlur and asked, “How is Teacher Carter?”

“His life is not in danger. He can already provide some suggestions, just that he can’t fight. In the current situation, his strategies are the most useful.” Ciaran answered, “Because his condition seemed good, we initialized the waking process early. If we have the Passion Fruit, he should fully recover.”

“Ayrin’s group probably already obtained the Passion Fruit for Teacher Carter’s treatment.” Belo pushed up his spectacles and bowed towards Liszt and the others in a serious manner, “You all must be staying here to defend, right? In that case, we will be going off.”

This guy, is he afraid he won’t see us in future and bid farewell to us? Or thanking us for our teaching to let him eventually defeat his nemesis?

Liszt, Minlur and the others showed a complicated expression.

When Belo’s group was prepared to leave, Minlur swung his fist and called out to Chris, “Hey, Chris...... As the captain, you god-like girl must bring them back in one piece.”

Chris showed a fervent gaze and replied, “Of course!”

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