Chapter 548: Firefighter Captain

Chapter 548: Firefighter Captain



The shadows hit Rinloran at the same time.

Two shadow-like swords mercilessly stabbed through Rinloran along with the reappearance of Shennbin.


Shennbin’s maniacal and confident expression suddenly disappeared. Unbelievable shock replaced it.

The dark red light rays that seeped out from the branches below Rinloran became a pale blue stream of light rays!

The pale blue light rays entered Rinloran’s body, glowing from his skin.

The two shadow-like swords were forced out by the light cluster.

Pssh! Pssh!

Two streaks of blood spurted out on Shennbin’s body.

The two thin ice crystal-like swords in Rinloran’s hands pierced through his body.


Shennbin looked at the swords that pierced through him absentmindedly.

“Because these trees never belonged to your Crimson Moon Clan.”

Rinloran coldly glared at the absent minded Shennbin, “You depraved people...... You fail to understand that the reason you’re called depraved elves is not because you joined the enemy, but because you only believe in power just like the other Evil Dragon followers. You don’t care about the will of others!”

“You can make use of these trees and even feel as if they are your guardian trees. However, in the end, you can only force them to use their power and fight for you! Can you even hear their cries and pleads? Do you think they like to burn away their life force to fight for you? Do you think they like to be enslaved by you?”

“You can’t hear it. The voices flowing through them desired peace and calm! You people are not qualified to be called elves!”

“Past or present, you are not qualified!”

Rinloran slowly pulled out his swords from the lifeless Shennbin, cold fury burning in his eyes.

“This Crimson Moon Tree is not your domain! I will work together with it to fight against you and your kind!”

“I will support Ayrin from up here and kill every single bastard not qualified to be called an elf!”

Rinloran’s chilling voice filled with killing intent echoed in the canopy.


“Even such an arcane skill can’t kill you? Ayrin, you’re really a pervert!”

Below the canopy, Stingham was dumbfounded as he watched Ayrin standing amongst the embers.

“This guy is too perverted!”

Then, he turned around and mumbled, “Never mind, it’s too dangerous. I will go back and rest.”


Meraly, Shanna and the others were speechless.

A few seconds ago, he was still fiercely charging forward. However, after seeing Ayrin, he immediately reverted to his old lazy self.

You idiot! You will slack off if there’s someone standing before you huh!?

At the same time, Ayrin’s excited yell already reached them, “Yeah! Stingham, Meraly, don’t come here! It’s too dangerous, leave them to me! I haven’t fought to my heart’s content yet!”

Meraly, Shanna and the others became even more speechless.

Stingham and Ayrin are like polar opposites.

One is lazy to the core, even his hot-bloodedness only lasts a few minutes.

The other is a natural battle maniac, as if he wants to fight all enemies by himself.

“Come at me! You monsters!”

Ayrin had just opened his fifth arcane gate and was currently in the peak of excitement!

“You creeps! Don’t you have any powerful arcane skills?”

“There must be some leaders in this Undead Corps! Do you only know how to hide? Come out and fight me!”

After opening five arcane gates, the increase in power made Ayrin feel as if he had unlimited stamina. He could not be satisfied by just charging around. He even felt like using some huge materialized weapon to smack around.

If I have some unbelievably big weapon and keep smacking them away, that would be so satisfying!

I wonder if those Mountain Cleaving Titans can move already.

An unstoppable impulsiveness arose in Ayrin’s heart. He felt the urge to summon the Titans, then use them as clubs.


However, at that moment, a powerful domain suddenly activated.

A yellow hue spread out across a hundred meters.

What’s this domain?

Ayrin opened his eyes wide. His body was uncontrollably wobbling and he could not balance himself. The ground he stood on felt like a ship in rowdy waters. A wave of nausea struck him as well as a headache due to the unstable feeling.

“Sea God Curse Domain!”

“This is the unique domain of Bat Corps first instructor Lord Akalon! It’s also called the Super Seasick Domain!”

“Arcane masters in this domain will be rendered into a super seasick state and lose all sense of direction. They will be unable to fight!”

“It’s Lord Akalon......”

On the metal wall, shocked screams rang out consecutively.

A tall man wearing bat-base armor and covered in frost released the strange yellowish glow. He charged towards Ayrin expressionlessly.

