Chapter 561: Because We Are Comrades

Chapter 561: Because We Are Comrades


“It’s actually the Evil Spirit Resurrection Gate......”

Amongst the remnants of the Sequoia Corps, Divana’s gaze was filled with astonishment and lament.

The Coffin Master Bishop had made a move.

In this siege, the Fearotz Stronghold actually forced the mysterious and powerful Coffin Master Bishop to make a move.

The Evil Dragon followers had yet to completely conquer the entire Doraster Continent. The flames of war had yet to completely burn. Many secluded Houses and their powers had yet to surface, while the most mysterious and powerful Coffin Master Bishop in their Evil Dragon army had already made a move. It felt like a failure.

However, the move the Coffin Master Bishop made was this powerful! Owning such an artifact was something Divana had never imagined.

On the metal wall facing the Thorns Swamp, the Royal Thorns Corps arcane masters fell into silence.

Watching the growing size of the skeleton army, Mody took a deep breath. He seemed to have aged a few years in an instant.

“Prepare for retreat. Bring anything you can carry, destroy the rest. Crafting and production tools are of the highest priority, bring as many as possible.” He ordered.

Until now, nobody doubted or disagreed with his orders. Even the more experienced Corps generals did not question it. However, this time, many Royal Thorns Corps arcane masters wailed, “Where can we retreat to?”

“A skeleton army of this size can drown the entire Kingdom of Doa.”

Hearing these cries, Mody did not show any anger or sadness. His gaze was calm and stern, “A single artifact or a single army has never been able to decide the fate of the entire Doraster Continent. Since the arcane masters during the Era of the War with Dragons could defeat the Evil Dragon who possessed such an artifact, we can also defeat the current Evil Dragon army if we possess enough faith and courage. Even if the Evil Dragon followers and the flames of war cover the entire Doraster Continent, this only means the fate of the war cannot be determined today. Without the Fearotz Stronghold, we still have the vast Snowfall Forest behind the Frost Tusk Peak Stronghold to act as the base for our counterattack. That is a place even the Evil Dragon did not conquer.”

Originally, the plans for the movement of the Corps should be a secret not known to the entire Corps. However, Mody was clear that compared to military secrets, the flame of hope in everyone’s heart was more important right now.

As long as the flame in their heart burned, even if the river of fire drowned the plains, the aura of destruction shrouded the entire world, the Evil Dragon army forced them into a harsh place, if arcane masters still existed, the battle would never cease. There would always be a glimpse of hope, a glimpse of victory.


Meraly’s body trembled slightly. She saw Ayrin and the others rushing back.

At that moment, she was certain the Fearotz Stronghold would fall.

Because even Ayrin, the one who always advanced forward and never shrunk back, had retreated. She could feel the frustration from Ayrin.

She was not a crybaby. She was much tougher than most arcane masters as she was born in House Roland. However, she really wanted to cry for some reason.

The fall of the Fearotz Stronghold would be an unforgettable setback to youths like her.

After getting closer to the metal wall, Ayrin shouted, “Acting Corps Leader Mody, give the order for retreat! The Undead Corps and Sequoia Corps have been mostly exterminated anyway. They can’t affect your retreat!”

His shouting carried the same weight as Mody’s calm voice in the Fearotz Stronghold.

It was because of his shouting before the siege that prevented the Royal Thorns Corps from retreating and instead choosing to fight against the Evil Dragon army.

It was not a funny contradiction, everyone could hear the unyielding fighting spirit in his voice.

The flames in their hearts were ignited.

“Acting Corps Leader Mody, give the order for retreat! I will stay here and help you stall this skeleton army. I will buy as much time as possible for you to retreat! Try to bring everything you can!”

Ayrin kept shouting and added fuel to the flames in everyone’s heart.

Mody looked at that youth with a warm gaze.

This kid will eventually become the flag leading the resistance against the Evil Dragon army.

“The order has already been issued.”

He leapt down the metal wall and landed close to Ayrin’s group.

