Chapter 544: The True Savage

Chapter 544: The True Savage


Charlotte turned around and saw Ayrin standing not far behind her with a slightly twitching face.

“Ayrin!” Charlotte shouted in surprise.

Meanwhile, the Trauma Room that released a bewitching glow and creepy arcane energy fluctuation had become a ruin. The shattered crystals lay scattered on the ground.

“The Trauma Room?” Charlotte was dumbfounded.

“I ate it.” Ayrin embarrassedly smiled.

“Ate it?” Charlotte became more dumbfounded.

“It’s not literally eaten. I just ate the things it created in the illusion world!” Ayrin continued, “It wanted to use those things to torture me and thought it could defeat me like that. In the end, I ate it all.”

“......” Charlotte was speechless.

Ayrin saw Charlotte pressing on her stomach and asked with worry, “Charlotte, you also seem to have become much stronger. But your stomach seems to be hurting, did you eat something bad?”


An angry screech came from the Blood Duke Mosquito.

The two arcane masters totally ignored it.

A bloody light ray shot out at Charlotte at an extraordinary speed.


Before Charlotte tried to dodge on reflex, Ayrin already blocked in front of her.

The Blood Duke Mosquito’s body stiffened.

After the light ray dispersed, Ayrin stood firmly with his arms crossed. He seemed unscathed.


Charlotte’s eyes opened wide.

She felt Ayrin’s overall strength had greatly improved. Otherwise, an attack at that level would have knocked him back even if he used the Dragon Scale Absorption to endure it.

“That fat worm’s meat was really useful!

“The Trauma Room as well...... My arcane resistance layer is far more resilient.”

Ayrin was really excited.

After the training in the Trauma Room, the synchronization between his mental and physical strength had greatly improved. He no longer felt strange in his own body...... And the mysterious arcane power in the Trauma Room he had absorbed strengthened his arcane resistance layer.

Like this, I just need a few intense battles...... and improve my synchronization a little more to refine higher level arcane particles and open my fifth arcane gate!

“The battle is so intense?”

Ayrin’s gaze went past the stiffened Blood Duke Mosquito and he saw the enemy aerial units in the sky. He saw a flame created from arcane power rushing up into the sky in the distance. He asked over his shoulder, “Charlotte, has this battle been raging for days already?”

“No, it should still just be the Undead Corps and Sequoia Corps attacking. The swamp side only has the flying monsters attacking for now. The land units have yet to arrive.” Charlotte immediately answered.

Ayrin looked at the Depraved Troll Knights further up in the sky and spoke, “Alright, settle your business first. Leave these things to me.”

Charlotte nodded with a little blush.

Settling washroom business on a battlefield seemed hilarious. However, when the Blood Duke Mosquito heard Ayrin’s voice and saw his expression, it trembled and retreated on reflex.

“Escaping, are you!?” Ayrin shouted.

His fighting spirit was set ablaze.


As the ground exploded, he instantly appeared next to the mosquito and flew parallel to it.


The Blood Duke Mosquito screeched in shock. Tiny blood red, gum-like particles seeped out and became a blood red capsule enveloping it.


Ayrin’s fist fiercely hit the blood red capsule.

The capsule had amazing elasticity. It did not get destroyed.

However, the Blood Duke Mosquito inside cried in pain.

Ayrin’s punch carried such great power that it was smashed into the ground along with the capsule without any resistance.

Ayrin seemed to be incredibly violent. As the Blood Duke Mosquito crashed into the ground, he already appeared above it and held the crimson gold longsword in his hand.


He swung his sword down and cut an opening in the elastic capsule.

The Blood Duke Mosquito was terrified. It stabbed its proboscis at Ayrin.

Its head stiffened immediately.

Ayrin had grabbed its proboscis with his free hand.


Ayrin suddenly felt a strange sensation in his palm.

He took a glance and realized the Blood Duke Mosquito’s proboscis was made of six parts. Two parts were like saw blades and were cutting his hand.

“What the heck!”

Ayrin exerted the strength in his arm and tore apart the proboscis.


