Chapter 564: Breached City Reinforcement

Chapter 564: Breached City Reinforcement


“Are any of you going to recover soon? I really can’t hold on any longer!”

“Why are you like this? You’re fine normally, yet you’re so unreliable when it matters.”

Stingham kept crying out, seeking help.

“Stingham, persist! You can still fight, we’re relying on you!” Ayrin encouraged Stingham.

The battle had gone on for a long time. He had already woken up from his nap.

By now, Stingham was completely drenched in sweat. His muscles bulged as if they were cramping.

It was clear to see Stingham’s stamina was truly exhausted, even his movements were clearly slower. If not for the remnants of the skeleton warriors stacked around him like rubbles restricting the movements of the rest, Stingham would have been beaten up already.

“Idiot, stop shouting and wasting your stamina! You want us to die?” Rinloran coldly scolded.

Meraly looked at Stingham in worry and asked, “Rinloran, we still aren’t helping him?”

“Meraly, don’t help him! I don’t know what your academy’s teachers taught you, but our Holy Dawn teachers taught us that the more exhausted a person is, the better the result of their training. Perhaps the extreme fatigue and discomfort will carve deeper memories into our cells and make us unable to forget them.” Ayrin was afraid Meraly would make a move and stopped her beforehand, “Teacher Liszt also said that when you really can’t hold on, your body movements will be closer to instinct and force your potential out.”

“Also, don’t belittle him!” Ayrin turned around and looked at Stingham with a serious expression. He even showed a little astonishment.

There were no professional spear instructors amongst them. There were no professional tips on using a spear, they were only giving Stingham some random advice. However, the current Stingham seemed to have mastered an interesting homemade style spear technique.

His spear tip had formed an absolute sphere around him. Only the skeleton warriors that came into contact with it would be stabbed.

The stab was not a powerful stab and did not reach far. It allowed him to conserve more stamina and retract the spear faster.

If other arcane masters did not witness Stingham’s clumsy fighting images at the start and only saw his current performance, they would have thought Stingham mastered a unique defensive spear technique that used the spear tip to draw a sphere.

So...... This guy is quite impressive when he becomes serious, huh?

Even so, his potential still hasn’t been fully drawn out, right?

Ayrin watched Stingham. He felt a Dragon still sleeping in Stingham’s body. It would take more to fully awaken Stingham’s potential.

At that moment, Ferguillo plainly spoke, “Let him train until he faints.”

“Faint......” Meraly, Shanna and the others turned to look at Ferguillo with unbelievable expressions.

“Our Iron Forest Academy believes the more talented a person is, the crueler his training must be to force out his true potential. Because a genius’s endurance is much stronger than normal people.” Ferguillo’s carefree voice continued, “Mental strength is the main issue for a guy like him, right? Let him fight until he faints...... his mental strength will greatly improve.”

“Is this...... really alright?” Meraly was astonished. She was taught that such extreme pressure would cause damage to the body in the future.

“He has a Dragon bloodline. It’s fine, especially for someone with a high Green Dragon bloodline like his.” Ferguillo affirmed.

Ferguillo’s speech and his assuring expression caused Ayrin to think of something. He asked, “Ferguillo, your mental strength is great. Did you also train until you fainted in the past?”

Ferguillo nodded in affirmation.

“No wonder......” Charlotte, Meraly and the others were filled with shock.

“Ferguillo, how many times did you train until you faint?” Ayrin showed great interest.

“Many times, I can’t remember.” Ferguillo casually answered, which caused everyone to draw a cold breath.

“Ayrin, even if your stomach hurts, help me! I really can’t hold on any longer.”

“Rinloran, even if you’re hurt, do something! Help me!”

Stingham called out again, his muscles beginning to cramp.

“Alright, I will do something.” Rinloran nodded.

“Really?” Stingham’s eyes sparkled and a flame of hope was lit.

“You! Do your best!” Rinloran swung his fist towards Stingham to show an encouraging gesture, “Alright, done.”

“That’s all?”

Stingham crumbled, “Belo, Moss, Chris, where are you? Please, come help me!”

