Chapter 543: Single Strike Style; Exit!

Chapter 543: Single Strike Style; Exit!


In the Sequoia Corps, the silver, full plate arcane master watched the siege of the Fearotz Stronghold and muttered to himself, “Something seems wrong.”

The tall arcane master wearing dark red thorned armor asked cautiously, “Lord Divana, what’s wrong?”

“The enemy is reserving their strength. They are clearly trying to buy time. I don’t understand why. Because if those from the Thorns Swamp also reach them, they will only suffer more. In a normal scenario, shouldn’t they be trying to focus on exterminating us first and then turn around to take on that demihumans-plus-monster army?” Divana spoke.

His gaze also turned to the airship which rose up on the other side of the Fearotz Stronghold, “Just like that airship, I don’t understand the reason.”


Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Sonic booms that could blast the eardrums rapidly approached.

The flying monsters finally reached close enough to be seen by the arcane masters in the Fearotz Stronghold.

There was a two-meter long mosquito reverberating a terrifying bloody arcane power; a monster that seemed to be a mixture of an eagle and ox; a five-meter long white snake with two heads that could fly without wings; a crane-like bird with its entire body bubbling as if it were rotten; ......

“Blood Duke Mosquito!”

“Eagle-Ox Wind Demonic Beast!”

“Dual-Head Serpent!”

“Rotten Poison Lord!”

Powerful swamp monsters familiar to the Royal Thorns Corps swarmed towards them.


A platinum arcane energy cluster wrapped in purplish black flames shot out from the airship and drew a long trajectory in the sky.

Divana raised his brows and mumbled to himself, “White Dwarven Artifact Cannon? Suicide?”

The arcane energy cluster emitting powerful arcane energy fluctuations did not hit any of the short-tempered monsters. However, it successfully enraged them.

In an instant, they swept towards the airship.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Various kinds of arcane powers blasted onto the airship.

Facing such a number of monsters with a single airship was certain death.


However, at that moment, everyone held their breaths as the airship rapidly bloated up.

Under the bombardment of the terrifying arcane powers, the airship did not shrink but expand. In a moment, it became a spherical shape.

The sounds of elastic material stretching to their limit echoed in the sky.

Almost every flying monster felt the threat of death and flew back in haste.


However, they were too late as the bloated airship violently exploded.

Countless streaks of flame rushed out along with the shockwave.

A second sun appeared in the sky above Fearotz!

Everyone changed their expressions.

Within the radiant sun, countless monster scraps rained down.

Some surviving monsters screamed as they scattered away, completely losing the momentum they had.

“They actually changed such an airship into an explosive type artifact with such power! Even the White Dwarven Artifact Cannon has been discarded?” The confident and narcissistic Divana changed his expression.


The hearts of Meraly and the others skipped a beat when they saw the second sun above the Fearotz Stronghold.

“Relax, Merlin won’t be on that.” Ferguillo spoke to calm them down.

“Because if Merlin was in it, the first arcane energy cluster would not have missed.”


Grandmaster Yi narrowed his eyes as he watched the second sun and mumbled to himself, “The master is a monster, and the metal clockwork war avatar that follows him is also a monster...... It can even give up the White Dwarven Artifact Cannon so easily...... But that explosion has destroyed at least half of the flying monsters, right?”

“Charlotte, drink this Lunar Dew and prepare for battle. Is it because we seem like easy targets? Whatever the case, we have been marked.” Next, he took out a potion bottle from his sleeve and threw it to Charlotte.

“Lunar Dew? Marked?”

The fatigued Charlotte repeated his words.

“Lunar Dew is the most powerful stamina recovery potion of the Lunar Corps from the Era of the War with Dragons. It’s made by mixing Lunar Flower Nectar with the Spring of Life.”

Grandmaster Yi took a glance at her and pointed towards the sky.

Charlotte raised her head and saw several Depraved Troll Knights diving down towards them.

Without any effective aerial interception, the Depraved Troll Knights could freely look for targets to attack.

The Depraved Troll Knights did not target them because they were powerful arcane masters busy in training, nor did they have any specific objectives to hit them. Rather, it was because Charlotte and Grandmaster Yi were far away from the other Corps arcane masters, making them seem like easy targets.

Charlotte turned to look at Ayrin in the Trauma Room subconsciously.

She did not know what Ayrin was encountering right now, but she could see his body spasming while his expression looked fierce.

