Chapter 546: Draconic Arcane Skill! Miracle!

Chapter 546: Draconic Arcane Skill! Miracle!


“What a terrifying battle instinct!”

“He’s really a monster amongst monsters!”

There were numerous arcane masters within the Royal Thorns Corps with rich battle experiences. They had sharp instincts. However, even they were terrified of Ayrin’s performance.

Ayrin’s body gave them a feeling as if it possessed an extraordinary auto judgement mechanism.

Arcane skills that would damage his body would be dodged. Arcane skills that would not cause any harm or hinder his movement would be charged through with perfect accuracy.

No arcane master could make such quick and accurate judgements in such a chaotic battlefield!

“Is Ayrin really planning on freezing the entire battlefield?”

“What kind of benefits did the Trauma Room trial bring him? He seems like a totally different person!”

Even Meraly and the others who were familiar with Ayrin became speechless.

Although Ayrin was strong before, he was still mostly regarded as someone who excelled at unorthodox and surprising fighting methods. However, the current Ayrin was dominating the battlefield with absolute violence and power.

“Stop attacking! Replenish arcane particles!” sounded the orders for many arcane teams defending atop the metal wall.

Ayrin alone managed to stall the progress of the entire Undead Corps.

Most undead arcane masters were gathering towards him.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Ayrin blinked around the chaotic explosions of arcane powers. He kept smashing away undead arcane masters and unleashed one Eternal Winter Domain after another. The white frost on the Depraved Crimson Moon Guardian Trees were constantly spreading.

The dark red branches began to lose their life force and started withering.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Dark red figures suddenly appeared between the canopy. From a few hundred meters away, they looked down towards Ayrin.

The three Sequoia Corps arcane masters wore dark red thorny armor. Their helmets were custom made and only revealed the face.

Two thin, dark red flower swords hung on their backs.

“He is alone?”

“Could he be......”

Seeing Ayrin charging about alone and constantly blasting away the undead arcane masters to stall the entire Undead Corps, the three Sequoia Corps arcane masters drew a cold breath.

A thin, dark red metal piece immediately appeared in one arcane master’s hand.

Psst! Psst! Psst!

He shot out a thin streak of light from his finger, carving some words on the metal piece.

Next, he unleashed a cluster of dark red flames. The flames carried the metal piece and brought it back towards the main camp of the Sequoia Corps at the back.

“Without a powerful domain, we can’t stop him!”

After sending the transmission, that arcane master showed a determined look and told the other two arcane masters, “Let’s go, we will take him on!”

The three Sequoia Corps arcane masters were about to dive down towards Ayrin. However, they suddenly stopped.

A chilling voice came from the direction they turned to. “He has the Treasured Book of Sealing, you may not be able to handle him. I will take him on.”

A white-faced man wearing the unique red robe of the Green Dragon Divine Temple appeared from the shade of the canopy.

“Lord Leehu!”

They heaved a sigh of relief.

The eyes of the white-faced man were pale green and looked cunning.

He licked his lips and smiled, revealing his teeth on both sides. They were sharp and seemed to be hollow in the center.

“Cocoon: Hatch!”

A green hexagon crystal appeared in his hand. A draconic incantation flowed out from his mouth like whispers.

Green streaks of light loomed around him and rapidly spread out along the spider webs.

In an instant, a pale green glow dyed the spider webs.

The white cocoons hanging down trembled.

“What’s that?”

The strange arcane energy fluctuation immediately caught Ayrin’s attention.

He raised his head.


The bottom of the white cocoons suddenly cracked.

Green figures dragging a trail of sticky fluids dropped down.

“What the hell?”

Ayrin immediately saw the monsters that were half human half spider. They had human upper torsos, but the bottom half were replaced by spider abdomen.

“Those spiders actually became such monsters!”

Where the other arcane masters who saw the green spiders were creeped out, Ayrin only felt they were strange.


Leehu smiled cunningly.

“Melt: Dual Cocoons of Death!”

Another mysterious Draconic incantation came from his mouth.

The spider webs released a strange arcane power rhythm.

The sticky fluids on the monsters instantly dried up.


After which they opened their mouths and shot out a green sticky fluid.


Many Royal Thorns Corps arcane masters on the metal wall were shocked.

The green fluid contained a strange arcane property. They seemed to have a weird penetrative property. Ayrin was unable to block them at all. He was wrapped by the fluids right after he dodged to the side.

In an instant, the green sticky fluids hardened around Ayrin and became a thick green cocoon.

The monsters did not break the string of sticky green fluid connecting them to Ayrin.

From all directions, the green fluids hardened into cocoon threads.

“What kind of arcane skill is that?”

“Is Ayrin alright?”

Meraly and Shanna screamed in shock.

The green cocoon threads and green cocoon had such a strange arcane energy fluctuation.

There seemed to be a rotten smell spreading in the air. Furthermore, the arcane energy fluctuation felt like it had an invasive property similar to dark arcane power.


A terrifying explosion suddenly came from within the green cocoon.

The green cocoon bounced up from the ground.

All the monsters connected to it shook.

“Ayrin is not dead!” Meraly screamed.

“It’s useless. No matter how powerful he is, he cannot prevail against the combined force of so many Green Arachnes...... Any arcane master caught inside will be corroded and melted by this arcane power. They will become a puddle of fluid...... Ahahaha......”

The white-faced man seemed exhausted after using the two draconic arcane skills. However, he laughed maniacally.

If I can kill him, I will receive an extraordinary reward from the Evil Dragon Coffin Master Bishop and become an Evil Dragon Bishop!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Loud noises came from the green cocoon.

The dull sound shockwave in the air shook everyone’s eardrums.


Meraly, Shanna and the others wanted to dash out to help Ayrin, because even after such powerful impacts, he seemed unable to break open the cocoon.

An angry roar came from behind them, “I will go!”

A streak of green flames shot through the entrance of another passage, penetrating several undead arcane masters.

A menacing-looking Stingham dashed towards Ayrin.

The white-faced man looked at Stingham and mocked, “It’s useless...... You’re not Ayrin. You can’t break through the encirclement of so many undead arcane masters.”


The green cocoon violently shook at that moment.


The white-faced man’s laughter abruptly stopped.

He stopped breathing.

An astonishing heat emitted out from the green cocoon.


The green cocoon rapidly bloated, but did not explode immediately.


The green cocoon shook violently again.

The surface of the green cocoon began showing sparks of fire.

“Impossible!” The white-faced man screamed maniacally.

The tiny sparks danced around like fireflies.

Each thread connecting to the cocoon began to turn red and started to burn.


Everyone held their breath.

The cocoon suddenly dispersed into tiny fire embers.

The embers floated onto the nearby undead arcane masters. Those expressionless undead arcane masters that did not seem to fear anything suddenly showed fear. They screamed with a hoarse sound and backed off while twisting their bodies.

Meanwhile, the arachnes closer to Ayrin were showered by the embers and burned to a crisp. Their bodies looked like charcoal as they turned red and quickly eroded.

The embers floated up into the canopy above and the branches caught fire.

Ayrin who stood at the center of this all was like Hell’s emissary.

His eyes were filled with both a burning fighting spirit and surprise. He mumbled to himself, “Teacher Donna is right...... After opening five arcane gates, Fire Embers...... is no longer just a defensive skill. It can also become a terrifying domain type arcane skill! I can ignite all burnable arcane powers around me!”

“This guy...... He actually opened his fifth arcane gate on the battlefield?”

Mody looked at Ayrin in shock from atop the metal wall.

Today, Fearotz is destined to produce a miracle!

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