Chapter 554: Can You Fight Properly

Chapter 554: Can You Fight Properly


“You're doomed! You will become a pile of bones in my bone hill!” The Bone Emperor roared out.

Patches of white arcane particles flowed out from its body like snowflakes and merged into the huge Bone Hourglass.

“No good, there’s an absolute difference in power! He can’t resist it!”

“Even Jean Camus’s domain won’t work. The attack is not pure arcane power, there are actual bones hitting him!”

“This is like the combination of a large scale materialize skill and arcane power!”

The Royal Thorns Corps arcane masters kept throwing arcane skills at the Bone Hourglass. However, the arcane particle strength of the Bone Emperor was close to a six-gate arcane master. Their arcane powers could not put a dent in it and were washed away by the flowing bones.

Meraly could not endure any longer and shouted towards Ferguillo and Jean Camus, “What do we do?”

If no six-gate arcane master interferes, Ayrin will die soon.

However, at that moment, Ayrin shouted towards the metal wall, “Don’t interfere! This is a one-on-one duel between me and it! If anyone steps in, it won't be convinced when I defeat it!”

“What? He can’t use his arcane skills, yet still doesn’t want our help?”

Everyone became speechless. Soon, the anti-arcane armor on Ayrin’s body was reduced  to a thin layer. It could disappear at any moment


At that moment, light friction sounds could be heard around Ayrin.

“What!? He can’t use arcane skills, so he directly uses arcane particles to protect himself?”

“He actually used arcane particles to grind against the bones and exhaust them?”

“So savage...... Are his arcane particles really inexhaustible?”

Many arcane masters exclaimed their disbelief.

It was a totally incomprehensible scene.

To protect the body with raw arcane particles rather than integrating arcane power was incredibly taxing. However, as time passed, Ayrin’s arcane particles did not exhaust. Arcane particles kept flowing out.

“Haha! You fool!”

Ayrin was really happy.

As he was hit by the bones, his body kept absorbing and generating arcane particles. He was using the Bone Emperor’s arcane particles to resist against its arcane skill.

However, the joyful moment did not last long. The Bone Emperor roared out, “You think I can’t do anything to you?”

A white flash cut into the Bone Hourglass and slammed onto Ayrin.


The entire Bone Hourglass collapsed.

Countless bones floated back and started revolving around the Bone Emperor again.


Ayrin spat out a mouthful of blood. A large area on his chest became mushy. He crashed into the metal wall.

“What a powerful whip!”

Ayrin was shocked as he covered himself in anti-arcane armor again.

The whip that whipped him seemed to grow from the palm of the Bone Emperor. It was even more powerful than the Bone Hourglass.

If not for his own arcane resistance layer buying him enough time to use Dragon Scale Absorption, he would have been whipped into two.

“Prepare to meet your maker!”

The Bone Emperor’s body was once again hidden within the flying bones. The bones were like floating shields around its body. It would be difficult for other arcane masters to hit it. Its bone whip swept out like a white flash.


Ayrin spat out another mouthful of blood.

He had already dashed away from the metal wall. However, the lightning-like bone whip accurately caught his figure and whipped his open back.

“So strong!”

“This Emperor level monster that relies on arcane skills is really on another level compared to those that only use physical strength!”

The faces of the arcane masters on the metal wall turned pale.

Regardless of arcane particle strength or casting speed, the Bone Emperor was no different from a six-gate arcane master!

Ayrin alone would never be able to take on such a monster.

“You mixed gender bastard, you have truly enraged me!” Ayrin shouted to the surprise of everyone. He then ordered towards the speechless arcane masters, “Don’t interfere!”

As the bone whip hit his body, he chanted, “Fire Embers!”

Countless embers appeared around him. The embers that came into contact with the bone whip began burning it.

Ayrin spat out blood once again, but his fighting spirit burned even brighter.

“I don’t believe I can’t defeat you!”

“Holy Gate of Life!”

“Lunar God’s Domain!”

A dazzling bright moon rose up above the battlefield.

The floating bones around the Bone Emperor were sucked into the blinding bright moon.

Even the Bone Emperor itself was getting sucked towards the moon.


The Bone Emperor was shocked. It immediately injected arcane particles into the white gem in its right hand. The white gem contracted a little as it instantly released a transparent glow.