You have been protecting me all this time, now it’s my turn to protect you!

The fatigued Charlotte could not even muster enough strength to open the bottle. Determination flashed across her eyes. She bit open the potion bottle and gulped down its content.


It felt as if a clear spring surged out within her body.

She trembled. All signs of fatigue rapidly faded away.

She felt refreshed, as if she just woke up from a good sleep and was strolling in the morning forest with fresh air.

The clear-headed Charlotte cheered, “Grandmaster Yi, as expected of the Lunar Corps best stamina recovery potion. It’s incredible!”


However, at that moment, her stomach rumbled and a stirring pain transmitted to her brain.

“Grandmaster Yi, why is my stomach hurting?”

Charlotte’s face turned beet red.

It was the feeling of having to find a washroom. It would be difficult to fight in such a situation.

“Stomach ache? That can’t be! The Lunar Dew shouldn’t have any side effects!” Grandmaster Yi exclaimed in shock. Then suddenly, his expression turned strange, “Maybe it expired? ......When I obtained it, the original plug was not airtight.”

“Grandmaster Yi...... Can you be more reliable......”

Charlotte wanted to cry.

At that moment, Grandmaster Yi suddenly shouted, “Watch out!”

He stepped in front of Charlotte and chanted, “Heavy Particle: Iron Feathers!”

Countless black heavy particles rapidly sprayed out from his body and became pieces of iron feathers.

Three black spear-like flames shot towards them and instantly minced up the floating iron feathers.


As he shouted again, the iron feathers rapidly became two iron wings on his back.


He soared into the sky with amazing speed.


Several death throes rang out.

Three Depraved Troll Knights were too late to react. Two were severed by Grandmaster Yi’s iron wings. The third was smacked by his cane.

Although his cane looked thin, the smack generated a sonic boom. The power behind it was unfathomable.

That Depraved Troll Knight became a putty in the sky.


Grandmaster Yi finished off the three Depraved Troll Knights and heavily landed.


Charlotte’s eyes sparkled.

She had never expected Grandmaster Yi, who they defined as Grandmaster Screwface, to be so fierce the moment he took action!

Huff! Huff!

However, Grandmaster Yi was heavily panting and sweat flowed down his face like a waterfall. He seemed unable to even stand firmly.

“Grandmaster Yi, what’s wrong?” Charlotte was shocked.

“I’m too old...... I didn’t find the medicine in the Green Dragon Divine Temple...... Twenty years ago, I obtained the Single Strike Style nickname in the heavy particle cultivation world in the Kingdom of Doa...... I can only do this much.” Grandmaster Yi panted and continued to explain, “Next is up to you.”

“......” Charlotte wanted to cry. Grandmaster Yi had become unreliable again.

A roar sounded from the sky. “Kill him, that old man is finished!”

Several Depraved Troll Knights dove down.

Charlotte gritted her teeth. The pale golden glow on her skin faded.

Dazzling golden light started shining below her feet.


The ground underneath her let out a heavy hammering sound.


One Depraved Troll Knight’s pupils contracted.

Charlotte actually jumped up and reached in front of him!

A metal war avatar that seemed to be made out of irregular pieces of metal suddenly appeared on his side.

“Eclipse Moon Blade!”

The Depraved Troll Knight changed position in a panic as a dark blade flash cut the silver war avatar.

However, the silver war avatar suddenly dispersed into countless silver particles and reformed again!

The dark blade flash hit empty air!


The silver war avatar punched the Depraved Troll Knight.

At the same time, Charlotte’s right hand released a terrifying golden glow.


The head of the Depraved Troll Knight bursted into smithereens.

Two other Depraved Troll Knights were shocked by the scene and hurriedly directed their Depraved Trolls to turn around.


However, at that moment, a bloody light ray slammed into Charlotte.


Charlotte crashed into the ground.

Her arms crossed in front of her and her body was covered in golden particles.

She got up on a single knee and looked up in shock.

A mosquito monster three times her size was looking at her with a cruel gaze.

Blood Duke Mosquito!

The flying monster with fighting strength close to the Lord level in the Thorns Swamp!


Her stomach was still churning.

She seems delicious.

It’s been a long time since I last drank the fresh blood of a girl.

The Blood Duke Mosquito confidently and greedily approached Charlotte.

At that moment, a disappointed voice came from behind Charlotte, “It’s actually a mosquito, that’s not delicious.”

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