Chapter 550: Decapitation Strike!

Chapter 550: Decapitation Strike!


“So big!”

Ayrin’s eyes immediately sparkled, “So many monsters, but there’s only one big guy? Even Doa Royal Palace had more than one. Shouldn’t there be at least another one?”


As if listening to Ayrin’s speech, the ground rumbled again.

A commotion occurred at the center of the monster army as the monsters desperately moved to the side.

The ground burst open like a bubble. A hot fire pillar rushed out.

Bone grazing sounds came from the hole.

A pile of white bones rose up from the ground.

The bone pile consisted mostly of various skulls stuck together, reaching a height of seven to eight meters.

The thing inside seemed enormous. Yellow sparks spilled out from the gaps of the skulls. The bone pile surged forward along with the movement of the thing inside. However, the bones remained tightly stuck together and did not reveal whatever was inside.

“Bone Emperor!”

“Can you stop being such a jinx!?”

“Which side are you on? Don’t tell me you want the enemy to be as powerful as possible!?”

The Royal Thorns Corps arcane masters at Ayrin’s side really wanted to cry. They even suspected Ayrin was an enemy spy.

“Uncle, what does the Bone Emperor look like? Is it all bones inside as well? Can it be eaten?” Ayrin asked excitedly instead.

“They have almost reached us, the battle will break out anytime now! Why are you still concerned about eating?”

“The Bone Emperor is rarely seen even during the Magus Era. The records only describe its outer appearance. Nobody knows what it’s like underneath!” One arcane master squeezed out.

“The Locust Emperor should be edible!”

Ayrin’s attention turned to the red silhouette that looked like a huge locust.

The Locust Emperor was like a huge ship sailing through the swamp. The monsters behind it were like matchsticks compared to it.

“What’s so special about its strength?” Ayrin immediately asked.

A familiar voice came from Ayrin’s back, “It’s mainly a power type monster. It’s similar to the Schwartz Worm you fought before and is highly endurable. Its body structure is unique and it won’t die even if you cut it into two. In the records, the best way to handle it is to dehydrate it to death with domains like ‘Wind Dry Domain’, ‘Sandification Domain’ or ‘Alkalic Drought Domain’. However, these domains have long since been lost. The only way to handle it now is to burn it to cinders, or eat it.”

“Jean Camus?”

Ayrin turned around in surprise. Jean Camus stood behind him.

Ferguillo, Charlotte and Stingham also arrived.

“Are your wounds healed?” Ayrin became more excited. His cells seemed to be bursting in joy.

It was because Jean Camus had been a target he wanted to surpass.

Regardless of fighting against Jean Camus or fighting alongside him, he felt a great thrill.

Especially during the battle in the Green Dragon Divine Temple, he felt Jean Camus was still stronger than him.

Now that he had gone through the trial in the Trauma Room and opened five arcane gates, he could not wait to see if he could surpass Jean Camus.

“Not completely, but enough to fight.” Jean Camus saw Ayrin’s burning gaze and grinned.

This fellow is really a natural inspirer. Even his gaze can lit anyone’s fighting spirit.

“Apart from the similar power type and life force as the Schwartz Worm, it also has an especially powerful trait. Its mouth on top of its head has a strong suction force. It can unleash a powerful domain that sucks the enemy into its stomach, which is filled with strong acidic corrosive fluids that can melt arcane masters.” Jean Camus explained.

“I wonder if I can let it suck me in, then I can attack it from the inside.” Ayrin mumbled.

“You’re courting death!” The surrounding arcane masters almost blacked out after hearing Ayrin’s bizarre thoughts.

Jean Camus looked at Ayrin and spoke in a serious tone, “Even the anti-arcane armor probably cannot resist that corrosive fluid. It’s said that even the Golden Armor will just melt. I advise you not to take the risk.”

“I have something to ask you.” Ayrin suddenly became embarrassed and looked at Jean Camus.

“What’s the matter?” Jean Camus looked at Ayrin strangely.

“I want to tell you alone. There are too many people here, I’m too embarrassed to say.” Ayrin pulled Jean Camus to the side and whispered something in his ear.

