Chapter 556: Fearotz’s True Strength

Chapter 556: Fearotz’s True Strength



Ayrin dashed into the place with the most demihumans and monsters.


“That humanoid monster is coming!”

However, instead of fighting him, the demihumans and monsters that saw him approaching ran away screaming.

This repeated itself wherever Ayrin went, breaking off many intense battles.

Ayrin was dumbfounded. What made him speechless was that the escaping demihumans and monsters did not run away from the battlefield. They only ran away from him and would continue to attack the metal wall and the arcane masters elsewhere.

“You bastards! Can you fight properly!? Fight me!”

It was a situation Ayrin had never encountered before. He moodily shouted and rushed towards another place packed with demihumans and monsters.

“Run! The humanoid monster is coming!”

“You think we’re stupid? Even the Bone Emperor became a Grudge Soul Gem due to you, why would we try to fight you?”

The moment the demihumans and monsters saw Ayrin approaching, they immediately scattered away and ran to another place.

“Damn it!”

Ayrin was enraged.


The ground beneath his feet exploded. He charged towards a monster running away with astonishing speed.

That monster had the head of a rat and was slick like a loach. Its four arms flowed with arcane powers. They condensed into black crystal hammer-like materialized weapon.


Seeing Ayrin suddenly appear before it, the black rat monster turned pale.

“Try running again! Let’s see who runs faster!”

Ayrin glared at the monster.

In response, it closed its eyes and screamed, “Ah!” It then smacked its own head with the four hammers, knocking itself out cold.


Ayrin could not believe his eyes.

“You bastard! In order not to fight me, you even knocked yourself out! You think that will save you?”

Ayrin was furious. He grabbed the monster and swung it around.

“Get away from him!”

“Too perverted!”

“That’s right! He won’t let you go even if you knock yourself out! He wants to slam you into a putty!”

The demihumans and monsters that witnessed the scene screamed and ran even further away from Ayrin.

Stingham and the others on the metal wall were completely speechless.

Although the demihumans and monsters would flee wherever Ayrin rushed to, the battlefield was very wide. There were too many demihumans and monsters and the metal wall was really long. Ayrin could not guard the entire stretch.

Not to mention that the enemies immediately ran away after seeing Ayrin. Even though he caught some, it was far less than if he could fight them head-on.

In a sense, the demihumans and monsters naturally became the best method to exhaust Ayrin.

“Are you here to run away or to fight!?”

Ayrin wanted to puke blood.

If he could only kill one or two each time he chased after them, he would probably not kill too many of them over the next day or two. More importantly, they did not dare to attack him to avoid getting targeted. As a result, he was unable to replenish arcane particles and could not unleash his large scale domains.


On the side of the Sequoia Corps, the full body armor general frowned and mumbled to himself, “What happened......? The demihumans and monsters have yet to breach the other side......”

Ferguillo and the others felt the situation from the swamp side was really bad. Ayrin could no longer perform well. However, to the Sequoia Corps general, it held a completely different meaning.

“On this side as well. Just a single high elf has managed to stall us......”

The gaze of the general fell onto the Crimson Moon Forest.

The ground below the trees was no longer empty. Various colorful plants and vines grew out, just like a primeval Elven Forest!

The entire Undead Corps had lost over half its numbers. They were attacked by the plants and vines, unable to effectively attack the metal wall.

More importantly, the Crimson Moon Guardian Trees could no longer be controlled by them.

Their roots stabbed deeply into the soil and kept extending to absorb nutrients, spreading those amongst themselves.

The Crimson Moon Guardian Trees had become the nutrient provider to stall the Undead Corps.

He already sent seven elite arcane teams, but they were unable to kill that high elf and lost their lives in the forest.

“If this continues, our entire Crimson Moon Clan will be looked down on by him.”

The handsome general slowly shook his head and ordered the few generals behind him, “Let’s begin. Full assault.”

“Lord Divana, we’re starting now?”

The generals standing behind him seemed to respect him very much as they had never doubted his orders before. However, after hearing the new order, they were shocked.

“The situation requires us to force a breakthrough.”

Divana smiled and affirmed his order, “Begin.”



“After hiding for a thousand years, we are standing on the stage again!”

Orders and warcries passed through the Sequoia Corps.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The Sequoia Corps arcane masters glowed and their mysterious arcane energy fluctuations became red strings which stretched to the sky.

On the metal wall, Mody calmly told Philp as he watched the rising red strings, “It’s the Depraved Crimson Moon Elf’s Life Blessing. The Depraved Crimson Moon Elves will absorb large amounts of the essence of sunlight for a short time after removing their bloodline seal. They will gain a special sunlight barrier and activate their special bloodline talent.”

It was a truly epic scene.

After the red strings reached the sky, countless glitters drifted down like snowflakes.

An extreme heatwave exploded.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The air around the Sequoia Corps arcane masters burned. The glitters rapidly gathered around them and became dazzling sunlight barriers.


At almost the same time, mysterious space-tearing noise echoed.

A pair of faintly visible red wings appeared on the back of each Sequoia Corps arcane master.

They began their assault.

The Royal Thorns Corps arcane masters on the metal wall contracted their pupils. They did not need to ask Mody what the special bloodline talent referred to.

The Sequoia Corps arcane masters were all teleporting through the sky!

They had gained the ability to teleport a short distance. Every time arcane power reverberated from their wings, they would open up a space tunnel that would allow them to teleport for over twenty meters!

The assaulting Sequoia Corps arcane masters became dazzling light clusters in the sky.

The terrifying heatwave kept blowing out and burned the Crimson Moon Trees. The trees were reduced to ash wherever the light clusters passed through.

Rinloran arrived back on the metal wall.

Watching the trees incinerate, his expression turned to absolute zero.

To any elf, trees with a certain level of sensibility like the Crimson Moon Guardian Tree were reliable partners. However, those Depraved Crimson Moon Elves only made use of them and destroyed them without any shred of hesitation!

At that moment, Mody appeared next to Rinloran and ordered, “Retreat!”


Rinloran was confused.

He turned around and saw all the arcane masters on the metal wall rapidly retreating.

“They’re too fast, we can’t defend.”

Mody glared at the teleporting enemies with narrowed eyes and explained to the confused Rinloran, “It’s time to use Fearotz’s true strength.”

Fearotz’s true strength?

What’s that?

Rinloran looked at Mody dumbfoundedly, while Mody turned his gaze to the metal wall.


The entire Crimson Moon forest burned to a crisp. After losing their life force, the trees became red charcoal and were reduced to ash.

The teleporting light clusters rushed towards the metal wall.


The entire Fearotz Stronghold began trembling from a huge mechanism that was activated, a humming noise reverberating through the air.

The originally cold metal wall suddenly released a heated aura.

Streaks of red lines crept outwards from inside the metal wall.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Creepy mental strength seeped out from the metal wall!

The Sequoia Corps arcane masters wrapped in sunlight barriers were shocked. They felt a terrifying deadly aura descending upon them.

The countless red lines spread out on the surface of the metal wall.


The red lines cracked open and molten metal began pouring out like a volcano eruption.

At the same time, countless golden figures appeared from the molten metal!

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