Chapter 565: My Enjoyment Comes From Fighting Against It

Chapter 565: My Enjoyment Comes From Fighting Against It


“What’s going on?”

“What’s happening?”

Within Kalon City, voices of surprise and joy rang out.

“What’s happening?”

It was also the question Gafon asked Belo and the others.

“Simple, these undead arcane masters were controlled by the enemy, but now I’m controlling them.” Belo answered straightforwardly.

“That means the three Corps in the Eternal Winter Forest......” Gafon took a deep breath. He turned a little to look at the undead arcane masters in Kalon City, hesitated for a moment but ultimately did not complete his sentence.

Belo seemed to see through his thoughts and answered, “They were annihilated.”

“They really......!”

Gafon and his men were filled with indescribable feelings.

An enemy that can annihilate the three Corps defending the Eternal Winter Forest, just what kind of powerful existence is that?

Yet such a powerful existence was defeated by half of the Holy Dawn Academy team?

“Are you doubting my words?”

Belo pushed up his spectacles and took a glance at Gafon. A cold glint flashed across the lens of his spectacles.

“I’m just too shocked.”

Gafon also revealed a meaningful gaze. He seriously saluted Belo, Chris and the others, “Your timely arrival has saved Kalon City. Your achievements will go down in history.”

“Where did they come from?” Belo slightly raised his brows.

“What?” Gafon and his men did not understand the meaning of Belo’s question.

“What’s the current situation in the Kingdom of Doa? Why are there so many Evil Dragon followers here?” Belo felt a little annoyed. His eyes were showing his impulsiveness again.

Gafon fixed his gaze and asked Belo, “You really don’t know what’s happening in the Kingdom of Doa?” He wanted to ascertain what intel Belo wanted to know.

“We are arcane masters from the Kingdom of Eiche, not your Doa’s Corps arcane masters. We obviously don’t have any channels to learn of the latest military intel.” Chris looked at Gafon and politely requested, “So, please tell us of the situation in the Kingdom of Doa, as detailed as possible.”

“Did the other half of your team go to the Doa Royal Palace and investigate the Green Dragon Divine Temple?” When Gafon asked that question, he thought of the other half of the Holy Dawn Academy team and felt the thumping of his heart hasten.

“What happened to them?” Chris and Moss immediately became nervous.

That was because Ayrin, Rinloran and Stingham going to the Doa Royal Palace should have been a secret mission.

“Based on our reliable information, your teammate Stingham is likely the Green Dragon Prince of our Kingdom of Doa. Your other two teammates Ayrin and Rinloran went with him to the Green Dragon Divine Temple through the sewers and triggered this war. Your teammate Ayrin also jeopardized a critical scheme of the Evil Dragon followers. It seems he ate a dragon egg the Evil Dragon followers intended to hatch after corrupting it with Evil Dragon particles. And he also killed an Evil Dragon Bishop.”

“What? Ayrin ate a dragon egg and killed an Evil Dragon Bishop?” Moss and Chris looked at each other with unbelievable expressions.

After one second, they both shouted, “As expected of Ayrin, he dares to eat anything.”

“The secret about Evil Dragon followers hiding in the Green Dragon Divine Temple and Doa Royal Palace was completely exposed by them. However, the Evil Dragon followers faction is unimaginably powerful. Many important figures of the Doa Royal Palace are either Evil Dragon followers themselves or controlled by Evil Dragon followers.”

Gafon looked at Chris and the others with a bitter expression and continued, “The royal arcane masters in the Doa Royal Palace and some Corps nearby fought against the Evil Dragon followers. Most of them died. Now, the Evil Dragon followers have occupied the Doa Royal Palace. Based on the latest news, they have assembled five Corps.

“Furthermore, apart from the four undamaged Evil Dragon bones, they also revealed a broken Evil Dragon crystal. Anyone who joins the Evil Dragon army will receive a certain amount of Evil Dragon bloodline.”

After taking a deep breath and pausing for a moment, Gafon continued, “After concealing themselves for a thousand years, the Evil Dragon followers have come out of hiding. They are even exhausting the Evil Dragon artifacts to gather more members.”

“Five Corps? How many people in each Corps?” Although they already expected the worst from the Kingdom of Doa after seeing the spectacle in Kalon City, they were still shocked.

“With the Doa Royal Palace as the main camp, the five Corps each contain over ten thousand people.” Gafon answered.

Chris and Moss exclaimed, “So many!?”

“Many people suspect the Fallen Shadow Valley was a bait the Evil Dragon followers purposely threw. It would let us lower our guard after exterminating the Evil Dragon followers in there, even triggering the internal conflicts between Houses.” Gafon slowly spoke, “The attraction of the Evil Dragon bloodline...... caused the number of arcane masters in the five Corps to grow larger every day. Other than those five Corps, many Corps serving the Evil Dragon followers also wage war throughout the Kingdom of Doa. Most castles have fallen from the Doa Royal Palace up to here.”

