Chapter 555: Grudge Soul Gem

Chapter 555: Grudge Soul Gem


“Stop him!” The Bone Emperor desperately yelled.

“You actually want to call for help! Can you fight properly!?”

Ayrin was further enraged. He whipped the bone whip so hard that it broke.

“Ah!” The Bone Emperor screamed. Its body was almost whipped into two.

The bone whip was harder than any other part of its body. The bone armor and arcane resistance layer on its body could not resist it.

“Can you fight properly now!?”

Ayrin dashed towards the Bone Emperor with a menacing expression. Chilling frost air released from his body and he threw another Eternal Winter Domain towards the Bone Emperor.

The Bone Emperor’s expression turned dark, its heart bleeding.

It also wanted to fight properly. However, its body was constantly getting attacked. It kept resisting Ayrin’s domain powers, and it no longer had enough arcane particles to counterattack.


Ayrin approached it and unleashed a punch towards its head.

The Bone Emperor was not a power type monster, and never before had anyone broken through its pile of skulls. Hence, it was poor at close-ranged combat.

It could not even dodge Ayrin’s punch.


The bone armor around its right eye shattered. Its right eye became a panda eye.

“You’re still looking down on me like this huh!?”

“You aren’t even dodging such a simple punch!”

“You still don’t want to fight properly!”

Ayrin lashed out in anger and threw another punch at the Bone Emperor’s left eye.

Its left eye also became a panda eye.

The Bone Emperor could no longer see properly and was unable to scream in pain from the dizziness. However, this only served to enrage Ayrin further.

“I have never met someone like you before! You never once intended to fight properly!”

Ayrin’s punches rained down on the Bone Emperor.

The Bone Emperor’s body kept getting cracked and dented.

The demihumans and monsters watched the scene in fear and shuddered.


The Bone Emperor suddenly let out a hysterical yell.


However, just as it yelled, Ayrin’s fist struck its mouth and broke its teeth.


It crashed into the ground and left a deep crater.

Ayrin jumped down and stepped on its stomach.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

He grabbed the Bone Emperor’s head and slammed it into the ground repeatedly.


Suddenly, the Bone Emperor let out a grievous shriek.

“What happened?”

Everyone on the metal wall saw the meshed-up Bone Emperor releasing a chilling green light. Its body released a dense necromancy aura.

A chilling gale swept out around its body.

“It lost its life force...... The Bone Emperor is dead!”

The Royal Thorns Corps arcane masters realized what happened and shouted in disbelief, “The Bone Emperor was too frustrated when it died and turned into a Vengeful Spirit!”


Stingham, Meraly and the others were speechless.

Only powerful monsters that died in the most begrudging ways would manifest the strange arcane core or become a Vengeful Spirit.

A powerful individual like the Bone Emperor lost to Ayrin in such a manner and yet Ayrin kept telling it to fight properly. It probably held an unimaginable grudge.

“What are you screaming for!? Fight properly!”

However, they were astonished when Ayrin just punched the Bone Emperor’s Vengeful Spirit.

The Bone Emperor was stunned.

“You already made me become a Vengeful Spirit, yet......”

“You still won’t fight properly after becoming green! Are you mocking me? Are you saying I am a green skin monkey in Cororin Town?”

“What Cororin Town? I don’t know any green skin monkeys!”

The Bone Emperor was extremely frustrated.

More importantly, even after it became an undead, it could not fight back. As Ayrin kept punching it, it could sense the power within its body getting dispersed and drained, as if Ayrin was absorbing its power.

“I HATE......!”

It let out another thunderous shriek.


Its body started burning.

“What’s this?”

Ayrin cautiously jumped back.

The Bone Emperor’s body and its Bone Wax rapidly vaporized. However, the dispersed vapor condensed immediately.

After a second, the Bone Emperor completely disappeared. What appeared before Ayrin was a fist-sized irregular crystal. It was white and green in color and reverberated a strange arcane energy fluctuation.

“What is this? It’s dead?”

Ayrin only reacted after a moment and grabbed the crystal.

“Grudge Soul Gem!”

The Royal Thorns Corps arcane masters almost went crazy.

How frustrated must the Bone Emperor have been before it died!

