Chapter 562: We will Leave Last

Chapter 562: We will Leave Last


Mody calmly looked ahead and asked Ayrin, “Are you prepared?”

The skeleton warriors summoned by the ‘Evil Spirit Resurrection Gate’ were very strange. From the integration of arcane energy into the bones to the completion of a skeleton warrior, despite their bones becoming as tough as metal, they seemed clumsy and slow. It was as if the skeletons were still not used to their new bodies.

The skeleton warriors automatically gathered around the gate. Their bodies could pass through the arcane resistance layer around it.

The countless skeleton warriors flooded to the deep purple gate. The gate seemed to be the doorway to the netherworld.

Meanwhile, the skeleton warriors which passed through the gate seemed to be reborn as their actions suddenly became light and agile.

The skeleton warriors were all bones, but they advanced in a strange jumping method. They looked as if they had the explosive strength of a three-gate arcane master.

Normal Corps arcane masters had on average opened four arcane gates. Leaving aside some arcane masters who possessed special abilities or forbidden skills, when a normal four-gate arcane master fought against a normal three-gate arcane master, even if the former could fight ten of the latter at the same time, their arcane particles and stamina would be thoroughly exhausted.

So, even if those skeleton warriors were slightly weaker than three-gate arcane masters, even if the estimation was multiplied by five to six times, a four-gate arcane master would have been completely exhausted after killing fifty to sixty skeleton warriors.

A thousand-man Corps would never be able to stop the rush of hundreds of thousands of skeleton warriors.

The skeleton army was less than a thousand meters away. The demihumans and monsters had completely disappeared. They were most likely waiting for the skeleton army to flatten the stronghold and spread into the Kingdom of Doa. Afterwards, they would cross through the opening.

“Are we really intercepting them out here? Shouldn’t we prepare within the stronghold?”

Rinloran raised his brow as he felt Mody’s question unnecessary. Ayrin was able to enter into battle in the best state at any time. There was no such thing as preparation for him. The current question was whether Mody himself was prepared.

The fighting strength of the others would not be able to stop the advance of that skeleton army.

“This Heroic Wall and the buildings inside Fearotz will be our final line of defense. We must wait until the entire Corps finishes retreating before making use of them.”

Mody glared at the approaching skeleton army, “Since you’re all prepared, I will begin.”

“I’m still not ready!” Stingham was teary-faced.

Meraly trembled from the pressure. However, she was smiling for being able to stay here and fight. She turned around to Stingham and scolded, “Idiot! Why are you acting so idiotic despite being so brave?”

“I only admit to being the most handsome...... Also, intercepting the enemies out here is the real idiotic choice, right?” Stingham refuted.

“Folding Space: Labyrinth Domain!”

Mody smiled. Arcane particles shining like diamonds flowed out from his hands and spread through the plain before them. A large scale domain aura instantly filled the air.


The domain aura rushed towards the skeleton army like a tide. The moment it collided with the skeleton warriors, there was even the sound of a wave slapping against the shore.


The unique, large scale arcane power exploded.

The light in the sky seemed to be absorbed as darkness fell.

Meanwhile, the Fearotz Stronghold still experienced daylight. The metal wall behind them became the clear borderline of the dark and light separation

“Acting Corps Leader Mody, what is this domain?” Ayrin immediately shouted in surprise.

It was a unique domain. Not only did it have extraordinary range, it also gave off a very strange feeling. He even felt he would not be able to reach the metal wall if he retreated in that direction. They seemed to be inside a special space.

“This is a large scale domain that makes use of arcane power to twist the magnetic field, light rays and various types of senses. It’s not some powerful domain, it will only make the skeleton warriors lose their way.” Mody quickly explained, “They appear to be passing through this place shrouded in darkness and rushing towards the metal wall behind us. However, what they see are twisted images. Hence, they will actually turn back into the swamp as if they got lost. They will keep circling like a ring inside this domain, and never reach the destination. This is also known as the unlimited circling domain. In a large Corps, this is a domain used to gain the initiative in a field encounter. It’s so that the reserves of the enemy cannot reinforce the main force as quickly.”