The Blood Duke Mosquito desperately rushed out of the capsule and wanted to escape. However, its body immediately felt heavy.

Ayrin kept his crimson gold longsword and grabbed its two legs.


The Blood Duke Mosquito was torn into two by Ayrin.

“Too bad it’s a mosquito.”

“But its legs seem to have some meat on them. I should be able to grill it, right?” Ayrin mumbled.


Several Depraved Troll Knights nearby wanted to charge down. However, the moment they saw Ayrin, they were terrified and desperately escaped.

“Where are those five?” Ayrin mumbled.

“Boss......” The five huge figures suddenly appeared around him.

“What? All of you are nearby, huh. Why didn’t you show up when Charlotte was fighting?” Ayrin suspiciously looked at the five monsters.

The five monsters’ mouths were twitching, their hearts bleeding.

We can’t say we hope to see the Boss die, so we purposely hid and did not help, right?

They began panting as if they just finished a marathon and spoke loyally, “We just arrived. We rushed over immediately after noticing Boss’s side was in danger.”

“Then, do you know where Stingham and the others are? Where is the most intense battle at?” Ayrin asked.

“It seems to be over there.” They pointed in the general direction of the breached gate.


“Is he the rumored Green Dragon Prince? His defenses and attacks are so powerful!”

“I heard he even made Lady Emila lose sanity from anger. His usual idiotic behavior is just a pretense!?”

The Metal Shield Brigade arcane masters gathered at the breached gate were filled with astonishment and respect.

The unending rush of huge tree roots and undead arcane masters were blocked by Stingham alone.

Originally, in such a battle, no matter how tenaciously the Royal Thorns Corps rushed in to block the breach, they would be slowly pushed back.

However, currently, Stingham alone stood at the front and did not take a single step back. Not a single undead arcane master could enter the Fearotz Stronghold.


The entire metal wall shook violently again.

Dozens of Metal Shield Brigade arcane masters flew out from another passage.

Angry roars and sirens rang. Some battle arcane teams gathered at that passage.

Even the Corps arcane masters who were defending the breached entrance with Stingham could tell another entrance was lost.

A loud shout came from that passage, “All of you, stay! Let me go!”

With a loud boom, someone rushed over the Metal Shield Brigade arcane masters and stood at the front.

Meraly and the others did not see the figure clearly. However, the familiar voice made them shout in surprise, “It’s Ayrin!”

“It’s him? He has already come out from the Trauma Room?”

“He really succeeded?”

On top of the metal wall, Mody and Philp glanced at each other. Even Philp showed a small relieved smile.


Since I made the claim, I must do it.

I cannot boast. I must do my best to stall more enemies!

“Eternal Winter Domain!”

The moment Ayrin rushed into the breached passage, he was hit by several arcane skills. To a normal arcane master, rushing in recklessly like that was no different from committing suicide. However, when Ayrin was knocked back by the arcane skills, he chanted an incantation. A powerful domain aura reverberated out in front of him.


Everything before him was covered in solid ice.

A layer of transparent, solid ice blocked the entire passage.

“He’s so resilient!”

“Those arcane skills did not kill him and he can even use his own arcane skills! What a monster!”

As the Royal Thorns Corps arcane masters were astonished by Ayrin’s performance, they shouted in warning, “Watch out!”


A huge tree root forcefully penetrated the layer of solid ice and thrusted towards Ayrin.


“Go die! Bastard!”

However, they stiffened as Ayrin stopped himself forcefully in mid-air and charged forward.

Ayrin kept yelling and throwing out his fists.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

With each loud boom, the huge tree root was shattered section by section. Meanwhile, Ayrin kept advancing while punching his way through. The entire tree root soon exploded.


A large chunk of ice appeared before Ayrin, which was quickly shattered.

A few undead arcane masters in the vicinity were blasted away by the shattered ice.

“So savage!”

“He is even fiercer than the other guy!”

“He is more savage than the Green Dragon Prince!”

Many arcane masters behind the passage drew a sharp breath.

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