Chapter 540: Decisive Battle Right At The Start!

Chapter 540: Decisive Battle Right At The Start!


Shouts rang out atop the metal wall.

A murderous aura loomed over the entire Fearotz Stronghold.

The dozens of dark red streaks of light suddenly changed direction.

They originally seemed to be heading for the five entrances. However, after they reached within five hundred meters of the stronghold, they suddenly turned towards the side most entrance.

Absolute calmness was maintained on the metal wall.

Not a single arcane master attacked or used an artifact.

Seeing nobody making a move, Stingham shouted, “Why aren’t you doing anything? Are you waiting for them to crash into the wall?”

Nobody answered him.

Trails of air currents suddenly surged up behind him.

“For glory!”

“For Fearotz!”

At the same time, a deafening warcry exploded out below the wall.

As Stingham turned around, he could see patches of silver light flying past his head.

The Flying Messenger Fish Brigade!

Over fifty Flying Messenger Fish shrouded in silver glitters began a rapid dive after crossing the metal wall.


A barrage of water bullets and golden lightning mowed past the front most enemy.

While Meraly and the others were just getting hot-blooded from the warcry, the bloody fireworks had already bloomed in front of the stronghold.

The enemy group closest to the stronghold instantly lost most of its members. Only two of the roughly ten arcane masters escaped the barrage.

The Flying Messenger Fish Brigade which had completed the first barrage ignored the survivors and pulled up from the dive. It looked like the rising of a silver wave in the air.

At the same time, silver crescent moon-like rays scattered down from the back of the Flying Messenger Fish Brigade.

The rays flew in bizarre curves and approached the second group of enemies.

Another round of bloody fireworks exploded.

The Flying Messenger Fish Brigade dove down again and shot yet another barrage.

“Isn’t that too easy?”

Stingham was dumbfounded. He felt the enemy were just like lambs waiting to be slaughtered. They were unable to fight back against the Flying Messenger Fish Brigade.

“What’s the next tactic?”

Ferguillo stared at the survivors closest to the stronghold’s walls.

The Flying Messenger Fish Brigade was clearly doing its first sweeping attack. They kept charging forward and ignored the survivors.


At that moment, the sealed entrance suddenly opened.

The ground near the entrance shook.

A cavalry regiment of dozens of strong men rushed out from the gate.

The knights were riding on panthers that seemed almost transparent with a layer of strange arcane power shining all over their bodies.

Shadowless Panthers!

One of the fastest beasts in the Doraster Continent!


The survivors near the entrance were fast, but they could not compete against the Shadowless Panthers. In an instant, blood bloomed like flowers.

After the enemies had fallen, Meraly and the others noticed they were penetrated by spears emitting a pale golden light.

At that moment, they heard Stingham exclaim, “So accurate!”

Compared to them, he must feel really ashamed! Meraly and the others thought.

However, they nearly puked blood when Stingham added, “It must be coincidence.”


A horn was blown in the distance.

The remaining Sequoia Corps arcane masters who were under the pursuit of the Flying Messenger Fish Brigade and the Shadowless Panther Riders began to retreat.


A horn with a different pitch was blown soon after.

The desperately retreating Sequoia Corps arcane masters suddenly turned around and attacked again.


Within the Thorns Swamp.

Three Royal Thorns Corps scouts cautiously hid themselves in a tall thorny tree. They wore tree bark for camouflage and observed the situation in three directions.

Suddenly, they sensed danger.

The thorny tree seemed to be transmitting a weird vibration.


The moment they cast an arcane power shield around themselves, the entire thorny tree split open.

A silhouette carrying a terrifying arcane energy fluctuation that looked like a red tongue shot out from underground.


The arcane power shields around the three scouts were immediately shattered.

“Locust Emperor!” One scout screamed in shock. Arcane particles gushed out from him as he desperately jumped back.

His two comrades were sucked into that red silhouette.

“Want to escape?” A loud and rough voice called out.

A large patch of the thorny trees around him collapsed. A huge metal club smacked towards him.


The flame shield that manifested behind the scout could not stop the club and he was hit squarely by it.

