Chapter 551: A Dumb Battle

Chapter 551: A Dumb Battle


The Single-eye Man-eating Troll did not treat Ayrin as a threat. He stopped and roared out to the demihumans behind him, “Attack! I will squash whoever dares to fall back!”

“You don’t even answer me, huh? You’re rude!” Ayrin pouted. After seeing the demihumans behind the Single-eye Man-eating Troll overtaking it, he shouted and jumped down from the metal wall.


He landed like a meteor and a cluster of dust rose up.


Without any pause, Ayrin charged out of the dust and rushed towards the Troll.

“So savage......”

The Royal Thorns Corps arcane masters on the metal wall changed their expressions.

Ayrin did not use any arcane skill as he jumped down from such a height. Even an arcane master with Barbarian bloodline could not endure such force. However, Ayrin did not seem to be in pain or suffer any damage.


The ground below Ayrin exploded and he suddenly disappeared.

When he reappeared, he was less than a hundred meters from the Troll.

That great momentum even made the demihumans behind the Troll pause their advancement.

“Don’t forget my words!”


The first line was spoken towards the demihumans behind it. It swung its metal club to the back and squashed several demihumans that stopped their charge.

The second line was roared towards Ayrin.

A visible sound shockwave hit Ayrin.

“......” Many Royal Thorns Corps arcane masters covered their ears and paled.

Such a terrifying sound shockwave! He should receive great damage even if he didn’t die, right?

However, they opened their eyes wide in astonishment as Ayrin did not seem to show any reaction to the loud sound shockwave attack. His body did not show any stiffness and he shouted excitedly instead, “So refreshing! So comfortable!”

The Trauma Room is really useful!

Ayrin’s mind was currently filled with gratitude and guilt.

I should call the Trauma Room the Masochist Conversion Room.

After going through the training there, it seems the more pain I endure, the better I feel.

That full course torment on the five senses made this sound shockwave attack pale in comparison.

But I destroyed the Trauma Room. No one can train there ever again.

“Go! Destroy the walls! Charge!”

The Troll let out another thunderous roar. The sound shockwave hit the metal wall and shook it.

Even though Ayrin seemed to be creepy, in its eyes, he was too insignificant compared to the entire demihuman army. As a general, its eyes only contained the metal wall and the entire Fearotz Stronghold.

“You actually rely on numbers. You’re so cowardly.” Ayrin shouted angrily.

In his eyes, the Troll was relying on numerical advantage to gang up on him.

“You think I don’t have helpers!? Big guys, come out!”


The sky trembled following his loud shout.

Three enormous metal entities and five monsters appeared and landed on the ground.

The moment the five monsters landed, they immediately turned around.

“What are you doing?” Ayrin asked, confused.

“A little dizzy, we lost our sense of direction.” The five monsters pretended to be dizzy.

Facing so many demihumans and monsters, isn’t rushing in equal to suicide?

It’s better to pretend to be on the same side as those monsters and fake attacking the metal wall.


The appearance of so many huge entities caused the demihumans to scream in shock.

They did not dare to stop their charge, since they would be squashed by the Troll if they did. Hence, they made a detour from Ayrin and his summons, making them an island in the tide of demihumans.

“All of you prevent any interference in my duel with that guy.”

Ayrin jumped up violently and landed on the Mountain Cleaving Titan that had a broken leg.


He forcefully pulled out the huge spear behind its back.


He slammed the spear towards the Troll.

“This guy...... is he crazy?”

“He actually wants to compete in strength against the pure power type Single-eye Man-eating Troll?”

“In such a situation, shouldn’t he make the three Titans handle the Troll?”

“He actually grabbed the spear and attacked. What’s he thinking?”

The arcane masters standing on the metal wall were confused. Their eyes opened so wide their eyeballs might pop out.


The Troll finally looked at Ayrin.

Its blue skin began shining. Blue umbrella-like power brands instantly exploded around its body.


The huge spear collided with its metal club.

