Chapter 545: Eternal Winter: Frozen Battlefield!

Chapter 545: Eternal Winter: Frozen Battlefield!



A large crowd of undead arcane masters that squeezed into the entrance were blasted away.

Countless tree root shards scattered out.

Ayrin rushed out of the breached entrance after them.

“It actually looks like this!”

Ayrin was surprised when he saw the canopy of dark red tree branches and leaves with countless spider webs weaved in between.

“So savage!”

“He fought his way outside!”

“Isn’t that suicidal?”

Seeing Ayrin making his way out of the stronghold, the Royal Thorns Corps arcane masters felt a chill.

Even the most lunatic members in the Corps would never dare to charge out like that unless there was a special order.

It was because the arcane power clashes and explosions had become a complete chaos outside. Not only were there undead arcane masters, the artifacts on top of the metal wall were also unleashing arcane skills down.

More importantly, the undead arcane masters were not worried about friendly fire. They would use arcane skills without abandon, even if the enemy rushed into their formation!

“What a chaotic scene!”

“So much scattered arcane power!”

Ayrin looked at the sky blocked by the dense branches, leaves and spider webs. There were many white cocoons hanging on the branches. The terrifying light rays shot from the metal wall kept penetrating the canopy and crashing into the undead arcane masters. The surroundings were filled with a tide of undead arcane masters. Although such a scene surprised Ayrin, his mind was still very clear. He did not get confused or scared.

The five senses torment from the Trauma Room was really too horrible.

Now that he endured through, despite the scattering arcane power on the battlefield hitting him and causing him some pain, it could not even reach the threshold of his bodily reaction.

His muscles did not even tense up.

The dense arcane powers stimulated his body to constantly produce dazzling arcane particles. It was as if his body contained an endless spring of arcane particles, granting him greater confidence and fighting spirit.

The path of one vs army!

Now is the time to truly begin!

Teacher Liszt said, the path of one vs army means to never stop on the battlefield, not even for a moment...... Always on the move, casting arcane skills and forever holding the initiative!

This chaotic battlefield and scattered arcane power is perfect to sustain that!


Fight, brave warrior!

“Undead Corps! I will defeat you!” Ayrin shouted.

Even in such a chaotic battlefield, the nearby Royal Thorns Corps arcane masters Ayrin shout.


Those who heard him were filled with an indescribable feeling.

Ayrin’s tone sounded like a cheer.


Ayrin directly crashed into an undead arcane master in front of him.

“Eternal Winter Domain!”

As the undead arcane master got a full body fracture, a great frost domain power exploded out around Ayrin.


The undead arcane masters swarming towards him stopped in their tracks. They were encased in a layer of transparent ice crystals.

Bam! Bam!

Ayrin dashed and disappeared. The two undead arcane masters next to him flew backwards like meteors and knocked down many other undead arcane masters.

“What a powerful physical strength!”

Many Royal Thorns Corps arcane masters on the walls twitched their eyelids.

They witnessed Ayrin holding back his full power in order to maintain his constant movements. He only casually slapped the two undead arcane masters next to him.

However, the effect was something even a five-gate arcane master might not be able to achieve.

“Eternal Winter Domain!”

As Ayrin’s figure appeared elsewhere, another powerful frost domain bloomed.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Another few slaps rang out and several undead arcane masters were blasted away.

“Although these undead arcane masters are strong...... the mutated blood in their bodies does not seem to be able to sustain powerful arcane skills...... None of them can use domain power!”

On the metal wall, a Royal Thorns Corps arcane master saw Ayrin’s performance and commented, “His fighting method seems really effective.”

A general at the side clenched his teeth and lamented, “It’s useless......”

“Take a look at the undead arcane masters frozen by him.” The general pointed at the place Ayrin dashed to first.

“These undead arcane masters have strong resistance against ice type arcane power...... Hence, this domain is insufficient to kill them. It can only restrict their movements!”

The arcane master who commented first trembled.

He saw the undead arcane masters that were frozen by Ayrin beginning to break out of the ice crystals.

Listening carefully, the sound of ice crystals cracking came from everywhere.

Some powerful undead arcane masters had already struggled out.

“Unless someone can use this domain to freeze the entire battlefield. He won’t survive unless he can restrain the mobility of the majority of the undead arcane masters......” A cold glint flashed through the eyes of the same general. “But with his arcane level, using three domains like that consecutively is already the limit.”


The moment he said those words, several light rays hit Ayrin.

Ayrin was knocked back on the frozen ground and slid across the ground while smashing into the ice.

The general’s pupils contracted in that instant.

It’s already the limit now...... The arcane particles left in his body are not even enough to use any evasive arcane skills to dodge the attacks.


The general was also the first to open his eyes wide in shock.


Another frost domain bloomed with Ayrin as the center!

Eternal Winter Domain!

Even the Depraved Crimson Moon Guardian Trees were getting affected and shook in the chill.


“This fighting method seems really effective...... Although I lost the medicinal effects in the Green Dragon Divine Temple, my current body...... those normal arcane skills can’t even cause a real threat......”

“If I freeze everything here, wouldn't it be easy to defeat you all?”

After getting up from the ground, Ayrin’s eyes glittered like the stars in the night sky while remnant arcane power still lingered around his body.

Frost currents in the shape of huge swords naturally started to appear behind him.

Silver flames unleashed from his feet. The silver flames looked like a huge throne and released a destructive aura.

I need to absorb some arcane particles first!

Silver flames flashed across Ayrin’s eyes.

His body flashed and disappeared.

The moment he reappeared, his fist smashed away two undead arcane masters near the entrance to Fearotz.

Another undead arcane master was charging towards him as a milky white streak of light approached.


Ayrin dashed towards the streak of light. He forcefully charged through the light and reached towards the undead arcane master.

The eyes of the undead arcane master glowed white. It did not seem scared and bit towards Ayrin’s face.


Ayrin did not evade. He directly slammed his forehead towards the undead arcane master.

Half of the undead arcane master’s head was caved in as if it was slammed by a rampaging beast. It was knocked flying back.


Every Royal Thorns Corps arcane master who saw Ayrin’s fighting method trembled.

“Eternal Winter Domain!”

At that moment, another frost domain bloomed from Ayrin.

The metal wall quietened down.

The several hundred-meter zone around the entrance Ayrin guarded had become full of ice crystals. It became a frozen world.

“This is the legendary Epic Silver Dragon bloodline that was said to be the only bloodline that can truly fight against the Evil Dragon bloodline, huh...... You really do possess the ability to stall an entire Corps......”

On top of the metal wall, Mody and Philp revealed surprise and excitement in their calm expressions.

“Come! Fight!” Ayrin shouted with his elated tone.The battlefield in his eyes had become clearer.

An instinct resonated in his body and became clearer. It gradually became his natural instinct.

The true latent power hidden within the Epic Silver Dragon bloodline seemed to have been fully awakened.

The battlefield in his eyes became different zones according to his instinct. Some zones were dangerous and should not be ventured. Other zones were safe and could bring him many benefits.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

His figure constantly dashed through those safe zones.

Undead arcane masters were blasted away by him, the scattering arcane power stream rapidly replenishing his arcane particles.


One after another, Eternal Winter Domains kept blooming.

“What is this?”

“What’s going on?”

Even the Sequoia Corps arcane masters far away noticed the shocking change.

Pure white ice had spread through the dark red branches and reached out.

Looking from above, large patches of white appeared on the Depraved Crimson Moon Guardian Trees!

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