Chapter 547: Battle Between Elves

Chapter 547: Battle Between Elves


Ice and fire intertwined, creating a unique destructive world.

“Even a draconic arcane skill like that......”

In the canopy, the three Sequoia Corps arcane masters felt a chill. They wanted to attack on reflex. However, seeing Ayrin standing in that world of ice and fire, they lost all confidence.


Suddenly, the branches near them greatly shook.

A girl glowing pale golden appeared not far from the madly screaming man.

His screams stopped.

“Lord Leehu!” The three Sequoia Corps arcane masters called out and wanted to assist him.


However, they sensed something and turned around with a chilling expression.

Rinloran had soundlessly arrived on a branch behind them.

“Rinloran?” The captain amongst the three exclaimed in bewilderment. However, they immediately calmed down.

After taking another quick glance, that arcane master commented with an even more relieved tone, “Looks like the person attacking Lord Leehu is the Divine Shield Academy’s Charlotte.” He seemed to have very detailed intel and could tell the identity of the enemy from appearance alone.

Hearing the Sequoia Corps arcane master’s voice, Rinloran did not answer. His gaze landed on the dark red flower swords on their backs and snorted, “Depraved elves, Crimson Moon Swordsman?”

“You’re knowledgeable.”

The leading Sequoia Corps arcane master was definitely not simple. He was extremely focused right now. There was only Rinloran in his sight, “Except the word ‘Depraved’ is what all of you forced onto our Crimson Moon Clan.”

“This argument is meaningless. Don’t think about going to help him, your opponent is me.” Rinloran coldly declared.

“This canopy is the place where our elven bloodline can perform the best. I have long wanted to experience the sword skills of a moonlight swordsman.” The Sequoia Corps arcane master looked at Rinloran with a little arrogance, “Though if I’m not mistaken, your injuries have yet to recover.”

“It’s enough against you three.” Rinloran coldly spoke.

“In that case, show us the moonlight swordsman’s sword skills.” The three Sequoia Corps arcane masters sneered as they unsheathed their swords.


On the other side, Charlotte had started her full speed charge and rushed towards the Green Dragon Divine Temple priest Leehu.

“Bastard! You think some weakling like you can kill me?”

Leehu lost his sanity after failing to kill Ayrin. When he saw the approaching Charlotte, he roared out and twisted his expression.

In the draconic language, he chanted, “Hidden Heaven: Green Arachne Swirl!”

The remaining arcane particles in his body were fully exhausted.


A light swirl over ten meters suddenly appeared amongst the branches under Charlotte’s feet.

The green light swirl revolved and looked like a flat mirror.

Many of the arachnes in the canopy suddenly disappeared with popping sounds.

The disappeared arachnes directly rushed out below Charlotte like a spring.

In an instant, at least a dozen of arachnes caught Charlotte, while even more pressed onto her.

However, Charlotte did not panic.

She rapidly chanted, “Heavy Metal Marrow: Shock!”


Her body seemed to have become several times heavier in an instant. A terrifying shockwave exploded outwards.

Every arachne that grabbed onto her was blasted away.

She immediately charged towards Leehu, a golden glow on her skin.

“What!?” Leehu screamed in shock.


A dazzling green light shot out from his right arm.

A half-meter big green gem shield appeared on his right arm releasing powerful arcane energy fluctuations.


A silver war avatar appeared on his side.

Charlotte’s charge immediately stopped.

Her eyes flashed. The silver war avatar dispersed into particles and reformed on his other side.

Leehu was unable to shift the shield to the other side and a heavy punch landed on his head.

Blood spurted out.

“Heavy Metal Marrow: Shock!”

Charlotte charged forward again.


Leehu’s body dented and was blown away, snapping layers of branches.

“Lord Leehu!” the three Sequoia arcane masters screamed in shock.

Based on their intel, even if Leehu only had enough energy to unleash one attack, Charlotte should still not be a threat to him.

However, now...... a draconic arcane master with a weak body is definitely dead after receiving such a heavy charge attack!

