Chapter 552: Domain That Makes Any Small Wound Lethal

Chapter 552: Domain That Makes Any Small Wound Lethal


Ayrin saw the Troll guarding its butt and shouted, “What are you thinking? I don’t have such a hobby! Vulgar!”

He felt it was ruining the scene.

“You’re the one shouting for a hole!” The Troll wanted to puke blood.

The Royal Thorns Corps arcane masters on the metal wall looked at one another. The Single-eye Man-eating Troll possessed super arcane resistant skin and physical strength. It was an almost impossible opponent for any arcane master below six arcane gates. Even the forbidden skills of most five-gate arcane masters could not harm it. However, such a powerful existence was not a match against Ayrin. In fact, it even looked idiotic.


Meraly and the others were speechless.

It seems no matter what kind of powerful enemy Ayrin faces, he can make the scene dumb and hilarious.

“Since the spear doesn’t work, I will use a sword!”

A crimson gold light flashed in Ayrin’s hand. The Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon Sword appeared in his right hand. He tried to stab it into the Troll that had yet to get up.

“Ah!” The Troll screamed again.

“What’s your skin made of? It’s so solid, even the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon Sword can’t penetrate it!”

Ayrin was shocked. His sword felt like stabbing into soft rubber. It was unable to penetrate the skin and only left another bruise.

The Troll desperately jumped up and tried to distance itself from Ayrin. It yelled to the demihumans around, “Kill him!”

However, the demihumans were scared of Ayrin and even began shrinking back.

“Don’t forget my words!”

“If you don’t go, I will kill you!”

The Troll roared violently as he threatened the demihumans.


The demihumans around it did not dare to hesitate and charged towards Ayrin.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The three Titans executed Ayrin’s order and prevented any and all demihumans from getting close.

Their huge weapons were swung down continuously, causing large splashes of blood to fly through the air. Large numbers of demihumans became putty.

“What a pitiful race!”

Many arcane masters on the metal wall were speechless.

Although there were heavy casualties, the demihumans kept charging in.

Ayrin was clearly stronger than the Troll, but the demihumans still charged towards Ayrin due to the threat.

During the War with Dragons, demihumans were cannon fodder. Now, that natural trait tied them down to the fate of cannon fodder.

“You bastard, you’re doomed!”

Seeing the Troll unwilling to fight, instead forcing the demihumans to protect it, Ayrin was completely enraged.

“Down you go!”

Ayrin hugged the huge spear and swept horizontally against the legs of the Troll, tripping him.

“Death by Puking Domain!”

At almost the same time, a unique domain aura exploded.

An indescribably stench spread out.

A domain with many bubbles shrouded the Troll’s head.

“He’s using that domain again!”

“Just how much does he like that domain!?”

The people familiar with Ayrin cried dry tears.

“What!?” Ayrin was shocked.

The Troll that was shrouded in the smelly domain did not feel any discomfort. It seemed as if it felt no different from smelling stinky tofu.

The demihumans around also did not show much of a reaction. The stench seemed normal to them.

“What kind of environment did these demihumans grow up in? They have even gotten used to this kind of stench!”

Meraly and the others realized what was going on.

“You’re forcing me!”

Seeing his favorite domain fail, Ayrin was furious.

“Netherworld: Fatal Seven!”

A light formation that seemed to contain seven dancing ghosts instantly appeared and crashed against the Troll’s head.

“Ah!” The Troll screamed as it hugged its head and rolled around on the ground.

“Your mental strength is no good as expected of someone with such low intelligence. Only your skin is thick.”

Ayrin heaved a sigh. Seeing the Troll’s behavior, he knew the Troll was harmed by his Psychic Style forbidden skill and received severe nerve damage.

“Your boss has been beaten up like this, are you still not going to surrender!?” Ayrin shouted towards the demihumans who had stopped in their tracks.

The demihumans at the front began shrinking back.


At that moment, several silver light pillars fell from the sky and blasted apart those who were retreating.

The silver light pillars were of real mercury that reflected the sunlight. A large patch of demihumans were killed. They appeared to be plated in a layer of silver, their dying screams ringing out across the battlefield.

“What’s that?”

Ayrin raised his head and spotted a massive winged snake. There was a silver horn on its head.

The arcane masters of the Fearotz Stronghold shouted out the name of the snake, “Mercury Lord!”

It was a rare Lord level monster. Its arcane skills could become mercury that had strong adhesion and penetrative properties. It was more troublesome to deal with than normal Lord level monsters.

“It’s actually a snake with wings! Making it into snake soup must be tasty, but I don’t have the time to fight it right now!” Ayrin mumbled.

He suddenly began accelerating. The air beneath him kept generating sonic booms. Nobody could see his figure, only the sonic booms.

Ayrin’s gaze locked on the Bone Emperor at the center of the monster army.

He could tell the demihuman army was just a mix of ruffians despite their size. Even many monsters had higher intelligence than the demihumans.

Hence, if they could not deal with the monster army, the demihuman army would still become cannon fodder.

If the overwhelming number of demihumans were pushed by the monsters to attack the stronghold, they would greatly exhaust the Fearotz Stronghold.

