Chapter 56: Brave warrior

Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 56: Brave warrior

“Kybaver against Dulvi!”

“What, I actually ran into him?”

“Brave warrior, what's the matter, your expression seems very unsightly.”

“None of your business!”

Kybaver clenched his teeth and left Ayrin's side, walking into the selection field.

“I thought I could hold on for one more round, but I didn't think I would meet this guy...”

Looking at the tall figure walking in front of him, with only a tuft of hair left on top of his head, Kybaver couldn't stop such a voice from ringing in his mind.

Dulvi. He had a little barbarian blood in him, was a fierce figure among the third year students. He had condensed arcane particles not long into his second year, more than a year ago already. Whether physical strength or arcane skills, Dulvi was definitely above someone like him who'd just condensed arcane particles not long ago.

In the first round, Dulvi had been matched with another student who condensed arcane particles not long ago. He merely used a “Blazing Lotus” and immediately sent him flying with a kick as soon as they met face to face.

According to rumors, Dulvi's strongest arcane skill was called “Spiral Shell Punch.” This was a powerful arcane skill where formidable arcane power spun all around his fist. Even if you could block it, the spiral power would send you spinning in the air.

Facing such an opponent who comprehensively suppressed him on every aspect, Kybaver didn't have the slightest confidence. He even hung his head down subconsciously.

“Kybaver, brave warrior! Do your best!”

“You absolutely have to knock your opponent down, I'm waiting for you on the field!” Ayrin's loud yell exploded just at this time, making his vision go black.

The seemingly very violent Dulvi suddenly let out a nasty grin when he saw Ayrin's shout at the edge of the contestants' area. He clenched his fists and asked Kybaver, “Can we begin?”

A chill ran through Kybaver's heart. His head actually nodded on its own.

“Gale Sting!”

Dulvi's body floated up the instant he nodded, just like a raging bull blown upward by raging winds. A thrusting punch fired toward his face.

The raging winds blew so hard Kybaver couldn't even open his eyes. His body was ice-cold from head to toe, there was only a blank inside his mind. Only the conditioned reflex born from his painstaking training in ordinary times was left; his body swung, his silhouette swaying like a willow branch, instantly creating two afterimages on one side.


Dulvi's punch passed through one of the afterimages he left behind.

“Very good!”

An evil laugh came from Dulvi however, after his punch struck empty air. He exerted ferocious strength on his legs. Arcane particles ferociously charged at the ground in a transparent, circular wave of energy.

“Wave Impact!”

“When did Dulvi learn such a water arcane skill!”

“I didn't expect Dulvi to have progressed so much as well.”

A sensation of danger rose in Kybaver the instant discussions and exclamations rose from the stands. However, before he had the time to do anything, a circular wave of water washed down to his feet.

His body suddenly lost its balance under the collision with this genuine wave of water half a meter tall. He toppled to the side and fell to the ground.

One side of his body was soaked in cold water and his previously blank mind regained its clarity. But, just at this moment, the blurry figure of a fist had already drilled its way out from the air in front of him, crushing towards his chest.

“Too late!”

His eyes shrank abruptly. He crossed his arms together to meet this punching blur. At the same time, while still lying flat on the ground, in a situation where his feet had nothing to stand on, he inconceivably bounced up all of a sudden, bounced out backward.


Dulvi's fist crashed on his arms, and then his body glided backward a dozen meters on the ground. Dulvi's other fist immediately struck the ground, splattering up a circular wave of earth.

“How could Kybaver have escaped this strike?”

“How did he jump backward. It wasn't an arcane skill, how did he do it?”

“It's his family body training complex's Ground Jump. He controlled the muscles on his back and struck the surface of the ground with them, that's how he bounced up!”

“Hm?” Dulvi didn't hear the comments up in the stands at this time, after fist landed on the ground. He was also greatly astonished when this punch of his missed its mark. “It seems that your body skills are decent, I have to use my true skill to sort you out.” Another nasty grin emerged on the corner of his mouth, then his entire person once again charged forward along with raging winds at this very instant, one punch firing out at Kybaver before the latter could regain a steady footing.


Kybaver simply had no time left at all to dodge this punch. But after all, he'd gone through every kind of body training ever since he was little. A loud yell burst out from him at this moment. Both his hands clasped on Dulvi's fist. His body stretched backward, as if borrowing the impact of this punch to widen the distance between them first thing.

Hm? Wait a minute!

Kybaver's breathing completely halted the instant just before Dulvi's fist and his hands made genuine contact.

