Chapter 559: Evil Dragon’s Artifact!

Chapter 559: Evil Dragon’s Artifact!


Ayrin was not concerned with being seen by the demihumans and monsters around them. He immediately chanted, “Ring Soul: Death Knight!”

A burst of spring-like blue arcane energy suddenly erupted along with Ayrin’s arcane particles and washed over the Grudge Soul Gem in his hand.

The Grudge Soul Gem started to melt. Grey arcane power twisted and integrated with the blue arcane energy, crystalizing into dark green particles.


The space before Ayrin trembled.

The changes completed within a second.

The Grudge Soul Gem became a dark green crystal ring in Ayrin’s palm.

The surface of the ring had grooves like naturally carved sigils. Although shallow, the aura wrapped around it felt very profound.

“You really learned it?”

Emila could not hold back her surprise.

She was the instructor of the Royal Thorns Corps. She had trained an innumerable number of talented recruits. That made her all the more astonished at Ayrin’s accomplishments.

He possessed an inhuman learning ability.

“That’s no big deal, it’s rather slow for him.” Stingham felt she was exaggerating and grumbled, “He’s much faster usually. He even learns his opponents’ arcane skills during battles.”

“Hehe.” Ayrin embarrassedly scratched his head and pointed at the black panther, “The ride was not smooth and a little bumpy. I also worried it might bite me so I got distracted and took longer than usual.”

“Why are you always worrying about it biting you!?” The group almost tripped.

Isn’t that kind of worry meaningless?

The black panther let out another growl in anger. It kept scratching the ground with its paws.

“Because I was bitten by a black dog in the mines of Cororin Town. That wild dog was also completely black and seemed unfriendly.” Ayrin explained.

Are you saying I look like a black dog!?

The black panther was furious.

“I suggest you stop explaining.” Stingham took a glance at the black panther in worry, “Otherwise, it might really bite you.”

“Let’s take a look at this Grudge Soul Knight then!” Ayrin immediately shouted.

Everyone’s attention was successfully drawn away, even the black panther stopped growling and focused on the ring in Ayrin’s hand.

“Grudge Soul Knight: Summon!” Ayrin chanted and the arcane particles released from his hand became a strange yellowish formation. Then, it contracted into the ring.


Without any sign, a hollow and emotionless voice suddenly called out, giving everyone a scare.

After the voice called out, the space in front of Ayrin shook and a grey silhouette over two meters tall appeared.

“Even the shape remains the same!”

Ayrin opened his eyes in surprise.

The Grudge Soul Knight looked the same as the Bone Emperor. A mixed gender monster with two goat horns growing on its head. One hand held a whip, the other a candle-like gem.

However, its body, including the whip and gem, were now made out of grey crystals. The face was blurry and seemed like grey flowing water, giving off a hollow look.

A dense necromancy and grudge aura lingered around it, becoming a yellowish hue. Its crystalized body did not seem heavy and the yellowish hue lifted it up to allow it to hover over the ground. As the arcane energy fluctuated, its body also bobbed up and down.

As Ayrin examined the Grudge Soul Knight, it spoke with a hollow and emotionless voice, “Awaiting your orders, Master!”

The voice was like the billowing wind in a wind tunnel.

“Are you really obeying me completely?” Ayrin was still not convinced.

“Of course!” The Grudge Soul Knight replied.

Ayrin looked at it and spoke, “Then repeat after me. Bone Emperor is a pig head, Bone Emperor is a shemale.”

“Bone Emperor is a pig head, Bone Emperor is a shemale.” The Grudge Soul Knight obediently repeated. Its voice remained hollow and emotionless without showing any change.

“Looks like you’re really obedient.” Ayrin immediately smiled in satisfaction.

The others almost puked blood. Ayrin was even worried about the forbidden skill failing after successfully converting the gem into a Grudge Soul Knight.

“We don’t have time to idle around. That crystal coffin is not a normal artifact. It seems to be forming a unique domain that far exceeds the power of my level. We must destroy it now!” Lenyu spoke at that moment and started advancing again.

“A domain exceeding your level? Uncle Lenyu, are you saying the power of this item is equivalent to a seven-gate arcane master unleashing his power?”