“Philp, from now on, you will lead the Royal Thorns Corps. I will stay here with him to stall the skeleton army.”

“Lord Mody!”

Hearing Mody’s words, Philp and Emila trembled.

“You should understand. Me staying here is more useful than any of you.” Mody did not give them any chance to refute him.

“Ayrin, if you’re staying here, we will also stay here!” Meraly called out.

She, Charlotte, Shanna and the others appeared right behind Mody.

“What are you coming here for? This is dangerous, you flat-chested girl better go now!” Stingham grumbled.

“I know I always seemed useless.”

However, Meraly did not get angry this time. She showed a determined expression, “But if I don’t stay and fight together with all of you, even I will feel like I’m useless. If I don’t fight together with you here, which may even cost me my life...... If I retreat and hear about the news of your deaths, I will never forgive myself.”

“But you are useless!” Stingham grumbled, “I can’t leave even if I want to, yet you want to stay even if I tell you to leave. Also, can you stop being a jinx and not mention death and battle in the same sentence again?”

“Why aren’t you leaving then?” Meraly asked, “Don’t you know this place is dangerous?”

“Because they’re my teammates. Look at them, their faces are clearly showing they definitely won’t leave. If they don’t leave, it will be two against one, how can I leave?” Stingham pointed at Ayrin and Rinloran.

“I have also joined your team. I’m also your comrade.” Meraly showed a smile, “So, I will also stay behind.”

“What’s Merlin doing?”

“That one-eyed troll is actually playing with mud!”

Stingham felt he was becoming crazy.

He saw Merlin appearing near them with a mountain of metal parts. She was assembling something. Next to Merlin, there were a few ancient clockwork war avatars helping her carry things.

On the other side, the Single-eye Man-eating Troll that suffered grave mental damage did not die. After screaming for a while, it became unconscious. Now, it sat up and played with mud with a dumb look.

So many bizarre scenes! What kind of world am I in!?

At that moment, Charlotte asked Ayrin, “You can’t defeat all those skeleton warriors by yourself, right?”

“Too many, I can’t get them all.” Ayrin nodded.

Charlotte looked at him and nodded, “I also don’t want to leave and have any regrets.”

“Really? Now? Here?” Ayrin suddenly blushed and seemed embarrassed.

Charlotte looked at him strangely, “Yeah.”

“Alright.” Ayrin seemed to have mustered up his courage. He suddenly stepped forward and deeply kissed Charlotte.

Everyone became dumbfounded and could not comprehend what just happened.

“Ayrin, what are you doing!?” Charlotte was completely petrified.

“Didn’t you say you don’t want to leave with any regrets?” Ayrin embarrassedly scratched his head, “When we separated to head towards the Fallen Shadow Valley, you also said that and kissed me......”

“......” Charlotte’s face turned beet red, “Ayrin! What I meant is similar to Meraly! I want to stay here and fight as well!”

Ayrin, “Eh......”

What a strange bunch of kids.

Mody could not hold back his laughter. He looked at Lenyu with an inquisitive gaze and spoke, “Why don’t you leave with Philp and the others? The Royal Thorns Corps needs a six-gate arcane master.”

“If you are certain that you staying here is more useful than me, sure.” Lenyu glanced at him and knocked his shoulder.

“In that case, Black King will also stay here.”

Philp took a deep breath. He did not say anything further and saluted towards Mody with Emila.

“Ah? Is it staying here too?” Ayrin looked at ‘Black King’. It was the black panther that looked unfriendly. He mumbled, “Will it bite me?”

“......” The black panther was speechless and let out a growl.

“The Holy Dawn group...... and Lord Mody, they are all staying behind?”

“Can they escape after staying back to cover for us?”

The Fearotz Stronghold entered a state of full retreat once again. Everyone looked at the figures that looked like insignificant black dots compared to the skeleton army. Their hearts were filled with indescribable frustration, much like Ayrin.

We must fight even more bravely in future!

We must obtain the final victory!

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