Yeah, Belo, Moss, Chris, how are you doing? I really miss you.

You must also have gotten a lot stronger.

As Stingham yelled in desperation, Ayrin began recalling Belo, Moss and Chris.


Southern Border of the Kingdom of Doa, Kalon City.

Kalon City was also called ‘The City of Cheese’. Their cheese was famous across the entire Doraster Continent.

The production of various types of cheese had gathered a huge popularity for Kalon City. It had become a major trade city on the border between the Kingdom of Doa and Kingdom of Eiche.

During autumn and winter each year, a large number of fur merchants would gather here from the North of the Kingdom of Doa and trade with the merchants from the Kingdom of Eiche.

However, the current Kalon City was engulfed in the flames of war.

Thousands of arcane masters took part in the urban warfare in Kalon City.

Be it the usually busy streets, the quiet residential area or the beautiful parks, the entire city turned into a bloody battlefield.

The light and smoke produced by various arcane skills kept flashing and rose up into the sky.

Destruction and death had become the main melody in this place.

A chilling current suddenly swept towards the city. The arcane masters fighting in the city could feel it.

A few arcane masters wearing white armor protected a white-haired young general as they jumped to the roof of a burning workshop, giving them a good vantage point.

“Lord Gafon!”

Seeing the scene outside the city which was the source of the chill, their faces turned pale.

“The border...... Eternal Winter Forest’s three main Corps have really been annihilated?”

The white-haired young general was heavily injured. Thick layers of bandages wrapped around various parts of his body. He also seemed to be affected by some special arcane power as the blood stains on the bandages were deep yellow.

His pupils were greyish white, and currently they were showing great frustration and helplessness.

Although the Red Gloves Corps was stationed in Kalon City, after the Fallen Shadow Valley campaign, the several hundred member strong Red Gloves Corps lost half of its members. Meanwhile, the Evil Dragon followers suddenly attacking Kalon City numbered over two thousand!

Many Red Gloves Corps arcane masters died in the ambush.

The young general called Gafon was one of the generals from the White Head Corps in the central parts of the Kingdom of Doa. He coincidentally had a mission and passed by Kalon City with a few teams from the White Head Corps. After the generals in Kalon City died, he took over the role of general in the city.

They failed to stop the Evil Dragon followers from breaching the city. Although the total number of arcane masters in Kalon City that could fight were several times that of the Evil Dragon followers, there were some amongst those depraved Evil Dragon followers who could use the corruption arcane skill of the Evil Dragon particles.

Any arcane master hit by the particles of that arcane skill would start mutating and die from corruption.

So, even though the Evil Dragon followers did not get any reinforcements, they were still pushing towards victory in the battle for Kalon City.

However, the Evil Dragon followers did get reinforcements. It was an army of undead arcane masters shrouded in frost and death!

After the war broke out in the Doa Royal Palace, the arcane masters in the Kingdom of Doa quickly learned about the creepiness of the undead arcane masters.

With the arrival of so many of them at Kalon City, only a complete slaughter would follow.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Many Evil Dragon followers let out sonic booms as they surrounded the workshop Gafon and his men were standing on.

They had noticed Gafon was the general and mediator in this city.

“Seems like we have no choice. Let’s give it our all one last time!”

Finding himself surrounded, Gafon didn’t try to run but instead wait resolutely for them to attack.


A strange storm blew through Kalon City.

The undead arcane masters rushed into the alleys of Kalon City.

However, those undead arcane masters were not reinforcing the Evil Dragon followers but attacking them!

The Evil Dragon followers fell into panic.

Nobody knew what happened.

It was supposedly to be their reinforcements, the power to destroy the entire Southern part of the Kingdom of Doa.

Gafon’s pupils contracted.

Through the smoke, he could vaguely see a few figures at the back of the undead arcane masters that were clearly not undead.

“Let’s go, we will rush through!”

After a moment of surprise, the general and his men dashed towards those figures.


Astonishment filled Gafon’s face. He could clearly see those figures were adolescent-looking students.

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