“Looks like the Kingdom of Doa was long corrupted by Evil Dragon followers. The entire Kingdom of Doa is the true stronghold of the Evil Dragon followers.” Belo spoke coldly, “What about Ayrin and the others?”

“Unsure. News said they rode an airship towards the Fearotz Stronghold. They might be assisting the Fearotz Stronghold’s defence. According to the recent news, the Undead Corps that became the determining factor in the Doa Royal Palace battle was also heading towards the Fearotz Stronghold. If nothing unexpected happened, the battle at Fearotz should have started by now.” Gafon’s hands uncontrollably trembled.

As an official Corps general, he was clear on the tactical meaning of the Fearotz Stronghold.

If they could not defend Fearotz, the majority of the Kingdom of Doa would be easy pickings for the Evil Dragon followers.

The only remaining tactical stronghold, which was the Frost Tusk Peak Stronghold, would be completely isolated in the Northern corner of the Kingdom of Doa.

The Hearth Valley Corps stationed there would be in grave danger.

The Hearth Valley Corps and Royal Thorns Corps were currently the most important fighting force in the entire Kingdom of Doa.

Most Corps thought the five Corps the Evil Dragon army assembled were meant for exterminating the Hearth Valley Corps.

By then, even if the Kingdom of Eiche’s army arrived and recovered the Southern side of the Kingdom of Doa, they would still get surrounded by the Evil Dragon army.

The Thorns Swamp and the Snowfall Forest behind the Frost Tusk Peak Stronghold would probably provide an unlimited quantity of military supplies and fighting force.

As Gafon explained all of this, Bat who was behind Belo whispered to Belo, explaining to him the importance of the Fearotz Stronghold and Hearth Valley Stronghold.

Belo spoke soon after, “Since the Fearotz Stronghold is so important and cannot be lost, Ayrin’s probably defending it at all costs, right?”

Belo asked Gafon, “We will take a break here and reorganize ourselves. Since you have a source for military intel, can you help us find out the current movements of the Kingdom of Eiche?”

“I will try my best.” Gafon immediately promised.

Although Belo should be his junior and seemed impolite, when thinking about all the major news being related to these people, he vaguely felt they...... would be the ones to determine the history and fate of the Doraster Continent in this revolution that spanned across the entire continent.

The battle in Kalon City still wasn’t brought to an end.

There was almost not a single intact building in the entire Kalon City.

Belo’s first retainer, Hiruka, quickly walked through the battered city.

After setting up a military tent in an empty plot of land, she found some food supplies and supplements needed for moving and fighting in the future.


When Hiruka was attentively cooking a pot of soup, Bat walked up to her. Seeing the fatigued Hiruka who was still attentively doing all that, he whispered, “You seem to have changed your opinion towards Lord Belo?”

Hiruka paused for a moment. Then, she continued what she was doing and replied, “Perhaps it was because the gaze of others around me became respectful and filled with admiration after I followed him...... Although there’s a possibility of dying if I follow him, wouldn't following him bring me glory?”

On the other side of the tent, Belo looked at the undead arcane masters pursuing what was left of the enemy.


A terrifying arcane energy fluctuation suddenly appeared before him.

A white bone case appeared in his hand.

White ice crystals and blood waves swarmed around his feet. White ice crystals even manifested on his body.

A unique arcane power spread through the ground.

Within the ruins, the dead arcane masters suddenly opened their eyes!

Voices of shock rang out.

Dead arcane masters stood up again while shrouded in frost.

Chris appeared next to Belo and said, “Belo, since you said using this causes severe side effects and may even bewitch your mind if you use it too much, try not to use it if possible.”

After Belo completed his arcane skill, the white ice crystals and blood waves around his feet disappeared. However, his skin had become whiter. A thin layer of ice crystals seemed to stay on his skin without melting, as if they would stay there permanently.

“The Evil Dragon army is so large. We need more men if we want to fight them.”

Hearing Chris’s voice, Belo revealed a fervent and impulsive grin, “I am different from my father, as well as those clan kin that were afraid of its power. My father enjoyed its power and became addicted to it. Meanwhile, my enjoyment comes from fighting against it...... It’s simple, If I can’t win against it and conquer it in the end...... you or Ayrin can just kill me.”

“An even simpler matter is me and my fourth retainer......” Belo turned to look at Buel who was standing not far away from him while holding his deer head hat, “This brat gave me his life, and I gave him mine. If there really comes such a day, even if I become so powerful you or Ayrin can’t kill me, he will carry out his mission as the retainer and end my life.”

“Lord Belo, you won’t fail.” Buel adjusted his hat. His childish face showed a determined expression.

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