Chapter 549: Super Jinx

Chapter 549: Super Jinx


On the metal wall facing the Thorns Swamp, one Royal Thorns Corps arcane master muttered absentmindedly, “Have we returned to the Era of the War with Dragons?”

The swamp was completely seething. Two different armies filled their sight.

The two armies stretched all the way to the horizon.

One was the demihumans carrying self-made crude weapons, the other was made up of various beasts and monsters.

The army of demihumans covered their entire view...... such a scene was never seen before since the Magus Era.

It was a scene only recorded in the history from the Era of the War with Dragons.

“Uncle, why are there so many demihumans?” A surprised voice called out behind that Royal Thorns Corps arcane master.

He and the arcane masters nearby turned around and looked surprised, “Ayrin?”

They could recognize the person behind them as Ayrin who had entered the Trauma Room.

“What an overflowing life force!”

They were shocked.

Steam was rising from Ayrin’s body. The heat he released even made them feel as if there was a huge furnace in front of them.

His blood has completely circulated around after a violent battle?

Such heat can only be released by someone whose every single cell contains an astonishing amount of power after a vigorous exercise.

While they were still stunned by Ayrin’s appearance, he asked again, “Uncle, why are there so many demihumans?”

“How should we know?”

They felt Ayrin’s question rather strange. One arcane master answered, “In the past hundred years, there has been no trace of demihumans. It might be because they were suppressed by some power in the swamp and hid themselves.”

“In that case, there might be an Evil Dragon Bishop in the swamp?” Ayrin analyzed, “Evil Dragon Bishops are very secretive. We don’t know where they are. There are so many demihumans and monsters, only an individual at that level can organize and suppress them, right?”

“It’s very likely!”

The arcane masters trembled unconsciously, their expressions hardening.

Although Ayrin only guessed casually, it had a very high possibility.

“Where did the demihumans come from? They aren’t humans yet not monsters either.” Ayrin grumbled.

“You don’t know?” They opened their eyes wide in surprise.

“You know?” Ayrin immediately looked at them with expectation.

A guy who can even pass the trial of the Trauma Room...... is actually so lacking in knowledge. He doesn’t even know the origin of the demihumans?

They felt the urge to puke blood.

One arcane master fluently recited an excerpt of the history records, “Early in the Era of the War with Dragons, in order to expand the army, the Evil Dragon needed a labor force to handle the laborious jobs such as digging mines and transporting, hunting, gathering, accumulating war supplies, etc. The labor force needed to be strong, simple-minded and easy to keep. They couldn’t need to eat too much nutritious food or medicine to improve strength. So, some arcane masters under the Evil Dragon army used the first batch of prisoners of war to mix breed with various beasts and monsters. Giant, human, beastman, goblin, dwarf...... Various prisoners were made into experimental subjects and bred various types of demihumans. Those demihumans became the labor force of the Evil Dragon. There were over a million demihumans at the peak of their population.”

“Demihumans were experimental products with mixed blood. In the long natural selection, only the tenacious ones who could eat the worst food, grow strong and healthy bodies, possess amazing physical strength and could live in the dirtiest places managed to survive.”

“Around the middle of the war, many arcane masters thought demihumans were also victims of the Evil Dragon. Hence, they tried to liberate the demihumans. However, they failed in the end. The reason was not the natural servility towards the Evil Dragon or worship for raw power, but because the personalities of those demihumans were closer to beasts. Violent, greedy and a preference for dirty environments were their common traits. They liked to exercise violence and rob others. They could not integrate into the normal public order of the kingdoms. Hence, they remained on the side of the Evil Dragon throughout the war and became loyal servants of the Evil Dragon because they preferred it that way.”

“Such a bitch!”

Ayrin was speechless, “Giving them the worst food, making them do the most dirty and tiring jobs, living in the worst environment, yet they prefer it?”


One arcane master showed a natural despise towards the demihumans, “Because by following the Evil Dragon army, they can rob and destroy as they please. They can also bully the weak. In the long war, their main missions were to kill and rob the weak dwarf and goblin settlements. Many weak species were annihilated by the demihumans.”

“Existences that only dare to bully the weak? Then, why do they dare to attack a stronghold now?” Ayrin asked.

“”Because there haven't been as many powerful beings and Corps since the war. In the early period of that war, there were many powerful Dragons and arcane masters flying in the sky. A single dragon breath could burn a small city. A seven-gate arcane master could instantly kill hundreds of powerful enemies with a single forbidden skill. At that time, they didn’t even dare to show up and instead hid in the mines back in the supply base.”

Another arcane master sneered, “At that time, the powerful Corps had tens of thousands of arcane masters and many epic artifacts. However, in the final stage of the war, most of the powerful Corps were annihilated. The demihumans were also added to the army. After the chaotic and dark Magus Era, the number of arcane masters and their average level greatly dropped. Hence, the demihumans now dare to openly march towards our stronghold.”

“Uncle, you seem to despise them.” Ayrin looked at the trembling arcane masters, “But I see you’re feeling nervous and worried, perhaps even fear.”

“Nervous, worry, or fear and despise are separate matters.” An instructor-like arcane master looked at Aryin with a sense of pride, “Only those who dare to fight for the beliefs in their hearts no matter how powerful the enemy is can be called a true arcane master. Those who only bully the weak after thinking they are strong enough will be despised no matter what achievements they obtain.”

“That’s right! Even if they take down the Fearotz Stronghold, they will still be despised by true arcane masters.” Ayrin spoke with a burning fighting spirit.

“......Don’t be such a jinx.” They were speechless.

“Uncle, that guy is so tall! He’s taller than all other demihumans! He’s at least six to seven meters tall!” Ayrin suddenly shouted in surprise.

“Single-eye Man-eating Troll!”

Their expressions immediately changed and became pale.

The jinx may really come true! There’s even such a demihuman!

“Single-eye Man-eating Troll? Is it strong? What’s strange about it? It really seems to have only one eye, its skin is also blue!” Ayrin examined the one-eyed giant charging at the front with interest.

The giant held a crude metal club. It exceeded ten meters in length and looked extremely heavy.

Each step the giant took was over a dozen meters. Each time its feet landed, the ground shook violently.

“Single-eye Man-eating Troll has a natural colloid arcane resistance skin. His skin not only has strong arcane resistance, it can also repel and buffer strong impact. Most arcane skills and even materialized weapons cannot damage it. It also possesses mixed Barbarian, Giant and Dragon bloodline. Its bloodline has mutated and became even stronger than the homogenous Giant bloodline!” An arcane master explained. He was drenched in cold sweat.

The Single-eye Man-eating Troll was like a mobile siege fortress. If such an existence attacked, the defenses would be breached in no time.

“Too bad it’s humanoid, I can’t eat it.” Ayrin mumbled.

“What? You want to eat?” The arcane masters around felt numb.

“Luckily, there are many monsters. But why aren't there any big and powerful individuals in the monster group?” Ayrin looked at the approaching monster faction with doubt, “There are so many monsters. Shouldn’t there be some big and powerful ones?”


As if by command, the ground in front of the monster army split open and shot up like a spring.

A red silhouette dozens of meters long made a strange roar and crawled out.

“Locust Emperor!”

The Royal Thorns Corps arcane masters around Ayrin could not stop their cold sweat from flowing down. They wanted to cry, “Can you stop being such a jinx!?”

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