“Ah!” came the pained screams of demihumans all around. Their eardrums were shattered.

“This is really asking for it......” Many Royal Thorns Corps arcane masters thought.

Ayrin was directly smacked away. The spear landed on his body.

Clouds of dust rose up on both sides of the spear.

Ayrin appeared to be flattened underneath it.

However, many people almost jumped in fright as Ayrin suddenly shouted, “So refreshing! So comfortable!”

Ayrin hugged the huge spear and jumped up again.

“Take this!”

He slammed the spear against the Troll again.

“You’re dead meat! Charge!” The Troll roared as it swung its metal club. After a loud clashing sound, Ayrin was slammed to the ground once more.

The Troll was an anomaly amongst demihumans as expected. It was a terrifying existence even during the Era of the War with Dragons. Its power seemed to dominate all.


However, the Troll was shocked when Ayrin excitedly shouted, “So refreshing! So comfortable!”


Ayrin did not stop and smacked his spear.


The Troll swung the metal club with full strength on reflex and stopped Ayrin’s spear.

It was a little confused it's intelligence was not high.

In a situation where there was a physical strength difference, the weaker side was more prone to deterioration. The muscles would lose strength from the impacts.

In such a clash, even its own arms felt a little numb. However, Ayrin did not seem to suffer at all.

Ayrin kept shouting, “So refreshing! So comfortable!”

He kept hugging the spear and smacking.

Ever since opening his fifth arcane gate, he had the desire to use such a huge weapon to smack around. He was finally able to fulfill his desire. More importantly, he was able to get such a powerful opponent.

The powerful clashes made him feel extremely pleased.

“What’s happening?” Many Royal Thorns Corps arcane masters shouted in disbelief.

Ayrin’s fighting method was extremely dumb to them.

It was because even if an arcane master had such great physical strength, he could have used arcane skills to support himself against an opponent with even greater physical strength like the Troll. However, Ayrin still mindlessly smacked with pure physical strength despite being inferior in power.

However, Ayrin was beginning to gain an advantage. He was still knocked back after each smack, but he just jumped back and could land firmly. Meanwhile, the Troll seemed unable to initiate an attack. It could only use its club to keep defending.

“What terrifying stamina and endurance...... recovery as well...... No wonder he boasted he can keep fighting non-stop......”

Some Royal Thorns Corps arcane masters glimpsed a little of what Ayrin was capable of, cold sweat soaking their backs.

“So refreshing! So comfortable!”

Ayrin’s excitement could not be described in words.

After each clash, his cells would release heat and make him feel as if he was soaking in a hot spring.

Furthermore, the opponent’s strength caused the cells hidden deep inside his body that he normally would not utilize to unleash their potential, supplying him with even more strength.


The Troll’s single eye turned bloodshot. Cold sweat poured out of its body.

Its arms began to feel wobbly and lose their strength.


After a loud clash, the metal club in its hand was repelled and crashed into its body.

“Ah!” The Troll screamed in pain. It immediately lost courage to fight against Ayrin and ran away.


Before everyone could react to the change, Ayrin had swung his spear again. The spear heavily landed on the head of the Troll.

The Troll was slammed into the ground, a cloud of dust rising up.

“Why did you stop?”

Ayrin was confused.

Only then did he remember that the Troll was the general of the demihumans. He had to finish the battle as soon as possible, especially since the other two powerful Emperor level monsters still needed to be handled.

“I poke!”

He jumped out and thrusted the spear at the Troll instead of using it as a blunt weapon.

The Troll let out a painful howl, “Ah!”

The arcane masters and demihumans were all dumbfounded.

“What an incredible colloid arcane resistance skin! I can’t pierce it?”

Ayrin was also dumbfounded.

He saw a bruise at the spot his spear poked, but the sharp spear tip was repelled.

“Is there any hole to poke?” He unconsciously mumbled.

“Ah!” The Troll raised an even more desperate scream and guarded its butt.

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