This man was once a target of admiration in the Kingdom of Doa. However, now he was just another undead monster attacking the Fearotz Stronghold.


An explosion occurred.

Ayrin was blasted away by Akalon and slammed into the metal wall behind him.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The metal wall continued to shake violently.

Akalon showed clear differences compared to other arcane masters who had turned into undead monsters. Not only could he use a powerful domain, his strength far surpassed that of the others.

As Ayrin crashed into the wall, he appeared before Ayrin and kept pounding Ayrin into the wall.

The shockwaves that kept spreading out blocked the view of others from checking on Ayrin’s condition.

However, they were certain that part of the metal wall was denting in.

Such force...... the constant pounding like a pile driver...... is Ayrin going to be flattened into a putty?

Everyone’s eyelids twitched and could not help but think so.

However, at that moment, Ayrin loudly yelled, “So refreshing! So comfortable!”

“......” Everyone became speechless.

It’s good that he wasn’t beaten to death...... but he’s even shouting ‘refreshing’ and ‘comfortable’!

Stingham shuddered after retreating inside the passage. He said to the Metal Shield Brigade arcane masters, “I told you, this guy is a total pervert!”

However, it was not Ayrin’s fault. In the Trauma Room, he shouted like that to hypnotize himself when he was suffering extreme torment.

He had gotten used to shouting it.

More importantly, Ayrin was really feeling refreshed and comfortable.

It was because a violent and powerful enemy had finally appeared!

Ayrin yelled again, “Are you satisfied? Now it’s my turn!”


Akalon was suddenly blasted away.


The arcane masters on the metal wall drew a sharp breath.

As the smoke dissipated, they could see Ayrin covered in a terrifying anti-arcane armor. His appearance was extremely barbaric and violent!


The moment Akalon crashed into the frozen ground, Ayrin disappeared from the wall and directly appeared above Akalon.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The hunter became the hunted.

Ayrin pressed down on Akalon and kept throwing his fists. The ground dented down and the recoil generated by Akalon’s resistance made his body slide backwards. The two of them plowed a deep trench along the ground.

Akalon’s undead body would not feel pain and wasn’t affected by this unless he was completely smashed through. However, Ayrin’s strength was too terrifying. Each punch would completely dislocate every joint in Akalon’s body, leaving him no possibility to fight back.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

At the same time, the surrounding undead arcane masters pounced towards Ayrin or shot arcane skills at him.

Ayrin ignored them and kept pounding Akalon.

The undead arcane masters were repelled by the shock waves generated by the punches.

“So savage......”

The Royal Thorns Corps arcane masters who saw this scene were drenched in cold sweat.

Luckily, such an arcane master is not the enemy but an ally.

“You’re totally flattened into a putty?”

“Can’t resist anymore?”

After losing count of the number of punches, Ayrin noticed Akalon had completely stopped moving after mowing through a trench of over a hundred meters long. Akalon’s body was also flattened.


At the same time, he keenly sensed at least a hundred undead arcane masters losing control as they seemed to become wandering souls.

He immediately understood the situation and shouted towards the metal wall, “Acting Corps Leader Mody! These undead arcane masters also seem to have commanders. If you kill one of them, many undead arcane masters will be released from their control and lose their fighting strength!”

“Is that so? Then this Undead Corps will be much easier to handle!” Mody and many Royal Thorns Corps arcane masters jolted. Hope and joy flashed across their eyes.


However, at that moment, terrifying tremors came from the swamp side.

Even though the Thorns Swamp had muddy ground, they could clearly see large trails of dust rising.

Even sharper sirens rang in the Fearotz Stronghold.

“The demihuman-plus-monster army has arrived?”

“So many!”

After seeing the trails of dust, Ayrin could sense the size of the demihuman-plus-monster army was much bigger than the undead army.

“Acting Corps Leader Mody! I will leave this side to you, I’m going over there to help!”

Without any hesitation, Ayrin dashed through the passage and ran towards the swamp.

“This guy is really like a firefighter captain...... He will go wherever the situation is dire......”

Ayrin’s appearance spurred on the arcane masters in Fearotz.

Despite the arrival of the new army, they felt more confident in defending Fearotz.

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