Chapter 553: Bone Hourglass, Bone Emperor’s Real Body

Chapter 553: Bone Hourglass, Bone Emperor’s Real Body


Boom! Boom! Boom!

Waves of terrifying arcane power blasted towards Ayrin.

A large number of monsters were more intelligent than demihumans. They could tell Ayrin was charging towards the Bone Emperor.

The scene of dozens or even hundreds of monsters attacking with arcane skills was extremely terrifying.

The ground and sky exploded into a palette of various light flashes from the impact of arcane skills.

However, Ayrin did not feel any fear. Facing such attacks, his strange instinct became clearer instead.

The space around him divided into safe and danger zones by his instinct.

His body was forcefully rushing through the clusters of explosions.


A strange roar came from the pile of skulls.

The monsters that were attacking Ayrin suddenly moved aside. A wide passage appeared in front of Ayrin.

At the same time, the monsters close to the Bone Emperor leapt away in fear.

An open space of at least several hundred meters spread out around the Bone Emperor.

“Is this the pride and confidence of the strong?”

Ayrin was surprised for a moment and immediately realized it, “You think they can’t stop me and will only cause you to lose face. So, you want to take me on yourself?”


The metal wall shook again.

After the Bone Emperor roared, the moonsters sped up. Various monsters began charging at the metal wall.

Electric-tailed Crocodile, Four-armed Ape, Mud Demon, Grassman, Metal-claw Anteater...... There were too many types of monsters to count. Many monsters could carve deep scratch marks using their metal claws. Some even clawed down large chunks of metal.

A large number of monsters were between Ayrin and the metal wall, completely sealing up the place. Even if other arcane masters wanted to reinforce Ayrin, they would not be able to pass through the monster army charging towards the metal wall.

“Can he really take on the Bone Emperor alone?”

“Isn’t that suicidal?”

“Even the number one genius Jean Camus only managed to kill the Locust Emperor with the cooperation of another strong arcane master...... The Bone Emperor is probably even more dangerous than the Locust Emperor!”

Although they had seen Ayrin’s astonishing performance, they still worried about him facing the Bone Emperor alone.

“You dare to take on a duel. You’re a true brave warrior!”

Ayrin appeared like a battle maniac in the encirclement. He swung his fist and shouted at the pile of skulls, “But if you can’t beat me, you will disgrace yourself just like that troll!”


The pile of skulls shook tremendously.

The Bone Emperor did not even respond to Ayrin. A skull of about five to six meters in diameter fiercely crashed into Ayrin.

It seemed to be the skull of a python. However, it mysteriously integrated with the Bone Emperor’s arcane power and became similar to a complete arcane skill. The terrifying power directly restrained the air along its trajectory. Ayrin could not dodge it.



The huge skull crashed into the ground and rolled forward.

Meanwhile, Ayrin was embedded into the crater.

“How shameful!”

Stingham was speechless while desperately throwing his Green Dragon Spear.

You were just shouting to the enemy not to shame itself. In the end, you were flattened into a putty instead.

“You bastard! I wasn’t even ready yet!”

Ayrin jumped out from the crater.

“......” Everyone who heard him was speechless.

In such a battle, is there such a thing as being prepared or not?


The Bone Emperor did not want to waste any time. The moment Ayrin shouted, another huge skull slammed into him.

“Ouch!” Ayrin screamed as he got embedded in the ground again.

“So shameful......” Stingham shook his head. He felt being in the same team as Ayrin was really embarrassing.

“You bastard! I told you I’m not ready, yet you still use surprise attacks!” Ayrin shouted.


Without any pause, the Bone Emperor replied with another skull.


Ayrin was still knocked away. However, the skull that hit him was repelled from his body. It seemed he deflected it.

“Anti-arcane armor!”

Everyone immediately realized the reason. Ayrin looked like a mini metal fortress after landing. He was covered in anti-arcane armor. He made use of the armor and his physical strength to endure the Bone Emperor’s strike.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

However, the Bone Emperor did not show any change. It kept throwing huge skulls at Ayrin.