At that moment, he turned around and saw a one-eyed giant over seven meters tall crawling out from the thorny bushes.

“Man-eating Troll!”

He could not even scream in shock as he became a puddle of blood under the huge metal club.

The one-eyed giant retrieved its metal club that was even taller than itself. It licked the blood on the club and complained, “It still hasn’t started huh?”

Behind it, countless shadows appeared from the originally quiet thorny forest.

“Our era has come!”


Roars carrying mud stench and a rotten smell spread out like a tide.

“Fools! Prepare yourselves!” the One-eyed giant roared as he glared in the direction of Fearotz.


On top of the metal wall.

Mody frowned as he saw the retreating survivors turn back around.

He told Philp at his side, “Keep the Flying Messenger Fish Brigade on hold.”

Philp nodded.

The Sequoia Corps in the distance had slowed down their marching speed. The synchronized footsteps generated heavy stomping sounds.

On the platform of the center most mast-like object, the silver full plate arcane master saw only the Shadowless Panther Riders intercepting the attack while the Flying Messenger Fish Brigade did not sortie again. He revealed a meaningful smile.

“Looks like he’s not half bad...... He felt something amiss from a probe of only this scale? Indeed...... Even on such a scale, probing without any aerial cover is strange...... but I’m a leader who just hates to play the orthodox way...... You probably never expected me to throw all my power in after such a small probe, right?”

“The battle has just started, and next will be the decisive moment already...... Whether we can take down the Fearotz Stronghold or not depends on this attack. Do you think it will be interesting?” He mumbled to himself in a narcissistic way.

He told the generals at his side, “Send the signal.”


A huge dark red pillar of light suddenly rushed into the sky from the center of the Sequoia Corps.

The instant it touched the clouds in the sky, the arcane power suddenly exploded. A wave of red clouds rapidly spread out in the sky. I was as if a red donut were enlarging.

“There’s the signal!”

“Let’s begin!”

The one-eyed giant saw the red smoke cloud in the distance and let out a thunderous roar.


The thorny forest behind him completely collapsed.

Countless large entities charged out.

At the same time, black silhouettes letting out sonic booms covered the sky.


“What’s the meaning of that?”

On the metal wall, the moment they saw the dark red light pillar rising up, they had an ominous feeling.

The Sequoia Corps and the Undead Corps suddenly accelerated their march.

Strange whistles echoed in the Sequoia Corps.

The curtains covering the pillars were blown away by the rapid wind currents.

Inside were rooms with gear wheels installed.

Black silhouettes flew out from them.

“Depraved Troll Knights!”

Shocked screams came from many observation posts.

“What are those?”

Stingham’s face turned green in fear.

The black silhouettes flying out from the Sequoia Corps were humanoid monsters shrouded in black smoke.

The monsters appeared to be a mixture of human and ape. They had huge membrane wings and an arrow-shaped long tail.

“Depraved Trolls!”

Shanna’s hands trembled as she explained, “They are the flying monsters only depraved elves during the Era of the War with Dragons could rear! They have great physical strength and a super powerful regeneration ability!”

During the War with Dragons, one elf tribe defected to the Evil Dragon. What people remembered them for in the future were their Depraved Troll Knights!

The flying monsters with a super powerful regeneration ability could easily mess up the formation of any army and create chaos!

The Flying Messenger Fish Brigade did not exceed a hundred members. However, there were over three hundred Depraved Troll Knights!

Their aerial superiority would be quickly lost in such a comparison!

“Thorns Swamp! Enemy attack!”

At that moment, warning sirens rang in the Fearotz Stronghold again.


Shanna and the others changed their expressions after turning around.

The sky above the Thorns Swamp in the distance had completely changed color.

A big black screen was rapidly approaching Fearotz. They were clearing flying monsters!

“It’s not a probe, it’s a full scale attack!”

“All troops on standby!”

On the metal wall, Mody’s eyes turned sharp. He solemnly gave order after order.

At the same time, in an open space in front of the Fearotz warehouse, Merlin was showing intense fighting spirit while staring at the sky in the direction of the Thorns Swamp.

She ran towards the airship which was docked in the open space near the warehouse.

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