Stingham suddenly felt some hope and asked, “How long can this domain sustain?”

“It can sustain for a long time. As long as you can withstand it and I can replenish my arcane particles, it can sustain indefinitely.” Mody spoke in a serious tone.

“Why do we need to withstand it?” Stingham opened his eyes wide in confusion.

“Because this domain’s arcane power will gradually center around me. So, we still need to move forward a little now.” Mody explained, “If you don’t want this domain to disappear and let the skeleton army attack Fearotz, you must guarantee I don’t get killed.”

“What? You mean you’re already exhausted after casting this domain and need to replenish arcane particles? We still need to protect you?” Stingham immediately became teary-face again.

He was originally hoping for the six-gate Corps Leader to help him defend and kill the enemies. Now, he had to protect the Corps Leader instead!

The swarming skeleton warriors had almost reached them. The unique rotting smell of bones swept towards them.

Just as Mody said, although this domain was directed to the front, darkness was spreading towards Fearotz behind them as well.

The natural arcane energy fluctuations released by Mody seemed to become the source of this domain. The center of the domain was shifting towards him.

Seeing the teary-faced Stingham, Mody added, “Just like the people who got lost may coincidentally take the right path, this harmless domain is not foolproof. There will still be some that coincidentally pass through it. Even if the probability is one in ten thousand, there will be a large number of skeleton warriors getting through.”

“......” Stingham was completely speechless. He rolled his eyes and almost passed out.

“Then it is on us to finish off those leaked skeleton warriors.”

Ayrin turned around, “Acting Corps Leader Mody, can we identify those who will pass through the domain? In this domain, even our judgement will also be affected, right?”

“I will set up a Phosphorescent Domain in the correct direction. Those who leak through will be marked.” Mody answered.

“They are already right in front of us, yet you’re still chatting!” Stingham really wanted to cry.

Those screeching skeleton warriors had already arrived right before them and swarmed towards them.

“Since they’re here, just fight them. What’s there to be scared of? Idiot!” Rinloran scolded as he materialized two thin flower swords.

A wave of icy blue sword flashes spilled out. The first few skeleton warriors were bisected and fell down.

“Brave warrior Stingham, remember to fight in the most energy conserving way. Got it?” Ayrin and Rinloran took the lead and escorted Mody forward while clearing a path.

“You really want to rush in? When we get exhausted, we can’t even retreat! I don’t want to fight!” Stingham wailed.

Hearing Stingham’s howling, Rinloran’s clear eyes suddenly flashed. He turned around and whispered to Ayrin, “Oi, Ayrin.”

His hands did not stop and cut down another two skeleton warriors.

“What’s up?” Ayrin was also cutting down the skeleton warriors with his crimson gold longsword. He turned to the side in surprise.

“Let’s try to minimize our attacks. Let these skeleton warriors rush to Stingham and force him to fight. What do you think?” Rinloran quietly added, “Like this, we can force him to train.”

“This...... it can work......” Ayrin was dumbfounded.

“Only by using this method can we make that guy truly fight and improve.” Rinloran’s eyes revealed a meaningful gaze, “If we die in battle...... They still need to continue fighting against the Evil Dragon army. They can only rely on themselves...... If he’s still so unreliable, it’s only a matter of time before he gets killed...... I don’t know how you feel, but to me, if we can’t hold on anymore, I will be the last to leave or die here.”

“If they really can’t fight anymore, you and I will leave last.” Ayrin also understood Rinloran’s intention. He looked at the densely packed skeleton warriors and nodded, “Then we need to secretly tell Shanna and the others, or they will desperately fight for him.”


Rinloran nodded.

He turned around and saw Stingham’s face that kept making them angry, yet could not make them seriously angry.

When will you truly become strong and mature?

If you can grasp the power of the Deep Green Domain...... Then even now, the endless skeleton warriors would have been slaughtered by the Deep Green Forest, right?

If only this method can force you...... Then you better fight under our pressure!

Meanwhile, we will leave last!

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