Ayrin was knocked away each time.

“It can’t be helped, the difference in power is too big!”

“There’s about one arcane gate difference. He can’t even be a threat to the Bone Emperor.”

“The Bone Emperor is looking down on him. Such a simple attack is sufficient to handle him.”

Seeing Ayrin continuously getting knocked away by the Bone Emperor, the arcane masters on the metal wall felt the end result would be Ayrin getting knocked against the metal wall with the Bone Emperor still throwing skulls at him. It would be able to hit Ayrin and damage the metal wall at the same time.

“You bastard! You really think you can use this method to defeat me!?” Ayrin yelled.

“You’re already beaten up like that, yet you’re still not admitting it. How shameful!” Stingham cried dry tears.

Ayrin was knocked back to less than a hundred meters away from the metal wall. He had been beaten back that far!

The Bone Emperor was closing in on him. The aura released by the rumbling pile of skulls made many arcane masters struggle breathing.

There were already many holes opened up on the metal wall. If things continued like this, it would not just be the passage getting breached, the entire metal wall might collapse!


Another huge skull hit Ayrin, knocking him back.

“Death’s Energy: Shadow Ball!”

However, at that moment, a rapid incantation suddenly rang out.

A purplish black halo releasing an evil aura suddenly landed on the corpse of the Locust Emperor.


The space tremored.

A purplish black and red shadow ball exceeding five meters in diameters floated next to Ayrin.

“So big!” Ayrin cheered.

“This guy......”

The arcane masters on the metal wall were shocked.

Did Ayrin already plan to use that arcane skill to counterattack by making use of the knockbacks?

The shadow ball made all of them tremble uncontrollably.

An arcane ball gathered from an Emperor level monster. How much power will it contain?

Even the pile of skulls greatly shook in response to Ayrin’s cheer.

The Bone Emperor was clearly a little frightened.

“It’s my turn!”

Ayrin was slammed back so many times, the arcane particles in his body were almost overflowing.

After a loud cheer, his arcane particles gushed out and that terrifying shadow ball slammed towards the pile of skulls like a tiny planet.


The pile of skulls seemed to bloat up.

The skulls scattered away.

The terrifying purplish black flames dashed through the scattering skulls.

A horrifying scream came from the center of the scattering skulls.

“You have truly enraged me! Human! You’re asking for death!”

A sharp roar followed.

“Bone Hourglass!”


All the scattered skulls suddenly split into two streams.

One stream flew to the sky, the other flew horizontal to the ground.

“What’s this arcane skill?”

Ayrin’s eyes opened wide.

His body was swept up by the powerful arcane energy fluctuations reverberating from the skulls and started levitating.

The two streams of skulls became two revolving currents, forming into an hourglass shape in the air.

Meanwhile, Ayrin’s body was pushed by the two waves of terrifying power in the center.


In the next instant, countless skulls fell onto Ayrin like sand flowing down an hourglass.

Each skull violently ground Ayrin’s body.

“Shit, I can’t move!”

Ayrin desperately struggled. The rapidly flowing skulls not only restrained him, the grazing and cutting scattered his arcane particles the moment he unleashed them.

The anti-arcane armor was slowly weathered away.

“So the Bone Emperor actually looks like that!”

The gaze of the arcane masters on the metal wall froze.

The Bone Emperor had revealed its real body.

It was not especially tall, only about two meters in height. It grew two goat horns on its head and looked like a goat-head man. Its face looked like a man, but its body proportions were that of a woman. It was covered in bone scale armor. Its left hand held a bone whip about five to six meters long. Its right hand held a white gem about half a meter long.

“Oi!” Ayrin screamed, “Are you male or female? Why do you look like a shemale?”


The arcane masters on the metal wall almost fell down again.

You’re still concerned about the enemy’s gender even at such a time?

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