This is a crystal that can only be created when a Vengeful Spirit dies in the most frustrating way!

“The Bone Emperor is really too pitiful. It frustratingly became a Vengeful Spirit, then frustratingly became this crystal.”

Meraly and Stingham began to feel pity for the Bone Emperor.

“Did I kill it? It wouldn’t fight properly until the very end, huh? What’s the use of this thing anyway? Is it to mock me?”

Ayrin’s shouts made everyone lament.

A Royal Thorns Corps general took a deep breath and yelled to Ayrin, “The Grudge Soul Gem contains great power. If you use the right forbidden skill, it can allow you to possess a Vengeful Spirit Servant!”

“A Vengeful Spirit Servant has no actual substance. It’s only a gathering of arcane power. Hence, it will be difficult for the enemy to fight it, unless its energy is exhausted!”

The probability of making someone die in complete frustration and then making the Vengeful Spirit die in the same manner too was too small. In the War with Dragons, there was only one such Grudge Soul Gem in the hands of the legendary arcane master Kaitez from the Radiance Corps. However, near the end of the war, Kaitez died in the battle against the Black Hell Dragon Blanka in the Evil Dragon army. The Grudge Soul Gem was destroyed in that battle. There had never been a second one afterwards, until now that was.

“This gem can let me gain a Vengeful Spirit Servant?”

Ayrin opened his eyes wide in surprise, “Then do you know the forbidden skill I need for that?”

“Our Scroll Archive might have it.” The general answered with a complicated expression.

The predecessors of the Royal Thorns Corps were the survivors of the Radiance Corps and Royal Crystal Corps. Throughout history, the arcane skills of some heroic arcane masters would be made into scrolls and preserved. Many common arcane skills currently popular might be a unique forbidden skill created by elite arcane masters in the past. Only some unorthodox or special forbidden skills that required unique items would be sealed in the archive.

Ayrin rushed back to the metal wall and asked with a passionate gaze, “Kind uncle, can you send someone to help me find it?”


The general was perplexed.

However, at that moment, a monotone voice whispered into the general’s ear, “Help him find it. His learning speed is faster than anyone you can imagine. If you find it, he will be able to learn it immediately even on such a battlefield.”

The general trembled and turned around. He saw Ferguillo looking at him without any expression.

“He can learn it on such a battlefield?”

The general was astonished.

He took a deep breath and issued the order, “Twelfth team! Go to the Scroll Archive!”



The metal wall shook violently again.

“Even though they are really scared, why are they still desperately attacking?” Meraly shouted as she watched the demihuman-plus-monster army.

All of them were clearly frightened by Ayrin. Not a single one of them dared to attack him when he rushed back to the stronghold. However, they did not retreat and continued attacking the metal wall and the Royal Thorns Corps.

“There’s only one possibility. Apart from the three big guys, there is a hidden leader. It may be the Evil Dragon Bishop.”

“He probably won’t show up, because these demihumans and monsters are just cannon fodder.” Ferguillo deduced, “So, we have to expect the worst case scenario.”

“Worst case scenario? Ferguillo, you’re saying the metal wall will collapse?” Meraly trembled as she asked.

“The metal wall being breached and urban warfare occurring within the Fearotz Stronghold has a high possibility. The worst case scenario is losing Fearotz.” Ferguillo expressionlessly commented.

“We will lose Fearotz? We aren’t going to defend it?” Meraly’s mind became blank.


“They’re still attacking?”

“In that case, this metal wall won’t last long.”

“No! The longer we hold this place, the more time Acting Corps Leader Mody and the others over on the other side have to take on the Undead Corps and Sequoia Corps!”

Ayrin took a glance and rushed towards his three Titans.

His five monsters just hid around the Titans and pretended to be fighting.

“Can you fight properly?” Ayrin shouted towards the five monsters.

“Ah! We will definitely fight properly!”

The five monsters shrieked when they saw Ayrin coming. They then saw the Grudge Soul Gem in Ayrin’s hand and desperately rushed towards the place where the battle was most intense.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The five monsters fought without caring about their own lives. They appeared to be five blades cutting into the enemy army.

“Like master, like summoned monster! Even the monsters are so ferocious!” Many Royal Thorns Corps arcane masters on the metal wall showed full respect.

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