Chapter 542: One Man Holds The Pass!

Chapter 542: One Man Holds The Pass!


Boom! Boom! Boom!

In an instant, the metal wall was no longer such a big obstacle anymore to the Undead Corps. They struck it with even heavier strikes as it violently shook.

“They actually used that as a barrier to hide the army below!”

Meraly gritted her teeth.

She had never imagined such an epic battle scene.

“What are those green spiders doing?” Shanna exclaimed.

After weaving webs on the tree branches, the green spiders wrapped themselves up with spider silk cocoons and hung down from the tree branches.

As arcane powers hit the branches, those cocoons swayed like fruits on a tree.


At that moment, a great tremor shook the entire metal wall.

Over a hundred undead arcane masters gathered at an entrance gate and unleashed their arcane skills simultaneously.

The gate was bent by the terrifying impact. The Metal Shield Brigade holding the gate were hit by the impact and pushed back.

The entrance gate was deformed. Seams opened that connected to the passage inside.

“We must think of a way to stop it! Otherwise, the gate will be destroyed!” Meraly shouted. She felt helpless.

An arcane master at her level was like a lone boat in a choppy sea. It was utterly insignificant.

She also understood shouting was useless, but she could not help it.


The Royal Thorns Corps arcane masters on the metal wall unleashed their arcane particles and activated the three-prong spear shape artifacts.

Even though arcane skills from the Depraved Troll Knights rained down on them and some arcane masters were knocked away, they maintained absolute calm and concentration.


A burning smell spread out in the air. Streaks of golden lightning shot out from the artifacts and gathered into one spot. A golden lightning pillar over several meters in diameter instantly took form.

That lightning pillar bore a hole through the canopy below and crashed into the undead arcane masters. After hitting the ground, the lightning spread out into streaks and swept across the ground like a storm.


Many Undead arcane masters were incinerated by the golden lightning.

However, before Meraly and the others could feel relieved, dozens of barrel-thick roots crossed through the golden lightning storm and slammed into the deformed gate.


The metal wall shook violently again.

The already deformed gate completely bent in half. Even the connecting hinges broke apart. The gate was pushed into the passage.

“For Fearotz!”

“For Doraster!”

The Metal Shield Brigade arcane masters behind the gate roared. They pressed forward with their own bodies and desperately pushed the gate shut again.


The massive tree roots continued their assault.

After another loud impact, the gate was fully detached and flew into the passage.

The Metal Shield Brigade arcane masters were thrown back along with the gate.

“They are about to breach the stronghold!”

Meraly’s mind went blank for a moment.

In her eyes, the Flying Messenger Fish riders were getting hunted down by the Depraved Troll Knights. Meanwhile, the flying monsters from the Thorns Swamp were rapidly approaching. She could already hear the roars and screams of the monsters.

The sky would be dominated by the enemy soon. If the ground was breached too, the entire Fearotz Stronghold would be in total chaos.

Ferguillo frowned. He looked at the Royal Thorns arcane masters on the metal wall. His gaze flickered and his mind settled down instead.

At that moment, Shanna suddenly screamed, “Where’s Stingham?”

She and the other Chinyu arcane masters felt a freezing chill!

They did not notice Stingham leaving in this chaotic situation!


Chilling gusts of wind swept into the passage from the broken gate.

The undead arcane masters rushed in through the breach.

In the dim passage, the white glow in their eyes filled the space.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Dozens of Metal Shield Brigade arcane masters who blocked their path were thrown back with blood spurting out.

Several huge tree roots crashed into the passage and knocked some others away.

The Metal Shield Brigade arcane masters behind let out another thunderous roar and were about to charge forward.

At that moment, Stingham’s roar exploded at the center of the group, “You generals are real idiots! You really want your troops to kill themselves!”

“You bastards, going forward means suicide! Can’t you escape?”

Stingham’s eyes reflected the falling Flying Messenger Fish and the blood-spilling Metal Shield Brigade arcane masters. His expression greatly twisted.

“This guy......”

Before anyone could react, Stingham had already ran to the front.

“You bastards!” Stingham roared in anger and threw out his Green Dragon Spear.


A huge tree root approaching him was shattered.


Several arcane powers carrying frost and necromancy aura hit his body.


All Metal Shield Brigade arcane masters froze at that moment.

Next, their blood started boiling. They let out even louder roars!

Stingham remained standing without taking a step back after the light of arcane powers dissipated!

“You bastards! You are even used by the Evil Dragon followers after your deaths!”

Stingham, who had a metal zombie clinging on him, looked unbelievably scary.

As he roared, three huge sandworms crawled out in front of him and filled the passage.

His Green Dragon Spear flew out again.


The Green Dragon Spear flew through the sand screen and penetrated through the undead arcane masters. It skewered several undead arcane masters and vaporized half of their bodies.


Another huge tree root aimed at him.

Stingham did not have the time to throw his spear again, so he thrusted his spear forward and shattered the root instead.

“Come at me! You bastards!”

Stingham’s bloodshot eyes glowed green, his body trembling violently. He threw his Green Dragon Spear forward without wasting any time.

“This guy......”

The Metal Shield Brigade arcane masters were astonished.

Stingham’s figure was like a foundation pillar in the middle of a stream in their eyes! One man held the pass, nobody could pass!


Meraly, Shanna and the others also appeared at the passage.

Stingham’s roars and the constantly flying green flames reflected in their eyes and rang in their ears. They also began trembling.

“Such a crowded passage...... It’s impossible to miss. This is indeed a battlefield most suited for you.”

Ferguillo calmly looked at Stingham. His expressionless eyes began burning, “Witnessing hot-blooded sacrifices...... they finally lit the flame in your heart?”

“Bravery certainly does not need to be taught...... Because nobody can remain still while watching their companions shedding blood......”

Ferguillo slowly raised his head and looked in the direction of the Thorns Swamp. He narrowed his eyes as he saw the black screen of flying monsters that would arrive within the next several minutes.

Mody...... Even in such a situation, the Royal Thorns Corps has yet to mobilize all its forces. You are willing to let your subordinates make such a sacrifice, what power are you hiding?

A huge airship suddenly appeared in Ferguillo’s sight. It was ascending in the sky on the other side of the stronghold, facing the Thorns Swamp.

“Merlin! What’s she doing?”

Ferguillo was shocked.


Boom! Boom! Boom!

Although most Royal Thorns Corps arcane masters remained absolutely calm, the entire Fearotz was in a sea of fire. Over a hundred Depraved Troll Knights hovered inside the Fearotz Stronghold and constantly blasted the ground with arcane skills.

Many arcane masters watched the black swarm of flying monsters with great caution. So, they immediately noticed the ascending airship.

That’s the Schwartz Airship that the Holy Dawn Academy bunch and Green Dragon Prince rode on, what is it doing going into the sky now?

They could not comprehend it.

That slow airship with only a little bit of defensive power will only become scraps after several hundreds of powerful flying monsters swarm past it. What use could it serve?

However, that airship stayed in the sky above the metal wall with a solemn and chilling demeanor.

It remained still and waited for the arrival of the enemy flying monsters.

That solemn and chilling demeanor, it was similar to the ‘one man who held the pass’ presence like Stingham. It lit a flame in the hearts of the arcane masters who saw it.

At that moment, Charlotte had stopped her training outside the Trauma room. Her skin was glowing a pale golden light. She seemed completely exhausted and could fall down at any moment. However, she tenaciously remained standing. She looked at the airship high in the sky and spoke to Ayrin in her heart, “Ayrin, you haven’t won yet? When are you coming out?”

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