Suddenly, the captain of the three warned, “Watch out!” His swords flew out, becoming a dark red, rose-like sword screen and slashed behind the arcane master to his left.


The instant his sword screen appeared, blood spurted out from the chest of the arcane master he tried to protect!

“The Crimson Moon Swordsmen only amount to this?”

Rinloran appeared not far behind the fallen arcane master, “Don’t you know getting distracted during battle is a death sentence?”


The captain twisted his expression for a moment, but quickly returned to absolute calmness.

He slightly turned his head and told the other Sequoia Corps arcane master, “Ahka, did you hear? You must fully focus on taking him on later. Otherwise, not only will you get killed, our Crimson Moon Swordsmen will also be looked down upon......”

“Understood, Lord Shennbin!”

Ahka narrowed his eyes.

He stared at Rinloran and suddenly stretched his dark red swords horizontally.


Dark red flames suddenly surged out from his arms and back. The streaks of flames instantly became wings.

He soared up into the sky like a bird.

“Sword Chant: Crimson Moon Slash!”


Followed by a rapid incantation, his body disappeared into a dark red sword flash. He accelerated and swept towards Rinloran.

The sword flash looked like a falling crimson moon filled with destructive aura.

Meanwhile, the captain of the team called Shennbin did not raise his swords. In fact, he did not seem to be in a hurry to attack yet.


Suddenly, his pupils contracted.

The Crimson Moon Slash was the most powerful sword skill for the Crimson Moon Swordsmen.

The moment it was used, the Crimson Moon Swordsman would even discard his own life. There was no turning back after unleashing it, because it used pure explosive force of arcane power and gravity acceleration from the sky.

In addition, the swords they held were made by the unique Crimson Moon Crystal. The greater the friction between it and the air, the hotter it would become.

The Crimson Moon Crystal swords would gain a temperature that could instantly melt metals when using the Crimson Moon Slash!

Such temperatures would destroy most arcane power structures!

Hence, even some six-gate arcane masters would not dare to take that attack head-on.

However, Rinloran did not intend to dodge at all!

An extremely dangerous aura instantly covered his entire body.


Before anyone could react, a beautiful sword flash shot out from Rinloran with unimaginable speed and instantly clashed with the Crimson Moon Slash.


The sword flash falling down from the sky was forcefully stopped.

The figure of Ahka reappeared with a shocked expression.

The terrifying heat was still wrapped around his swords which were crossed in front of him. In the next moment, his swords started shattering.

A sword hole also opened up in his chest, piercing his heart.

“Sword Chant: Red Rose!” Shennbin shouted.

His swords flew out and became a bright red rose. The rose immediately sliced through Rinloran.

However, he only caught Rinloran’s afterimage!

Shennbin drew a sharp breath and stopped his movements again.

The two thin swords floated around him as if they were alive.

He did not look at the fallen Ahka anymore. He sternly stared at Rinloran and slowly spoke, “This is a sword skill with the most penetrative force I have ever seen. This is not the sword skill of a Moonlight Swordsman!”

Rinloran stared back and slowly replied, “This is the Thousand Storms Sword.”

“Using this sword skill to break the Crimson Moon Slash, then dodge my attack with the recoil. You are indeed an opponent worthy of my respect.”

“In that case, I will also use the strongest secret skill of the Crimson Moon Swordsmen.”

Shennbin’s stern expression became maniacal!

An angry roar came from his mouth, “Sword Chant: Crimson Moon Flame!”


The two dark red swords floating next to him instantly exploded.

The countless burning red crystal light rays shrouded the area above them.


The glittering dark red light rays seeped out from the branches underneath Rinloran.

Rinloran was penetrated by both light rays.

“This is the Crimson Moon Guardian Tree!”

“This place is our domain!”

“Even the highest elven bloodline like you can’t do anything!”

“Crimson Moon: Shadow Killer Sword!”

Black particles flowed out of Shennbin’s arms and became two shadow-like swords.


As he roared, his body split into a few black shadows. He charged from different directions into the crisscrossed light rays towards Rinloran!

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