The unique domain powers rapidly disintegrated.


The Lunar God’s Domain collapsed.

“What is that strange item? It can actually destroy domain structures!”

“That’s the arcane core of the Bone Emperor! The Bone Wax!”

Many Royal Thorns Corps arcane masters were extremely nervous. It seemed that the information recorded in the ancient texts was true. The Bone Emperor’s arcane core could really destroy domains, just that it also exhausted a large amount of arcane particles and the power within the arcane core itself.


Ayrin heavily crashed down.

Just like a sheep falling into a crowd of wolves, the monsters pounced on him.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Waves of arcane power and massive figures swallowed Ayrin in an instant.

The Bone Emperor let out a sigh of relief unconsciously.

Its enemy would definitely not be able to survive this onslaught. The Lunar God’s Domain just now had completely exhausted Ayrin’s arcane particles.

If it had exhausted all arcane particles and got swarmed by so many monsters, even it would be torn to shreds.

“Eternal Winter Domain!”

However, the Bone Emperor’s expression stiffened, because Ayrin’s yell and incantation rang out again.

He dashed out of the chaotic mix of arcane powers and an extremely chilling domain exploded out from him.

Crack crack crack......

The bone whip the Bone Emperor was holding slowed down and got covered in a layer of ice crystals.

“You mixed gender bastard, you have been hitting me with skulls or that bone whip since the start! Are you looking down on me?”

“You keep using these low level techniques and don’t even show any variation! Can you fight properly!? You have truly enraged me!”

Ayrin roared angrily and grabbed the other end of the bone whip. He pulled with all his strength. The Bone Emperor was not a power type monster, so it was pulled off the ground by Ayrin.

“This guy is really enraged......”

Stingham and the others who knew Ayrin could tell he was truly angry. However, they were also speechless. What do you mean ‘Can you fight properly?’ Must the enemy use flashy arcane skills to satiate your needs?

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Countless clusters of light exploded around Ayrin.


Ayrin entered a berserk state.

He directly jumped into a cluster of explosions and madly swung the bone whip around.


The Bone Emperor’s body was slammed into the metal wall.


Another unique domain aura reverberated.

A glowing cluster filled with a strong alcoholic fragrance was generated.

“Ah!” The Bone Emperor screamed in shock.

Its arcane particles gushed out from its right hand again. The Bone Wax contracted again and released a transparent glow.

Ayrin’s domains were very strange. It did not dare to be shrouded by them.

What shocked it even more was that the berserked Ayrin had become a complete domain generator. He unleashed one domain after another.

“You’re still only using that move? You’re still looking down on me! Can you fight properly!?”

“World of Water!”

“Water Rendering Boundary!”

Ayrin had gone completely berserk. He exploded in madness and threw out another domain.

“How many domains does he know!? Won’t his arcane particles exhaust from using so many of them?”

The Bone Emperor was filled with the urge to puke blood.

Under the relentless assault of Ayrin’s domains, it could not use any other method and could only desperately use the Bone Wax’s power to neutralize Ayrin’s domains. However, Ayrin was blaming it for only using that move.

“If we fought one-on-one anywhere else...... I may be able to win...... But in this place, nobody can probably endure his continuous domains.” Jean Camus smiled bitterly with a complicated expression.

No wonder the Epic Silver Dragon bloodline is the sole bloodline acknowledged to be able to fight against the Evil Dragon bloodline. This bloodline becomes more powerful the more chaotic the battlefield is. It can unleash unimaginable destructive power!

“Lunar God’s Domain!”

“You still won’t repent!? Can you fight properly already!?”

Ayrin was on a total rampage. As he unleashed that domain again, he dashed through the attacks from the monsters while pulling the Bone Emperor along. He passed through the area where the arcane power explosions were weaker. His strong defense prevented him from getting hurt and he was able to absorb more arcane particles in the process. However, the Bone Emperor suffered from the powerful attacks from the monsters.


The bone armor on the Bone Emperor’s body began cracking. If it continued like this, it would be dragged to death by Ayrin. After a loud screech, it severed the bone whip growing out of its left hand.

“Come and fight me properly!”


Ayrin swung the bone whip and whipped the Bone Emperor.


Stingham’s expression immediately turned sly.

One side is waving a whip, the other side is holding a candle-like gem. Why does this scene look so evil?

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