“It's Spiral Shell Punch!”

Just as a bone-biting chill ran through his mind, his body started to swivel like a weathered leaf.


With a loud exhalation, the punch pierced through his disarrayed arms and ferocious landed straight in the middle of his chest.


Kybaver directly flew out seven to eight meters. Then fell to the ground like a broken sack.

“I can't do it, the gap is too big.”

“I simply don't have the power to fight back, no matter what I just can't win.”

“It hurts it hurts... I just don't have the strength to stand up anymore, my eyes can't see anything either!”

Heavily fallen on the ground, Kybaver felt golden stars constantly glittering within his pitch-black vision. He couldn't even breathe under the extreme pain. He felt as if he desperately wanted to vomit, but simply couldn't vomit out anything at all.

He very naturally wanted to give up.

“Bastard, stand up!”

“You're already done just like that? You want to challenge me with this kind of level, you even want to beat me a match?”

“Do your best! Hurry up and get up! Beat your opponent!”

“It's just one punch, hurry up and stand up!”

“You didn't strike your opponent even once, what kind of match is that!”

Almost everyone was still under the shock of Dulvi's punch, but Ayrin's loud yells exploded out one after another instead.

Kybaver struggled to crack his eyes open a jot.

Lying on the ground, he saw in his slanted vision Ayrin jump like a madman in the contestants' area, screaming at the top of his lungs, desperately waving his fists and encouraging him, willing him to stand up and continue to fight.

“You bastard, am I very close to you? Since when did you and I become friends, why are you cheering so hard for me!”

“The opponent is clearly stronger than me, I'm already puking blood from this one punch. Bastard, you still want me to stand up, you actually want to see me kick the bucket!”

Kybaver snarled and cursed in his mind.

However, an unspeakable strength ignited inside his chest. His hands pushed on the ground, propping his body upright.

“He can actually still stand after taking my Spiral Shell Punch?”

Dulvi subconsciously turned his head and looked at the referee teacher, but he only saw this teacher gesture at him to continue the match.

At this moment, for the first time, Dulvi distress and annoyance at Ayrin's great shouts.

“Good, you stood up! Go Kybaver, hit him!”

Ayrin suddenly became excited and yelled even louder as soon as he saw Kybaver stand up.

“Shut your trap! You're too noisy!” Kybaver clenched his fist and cursed Ayrin. However, his eyes were tightly staring at Dulvi.

“I'll sort you out real quick!”

An abnormally uncomfortable feeling rose in Dulvi's heart. He let out a deep roar, and his body once again appeared in front of Kybaver accompanied by raging winds.



Everyone saw Dulvi's punch strike Kybaver's blocking arms. Kybaver's body started to swivel just like last time, but this time around, his feet kicked in succession at Dulvi's head.

When Dulvi's punch once again smashed on Kybaver's chest, Kybaver's feet also crushed on Dulvi's forehead twice in succession.

“That's Kybaver's Whirlwind Spin!”

“He actually borrowed the momentum and used this attack!”

“Bang!” “Bang!” Under many stunned stares, Dulvi and Kybaver both heavily fell on the ground at the same time, both unable to stand up for the moment.


Almost no one imagined Kybaver could actually put on such a good display, and almost no one thought such a scene would appear. Very quickly, the gazes of those watching the duels on the other fields turned this way as well. The whole venue suddenly quieted down.

“Hurry up and stand up!”

Ayrin's voice burst out once again just at this moment. “He can't stand up either. It's your win as long as you stand up!”

“You have to stand up even if you have to give everything you have!”


“Bastard, stand up!”

He started to hear his own heavy breathing, felt his beating heart thumping bang bang in his chest, then he felt fresh blood flow out from his nose. Still, however, swaying on his legs, he stood up.

Facing him, enveloped in bursts of pain and dizziness, Dulvi also stood up unsteadily.

“Come on! Brave warrior!”


Together with Ayrin's loud shout, Kybaver also let out a wild roar. He charged toward Dulvi only moments after the latter stood up.

At this moment, seeing Kybaver's blood-red eyes, Dulvi's heart contracted fiercely. He unexpectedly couldn't move.

With a “Pa,” Kybaver's rushing punch struck his chest without any skill or trick whatsoever. His heavy body fell backward like a wall, stirring a pond of mud.

Standing in front of a Dulvi who couldn't stand up anymore, his body trembling from head to toe, Kybaver brandished his hand at the cheering Ayrin and let out an earthshaking bellow.

“I won!”

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