Chapter 557: Coffin Master Bishop?

Chapter 557: Coffin Master Bishop?


The Sequoia Corps arcane masters wrapped in sunlight barriers screamed in astonishment.

The golden figures looked like various arcane masters. They were like a Corps rushing out of the melting metal wall!

However, these golden figures were made out of metal heated to an extreme temperature. They had unbelievable speed as the Sequoia Corps arcane masters would get hit by them no matter how they teleported around.

Countless death throes rang out.

The sunlight barriers were broken and the burning metal directly covered the Sequoia Corps arcane masters.


The surviving Sequoia Corps arcane masters desperately ran back to safety. However, the golden figures relentlessly chased after them.

The Sequoia Corps arcane masters fell down after getting fully covered in golden molten metal.

“What happened on the other side?”

Even Ayrin’s side could sense the terrifying heat and light along with the despairing screams.

“What’s that?”

Rinloran was completely astonished.

The golden figures seemed to possess their own lives and wills. They were chasing after the enemies themselves. It was definitely not a forbidden skill that an arcane master could cast.

“This is the Heroic Spirit Wall.”

Mody explained, “The two walls of the Fearotz Stronghold were originally erected after the last battle of the Radiance Corps during the Magus Era. In a major war against the dark magus and Evil Dragon army remnants, tens of thousands of arcane masters fell here. Their mental strength and wills were collected by the Dwarves using Heroic Spirit Gems. When Fearotz faces a true crisis, their mental strength and wills reawaken and defend Fearotz as well as the Kingdom of Doa for one final time.”


“Is that the true strength of our Fearotz Stronghold?”

The Royal Thorns Corps arcane masters were also astonished.

It should be a secret known only to the Chief General and Corps Leader. Even the Corps generals leading the various brigades did not know such a huge secret was kept within the Fearotz metal wall.

“Lord Divana!”

The few generals in the Sequoia Corps wailed.

The molten metal flowed unhindered. The golden figures were still pursuing the remnants of the Sequoia Corps.

Just by looking at the number of golden figures, they could be certain the Sequoia Corps and Undead Corps would be finished off. The surviving arcane masters would only amount to one or two tenths.

After the end of the War with Dragons, the Depraved Crimson Moon Elven Clan had hidden themselves and accumulated their strength for over a thousand years to reach their current force. However, it was all gone in one war.

Divana’s face paled. After losing control of his emotions for an instant, his eyes settled into absolute calmness.

He glanced towards the distance in the direction of the swamp.

There was no use weeping before the outcome of the war settled.

Since the Fearotz Stronghold had such a high defensive strength, he would not be able to breach it even if he had double his current force.

Hence, the current situation had become extremely simple. It depended on what kind of power that important figure in the Thorns Swamp would display.

The despairing screams gradually became faint and returned to absolute silence.

The Undead Corps that was slower had been completely annihilated. The originally powerful Sequoia Corps only had several hundreds arcane masters left.

All of the Crimson Moon Trees had been burnt. Only dead arcane masters fixed in various strange poses after getting plated by a layer of golden metal were left.

The surviving Sequoia Corps arcane masters had lost all will to fight. Cold sweat drenched their backs.

Rinloran recovered from his astonishment and asked Mody, “Since the Fearotz Stronghold possesses such strength, why were you preparing to evacuate?”

“Because only a six-gate arcane master can activate this strength. After activating it, the six-gate arcane master will be left exhausted.”

Mody looked at Rinloran, “Before you arrived, Fearotz Stronghold only had one six-gate arcane master.”

“It’s you.” Rinloran finally understood. He looked at Mody, “So that’s why you became the Acting Leader.”

Mody revealed a complicated expression.

Ten years ago, he was already chosen to become the next Corps Leader. During those ten years, he had been properly trained to prepare him for when he would take over.

However, while quietly becoming the successor of the Corps Leader, he never imagined using that strength during his life.

He only thought he would pick another successor just like his predecessors had done before him and pass down that strength to the next generation.

The Fearotz Stronghold would forever shine in glory before the Thorns Swamp.

“Dimension Traveler Lenyu can activate this strength?” Rinloran asked Mody.

“I have privately contacted him. He can activate the other wall anytime, but he won’t carelessly use it.”

Mody took a deep breath and calmly replied, “Although that strength can kill most of the enemies, it is impossible to take on a six-gate arcane master.”

“Hence, he will preserve his own power to handle the what ifs.” Rinloran nodded, “The Sequoia Corps Chief General is no ordinary figure. In such a situation, they actually chose to stay. So, there may be an unfavorable turn of events.”

Mody nodded in agreement. He glared at the clearly frightened but not retreating Sequoia Corps in the distance, “It may not just be a single Evil Dragon Bishop.”

After a slight pause, Mordy turned around and muttered while looking at the metal wall on the swamp side, “The Thorns Swamp side passed on a message. Ayrin, Jean Camus and Ferguillo killed two Emperor level monsters. In the textbooks and experiences accumulated since ancient history, someone of their arcane levels would absolutely not be able to kill Emperor level monsters. Hence, other than the Dimension Traveler Lenyu, Ayrin and you guys are the real variables that can determine the outcome of this war.”


“The entire metal wall on the other side melted? The Undead Corps was annihilated and the Sequoia Corps was routed?”

“Countless homing molten metal figures rushed out from the metal wall?”

When they saw the other metal wall collapsing, the arcane masters on the swamp side thought the Sequoia Corps used some powerful artifact to destroy it. However, after hearing the news, they immediately cheered.

“You never told us you had such a powerful secret weapon! Since you have that, why did you ask those arcane masters to throw their lives away?” Stingham shouted, “You Corps generals are idiots! Is there any secret weapon here? Use it if you have!”

As Stingham shouted, the arcane masters took deep breaths and calmed themselves down from the shivering.

They were clear things did not seem as simple as Stingham assumed.

Even if the metal wall on the swamp side did have a similar mechanism, it must not be used until the last moment.

That was because it was a powerful barrier. The existence of the Fearotz Stronghold was to prevent the monsters from the Thorns Swamp from entering the Kingdom of Doa.

If this war ended so easily, the sacrifice of the Flying Messenger Fish Brigade would really become meaningless. However, would this war end with Fearotz just paying such a price?

At that moment, the Corps arcane masters sensed a mysteriously dangerous aura.

Although the demihumans and monsters were extremely afraid of Ayrin, they were still attacking the metal wall. Currently, the demihuman-plus-monster army raised a commotion.

Those at the far back even began retreating.

It could only mean the source for their retreat was not caused by the metal wall, but something from behind them.

“Why are they retreating?”

Ayrin immediately noticed it while feeling grumpy for not having a single demihuman or monster willing to fight him. He immediately climbed up a Titan and looked into the distance.

The swamp seemed very quiet.

However, suddenly, a strange dark cloud gathered in the sky far away.

The arcane masters standing on the metal wall could see further than Ayrin. Hence, they immediately saw the dark clouds gathering and exclaimed in shock, “What’s that!?”

The dark clouds floated above the swamp forest and took the shape of a coffin.

A faint yet creepy fluctuation spread out from where the dark cloud appeared.

“Coffin-shaped dark cloud...... the strange fluctuation that can be felt from so far away......”

Meraly suddenly remembered something, “Could it be the legendary strongest Evil Dragon Bishop, the Coffin Master Bishop?”

Coffin Master Bishop?

The rumored leader of all Evil Dragon followers, the existence closest to the Evil Dragon!

Is he really showing up here?

Jean Camus and Ferguillo did not show any fear, but anticipation instead.

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