Since the Troll that posed the greatest threat to the metal wall had been incapacitated, he would follow through his promise and finish off the Bone Emperor!


Strict orders were issued on the metal wall.

The Royal Thorns Corps arcane masters no longer had time to worry about Ayrin’s safety. After the demihuman army was forced to a stop, the monster army had surpassed them and swarmed towards the metal wall.

The ones charging at the front were the Locust Emperor and a group of Iron Rhinoceros.

The Iron Rhinoceros looked no different from normal rhinoceros, but their skeletal armors were tougher than steel. If they slammed against the metal wall, they would cause massive destruction.



As the order was shouted, a loud boom accompanied by a wave of lightning swallowed the Locust Emperor and the Iron Rhinoceros charging at the front.


Terrifying explosions of lightning blasted against the Iron Rhinoceros. They were wrapped in dancing lightning and were knocked back about thirty meters.

However, at the same time, even the strong-willed Royal Thorns Corps arcane masters shouted in shock, “Ah!”

The Locus Emperor’s huge body dashed out from the flood of lightning and slammed into the metal wall.


The entire metal wall seemed to jump. Many arcane masters standing at the edge fell down to the ground below.


A terrifying swirl appeared.

Several arcane masters wanted to use arcane skills to jump back onto the wall. However, the arcane power around them was shredded and a terrifying suction force dragged their bodies towards the Locus Emperor’s mouth.

Even at this moment, Jean Camus remained calm. He slightly turned his head and spoke to Ferguillo, “It’s our turn.”

Ferguillo did not reply and just nodded.


Jean Camus dashed out with amazing speed and approached the Locust Emperor’s huge mouth.

Ferguillo also vanished and reappeared right behind Jean Camus.

“What do they want to do?”

“Didn’t Jean Camus warn Ayrin not to get sucked into the monster? Didn’t he say that even the Golden Armor can’t resist it!?”

The Royal Thorns Corps arcane masters on the metal wall turned ghastly pale.

Jean Camus and Ferguillo were so fast they even overtook the arcane masters getting sucked in. They instantly reached before the Locust Emperor’s mouth!


Jean Camus unleashed a unique domain power.

The terrifying suction force disappeared.

The Royal Thorns Corps arcane masters who thought they were doomed fell back to the ground.

At almost the same time, Ferguillo shot out pink light rays from his eyes.


The Locust Emperor’s body stiffened.

The Emperor level monster that should have faster casting speed than Jean Camus and Ferguillo was actually stiffened for a moment and could not even close its huge mouth.

The calm pupils of Jean Camus suddenly glowed.

He pushed out his hands.

In the instant he pushed out, his hands made multiple hand signs.

All the arcane particles in his body flew out through his arms.


A special domain aura reverberated.

Jean Camus obviously used another domain. However, that domain aura instantly disappeared afterwards.

It was because it was shot into the Locust Emperor’s body through its huge mouth!

“Jean Camus actually has a domain that can neutralize arcane power?”

“What’s that second domain? It didn’t seem to do anything?”

“A domain that exhausted all his arcane particles should cause devastating damage even if it’s a normal domain. Why did it not show any effect?”

The cooperation between Jean Camus and Ferguillo was so fast they could not clearly sense the second domain Jean Camus used. However, they were shocked and confused that the Locust Emperor did not seem to be affected by it.


The Locust Emperor slammed into the metal wall again.

“Luckily we dodged that!”

A crimson light flashed. In the next moment, they saw Ferguillo who was carrying Jean Camus appear right next to where the Locust Emperor slammed into the metal wall.


Many arcane masters drew a sharp breath.

Large patches of blood droplets suddenly seeped out of the Locust Emperor’s body.

The blood droplets kept seeping out. It was as if the blood clotting function had been suppressed and the wound could not close up.

A Royal Thorns Corps arcane master realized what happened and shouted in surprise, “Melting Blood: Deadly Wound Domain!”

Melting Blood: Deadly Wound Domain was also called a domain that made the smallest wound lethal!

It was a strange domain that would melt every blood cell in the enemy’s body. It would completely destroy the ability for blood to clot.

The Locust Emperor surely did not know what domain it was as it did not feel anything. However, that heavy slam against the metal wall turned out to be suicidal. Its body had to be suffering from internal bleeding in countless spots. It had no way of stopping the bleeding!

“These two guys are true geniuses. They actually thought of such a horrifying method to fight the Locust Emperor!”

While the Royal Thorns Corps arcane masters were astonished, they also felt numb.

It was an Emperor level monster that could only be defeated by a six-gate arcane master in theory. However, Ferguillo and Jean Camus easily defeated it through cooperation!


Drops of blood seeped out at first, but soon, blood spurted out from various parts of its body.


The Locust Emperor collapsed onto the metal wall like a large stack of rotten meat.

“Jean Camus and Ferguillo are incredible! They managed to kill such a huge monster just like that!?”

Although Ayrin did not turn around to check, he could sense the fall of the Locust Emperor.

Now, it will be the battle between me and you!

I must not fall behind them!

Ayrin stared at the rumbling Bone Emperor up ahead. His heated blood began boiling again.

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