Chapter 541: Depraved Elf Corps Reappears!

Chapter 541: Depraved Elf Corps Reappears!

Uuu...... Uuu...... Uuu......

All sirens in the Fearotz Stronghold rang.

“Flying Messenger Fish Brigade, full sortie!”

“Warriors! The Doraster Continent will forever remember your glory today!”

Corps Chief General Emila walked below the metal wall and gave out orders.

As the iron-willed and war hardened female arcane master issued the orders, hot tears moistened her eyes as well.

It was because the Flying Messenger Fish Brigade surviving when outnumbered so immensely was nigh impossible.

“As an arcane master, the greatest glory is to die fighting to protect one’s homeland!”

“Brothers! Let’s take the air!”

The Flying Messenger Fish riders slapped their armors and roared out their warcries.

Streaks of silver light rushed up into the sky.

“For Fearotz!”

“For Doraster!”

The other arcane masters on the wall also roared out and sent the entire Flying Messenger Fish Brigade away with their respectful gazes.

“Mody! Ask them to retreat!”

Stingham looked at the black sky and the determined Flying Messenger Fish Brigade who rushed up to meet them. He blanked out for a moment, then shouted, “You Corps generals are idiots! The enemy has so many flying units! This is suicide!”

“Idiot, shut up!” Meraly scolded Stingham with tears in her eyes.

Everyone knew the Flying Messenger Fish Brigade would be annihilated.

However, if they did not do this, the aerial superiority would be instantly lost. Those Depraved Troll Knights could easily unleash their arcane skills down at the stronghold and wreak havoc. They could attack the key locations such as the top of the metal wall.

They were using their own lives to set up a barrier in the sky above Fearotz.

Ferguillo remained expressionless.

However, a slight anxiety flashed across his eyes.

It was unknown who the Leader of the Sequoia Corps was. The Feartoz Stronghold did not gain any intel regarding that. However, no matter who he was, he must be a tricky opponent.

The reinforcements from various parts of the Kingdom of Doa Ayrin thought of must also be expected by the enemy leader.

The enemy was rushing for time. They were using the quickest method to take down the Fearotz Stronghold without regard for the cost. Then, they would use the stronghold as a base and clean up the reinforcements.

Without any major probing, without relying on numerical advantage, he decided to go for the decisive battle at the start of the war regardless of the outcome.

That leader was not just a genius in foresight, he was also a total lunatic!

Ferguillo knew Ayrin very well. Ayrin, who was always unpredictable and had astonishing stamina to fight continuously, was one of the key figures to determine the outcome of this war.

However, Ayrin had yet to come out from the Trauma Room.

Even when he did, would Ayrin be able to enter into battle immediately after such a trial without any rest?

“Mody you bastard, tell them to retreat!”

“You Corps generals......”

Stingham’s screams suddenly stopped.

At that moment, the Flying Messenger Fish Brigade collided with the Depraved Troll Knight Corps.

Countless clusters of arcane power collided in the air.

The silver Flying Messenger Fish and black Depraved Troll Knights were clashing and killing each other in the sky.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Bodies of black and silver kept falling down like a downpour.

Hot blood spilled in the sky.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Countless streaks of flames rushed to the wall and landed into the stronghold behind, creating explosions.

Stingham remained still.

His face twisted.


Boom! Boom! Boom!

The ground violently shook.

The Sequoia Corps and Undead Corps began a full speed assault.

The creepy undead arcane masters covered in frost were like perpetual machines. They had completely overtaken the Sequoia Corps and rushed at the front.

Over a thousand Snow Wolves ran ahead and approached the metal wall.

Psst! Psst! Psst!

Several streaks of light shot into the sky from the stronghold. The light constantly shot down the Depraved Troll Knights. However, the top of the metal wall and the formation behind remained absolutely calm. Only heavy breathing could be heard.

Three hundred! Two hundred! One hundred!

On top of the metal wall, all Royal Thorns Corps arcane masters tensed, but nobody attacked.

It was the calm before the volcano eruption.


The front paw of the first wolf landed on the metal wall and generated a heavy knocking sound.

Next, knocking sounds came one after another.

The clearly mutated Snow Wolves slammed at the entrance. They were even climbing vertically along the wall!

Their claws were like sharp hooks and left shallow scratches on the metal wall. At the same time, they released ice flakes to hold grip on the wall.