Ayrin followed closely behind Lenyu. Even he was showing astonishment.

Stingham wanted to cry and screamed in fear, “A seven-gate arcane master? Then what are we going there for? Suicide?”

“It may not be so serious. It may be an artifact left behind by a seven-gate arcane master.” Lenyu breathed slowly. He raised his sensing ability to the max. If there was really a seven-gate arcane master up ahead, then casualties would occur the moment they attacked.

“These guys aren’t stopping us? What’s going on?”

Ayrin was also on full alert. He saw the demihumans and monsters staying far away after seeing him. They did not even attempt to prevent them from approaching the creepy grey crystal coffin.

“There should not be a seven-gate arcane master. There’s not even a six-gate Evil Dragon Bishop.” Philp suddenly spoke.

Ayrin turned to look at Philp in surprise and asked, “Uncle Philp, how do you know that? Do you have some secret skill?”


At that moment, the entire sky shook.

The dark cloud in the sky suddenly scattered from a strange power and became pieces of dark clouds in the shape of weird symbols.

At the same time, the levitating grey crystal coffin shone.

The dazzling grey light immediately became a blinding light.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The surroundings became a sea of arcane energy.

The monsters gathered around the coffin desperately used arcane skills to attack it.

“Are they crazy?”

Stingham was dumbfounded, “We haven’t even started to attack that coffin, yet they are actually fighting it so desperately?”

Lenyu changed his expression and shouted, “Not good! That crystal coffin is devouring arcane power!”

“What kind of artifact is that?” Ayrin shouted in shock.

He could tell the coffin had become a greedy monster and was devouring the arcane powers released by the monsters.

Even Jean Camus held his breath.

Thousands of monsters unleashed their arcane powers for the coffin to devour...... What kind of power will be activated from such a terrifying amount of arcane power?


A loud screeching sound suddenly rang out from the ball of dazzling grey light.


A transparent shockwave exploded.

The monsters close to the cluster of grey light were blasted away.

The densely packed monsters were blown away and the transparent shockwave rapidly expanded. It was an unimaginable scene.

“What the heck is that!?”

Ayrin desperately held his ground. Strange voices rang in his ears as if multiple people were chanting.


An even greater presence seemed to resurrect.

The grey light completely vanished, while deep purple light spread out instead.

A huge deep purple arch gate over thirty meters tall suddenly stood on the spot where the grey crystal coffin was originally at.

Countless chanting voices came from the arch gate and spread into the surroundings.

“Evil Spirit Resurrection Gate!”

The moment the arch gate appeared, Lenyu, Philp and Emila changed their expressions and turned pale.

“Evil Spirit Resurrection Gate? What’s that?” Ayrin shouted. He could feel the chanting voices from the gate causing the surroundings to change, as if arcane power was constantly gathering throughout the area.

“This is one of the Evil Dragon’s artifacts!”

Lenyu took deep breaths to calm himself down, “All the carcasses in the swamp will become the medium for arcane power to dwell in. The skeletons will be resurrected and become the Evil Dragon army!”

“The skeletons will be resurrected? What do you mean?” Stingham could not understand it. However, he instinctively felt fear and shivered.

“All the dead bodies in this Thorns Swamp will crawl out their graves and fight according to the will of this artifact’s owner.”

Philp’s eyelid twitched as he spoke, “During the Era of the War with Dragons, the Skeleton Corps under the Evil Dragon was formed because of this artifact!”

“It can let skeletons crawl out from the ground and fight like warriors? Isn’t this the forbidden skill Bone Disaster of the black witch? It’s the most powerful forbidden skill of the black witch during the Magus Era!” Ayrin opened his eyes wide in shock.

He remembered very clearly Teacher Rui had told him that Bone Disaster was the most powerful arcane skill of the black witches when they coincidentally found a black witch ruin.

Philp took deep breaths and quickly explained, “The black witch’s Bone Disaster imitated this artifact’s power. This artifact is much stronger and has a much greater range than Bone Disaster.”

“Stronger than Bone Disaster?” Stingham immediately became teary-faced.

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