“He really likes both men and women! He’s still doing that even when Charlotte is here. What a pervert!” Seeing Ayrin and Jean Camus having a secretive talk, Stingham felt a chill.

“Prepare for battle!”

At that moment, calls for battle came from various parts of the metal wall.

According to the marching speed of the two armies, they would clash with the stronghold walls in only a few more minutes.

At that moment, the Depraved Troll Knights and flying monsters rampaging in the sky also swarmed towards the metal wall. They were clearly cooperating with the attack from the demihumans and monsters.

“This number far exceeds our estimation...... Their size is probably double ours......”

“Even without the Undead Corps and Sequoia Corps, we probably can’t stop that, can we?”

Many arcane masters were prepared to fight to the last breath. However, they could not help but worry.

Dead silence filled the metal wall.

At that moment, Ayrin’s voice spread out on the metal wall, “Since the demihumans are existences that only bully the weak, and the monster army is basically an unorganized bunch...... Then, if we can kill the one-eyed giant, Locust Emperor and Bone Emperor, the army would probably lose morale even if they don’t get routed, right?”

That’s true!

The Royal Thorns Corps arcane masters trembled after hearing Ayrin’s speech.

“There should be Evil Dragon Bishops on both sides of the stronghold. Since they are not making a move yet, Uncle, the strongest fighters in your Corps should save their strength to take them on. Leave these three big guys to us.”

The Royal Thorns Corps arcane masters were even more astonished as they listened to Ayrin.

They were planning to kill the three leader level individuals with only their small group?

Ayrin seemed to ignore their feelings and asked after taking a glance around, “Where’s Rinloran?”

“The Crimson Moon Guardian Trees allowed him to utilize the force of nature and medical skills to the best extent. So, he’s fighting at the other side and taking on those depraved elves.” Jean Camus answered. Then, he took a glance at the three massive figures, “My injuries have yet to completely heal. With me and Ferguillo’s current condition, we can only help you take one on.”

Ayrin shouted excitedly, “Alright, leave the other two to us. Merlin!”

Merlin climbed up from the stairs behind them.

“Merlin, can those three big guys be used?” Ayrin immediately asked with anticipation.

Merlin firmly nodded.

The scene before her eyes seemed to awaken some of her memories. Her silver eyes flashed as if they were rapidly changing the images in her memory.

“It should be fine with two charging at the front.”

Ayrin looked at the approaching army. Merlin’s nod gave him more confidence.

“You and Stingham will handle the two at the front?” Jean Camus calmly nodded, “Shall Ferguillo and I take on the Bone Emperor?”

“I will handle that one-eyed giant and Bone Emperor. How about you and Ferguillo take on the Locust Emperor?” Ayrin asked with great anticipation.


Stingham was confused, “Didn’t you just say the Locust Emperor can be eaten? Why aren’t you taking it on?”

“Because it’s another insect. I’m sick of eating insects. Also, I don’t really feel hungry now. The Bone Emperor should have a different taste. It may be even tastier, a unique flavor.” Ayrin scratched his head and laughed.

“Sick of eating...... unique flavor......” Stingham and the others twitched.

“And I’m more durable. It should not be a problem for me to rush into that crowd and fight the Bone Emperor.” Ayrin turned around happily and looked at Stingham, “Stingham, our cooperation in the Green Dragon Divine Temple was a great success. I will handle that one-eyed giant first. Then, we will dash inside and take on the Bone Emperor. Others do not have enough defense, so it’ll be just you and me.”

Stingham immediately shuddered and shouted after shutting his eyes, “I don’t want to! You can go alone!”

A thunderous roar came from below, “It’s our era! Weaklings! Kneel down and surrender, I will consider sparing your lives!”

The huge Single-eye Man-eating Troll was less than five hundred meters from the metal wall. A visible sound shockwave exploded out from his mouth.

“Incredible, it’s even louder than Moss!”

Ayrin covered his ears.

“Oi! Bastard, you dare to fight me one-on-one?!” He shouted out.


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