In a mere moment, the Snow Wolves had left the ground and crept up along the metal wall.

“Kill!” A stern and merciless voice called out on the metal wall.


A golden, thorn-like lightning spread out in the sky.


The entire metal wall let out a loud mechanism triggering sound.

Dozens of huge burning wheels over ten meters in diameter cut down along the metal wall.

The burning wheels had extremely sharp edges.

Countless Snow Wolves grieved in pain as they were sliced in half.

Corpses of Snow Wolves fell off the wall in patches. After the burning metal wheels reached the ground, they rolled forward without pausing. The shaft in the middle made the metal wheels spin faster and faster. They mowed through the Undead Corps.

At the same time, several hundreds of clumps of molten magma and golden thorny lightning rained down on the Undead Corps.

Patches of Undead Corps arcane masters collapsed.

Several undead arcane masters wanted to crawl out of the molten magma puddles. However, the moment they broke free, their bodies could not support and eventually melted down.

“Kill!” The stern and merciless voice called out again on the metal wall.

Countless wind blades swiped down the surface of the metal wall.

The surviving Snow Wolves which had already approached near the top of the wall fell down while screaming in agony.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

At the same time, densely packed arcane skills shot by the Undead Corps arcane masters crashed into the metal wall.

Explosions blasted on the wall about ten meters above ground, forming a burning river.

“Metal Shield Brigade!”


Deafening roars could be heard at the base of the metal wall.

Heavily armored arcane masters holding huge shields blocked the entrances of the wall. They forcefully blocked the entrances with their own bodies.

Under the assault of the innumerable arcane skills from the Undead Corps, even the extremely thick entrance gate was slightly dented.

“Ferguillo, should we join the battle?” Meraly shouted towards Ferguillo.

At that moment, the Depraved Troll Knights had begun attacking the top of the metal wall. Explosions rang out all around.

Due to the absolute numerical advantage, dozens of Depraved Troll Knights had rushed past the metal wall and entered the stronghold. They shot down streaks of arcane skills into the stronghold.

Ferguillo slowly shook his head, “At such a distance, our arcane skills won’t be of much use. We will see the situation when the enemies approach close enough. Otherwise, we will be wasting our efforts.”

His gaze fell on the tall pillars within the Sequoia Corps.

While the Undead Corps was charging at the metal wall, they had pushed the pillars to the front.

The green spiders behind the Undead Corps split apart to let those pillars through.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

When the pillars reached the area that was constantly showered with explosions, they fell straight down.

It seemed as if some flipboard below them was removed, letting the pillars hammer down onto the ground.

Everyone felt the earth shake.

Strange chanting voices suddenly spread out from the Sequoia Corps.

Over a hundred arcane masters surrounded the pillars. Arcane particles rapidly gushed out from them and became a dark red current in the air.


The entire space shook again.

Signs of life were suddenly released from the pillars.

Dark red branches rapidly grew out from the smooth surface.

At the same time, the ground underneath those pillars seemed to be rumbling as if something was swimming underground!

“Depraved Crimson Moon Guardian Tree!” Many shocked voices shouted on top of the metal wall.

“That’s......” Ferguillo’s pupils contracted.

“What’s that?” Meraly panickedly asked.

In a mere moment, those huge pillars had already become dark red trees.

The branches and leaves that grew out from the trunk extended towards the metal wall. Meanwhile, the thick dark red roots underground also poked out of the surface and rapidly extended towards the metal wall along the ground.

Ferguillo drew a deep breath and slowly explained, “It’s the ancient combat tree of the Depraved Elves, which they used during the Era of the War with Dragons. The branches and leaves of that ancient tree show strong endurance against arcane skills. Its roots have powerful destructive abilities...... This kind of ancient combat tree was thought to have gone extinct during the Era of the War with Dragons.”

Clang! Clang! Clang!

As he spoke, countless branches and roots slammed into the metal wall. Everyone felt their footholds shaking and many Royal Thorns Corps arcane masters yelled in anger.

The thick branches could not reach the top, but they squeezed to the middle section of the metal wall. The branches and leaves shielded the Undead Corps below like a red sea.

The thick roots kept whipping the metal wall.

However, that was not all.

The green spiders quickly climbed up along the branches and spat out spider silk to make webs.

The arcane power shot from the top of the metal wall could no longer penetrate the defensive barrier formed by the branches, leaves and spider webs.

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