Chapter 539: War Outbreak

Chapter 539: War Outbreak


Two Royal Thorns Corps scouts hovered in the sky.

They rode on Green Flame Hummingbirds.

The Green Flame Hummingbirds did not possess strong fighting power. However, they had great flying speed on par with the Storm Dragon.

At full speed, a normal person’s eyes could only see a trail of green flames as they’d already disappeared in the distance.

The two scouts were not young, white showing on their fringes. Their gazes became cautious and serious.

“They’re coming!”

Two floods with clear separation appeared on the horizon.


The two experienced scouts drew a sharp breath despite getting used to seeing the huge sizes of armies marching.

The white flood surrounded in frost was clearly the Undead Corps that had determined the outcome of the war in the Doa Royal Palace.

However, in front and behind the Undead Corps, there were a streak of white flood and green flood respectively.

The white flood consisted of Snow Wolves.

The Snow Wolves unique to the Eternal Winter Forest had the fighting strength of three-gate arcane masters. The scouts could also clearly see a mutation in the Snow Wolves through their binoculars. Their heads had become much larger than normal, and their snow-white faces had many black patterns.

The green flood behind the Undead Corps consisted of densely packed huge green spiders.

The Undead Corps alone numbered over two thousand and exceeded the sum of official Corps arcane masters in the Fearotz Stronghold.

The total number of Snow Wolves and green spiders also exceeded two thousand.

Meanwhile, the red flood a few miles away from the Undead Corps was the Sequoia Corps. They numbered close to three thousand. Many of them were carrying supplies. More importantly, there was a red tower-like structure over thirty meters high moving along with the Sequoia Corps. It looked like the huge mast from a ship, and had a circular platform around the pillar-like structure. However, its use was unclear.


“Five hundred miles!”

“Four hundred miles!”

“Three hundred fifty miles!”

“Three hundred miles!”


Reports and sirens regarding the enemy movements kept ringing throughout the Fearotz Stronghold.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Emila hurried to the metal gate sealing the Trauma Room.

She looked at Mody who was standing outside the gate and asked, “How is his situation? Why hasn’t he come out yet?”

“It’s strange.”

Mody’s eyes reflected a little curiosity, “Even though it’s about time...... And the power within the Trauma Room seems to be weakening......”

Apart from Rinloran, Jean Camus and Dimension Traveler Lenyu, everyone else who rode on the airship had gathered around the metal gate.

“The power within the Trauma Room is weakening?”

Hearing Mody say that, Stingham had a strange expression, “Did Ayrin break that Trauma Room?”

“His mental strength has clearly improved. No matter what happened to the Trauma Room, it’s definitely a good thing that he is able to survive until now.”

Mody took a deep breath and asked Emila, “How’s Lenyu’s recovery?”

“He needs about one more day to recover fully.” Emila answered, “Rinloran and Jean Camus require more time.”

Mody nodded and calmly spoke, “In that case, let’s prepare for war. Prepare to drag the battle out for more than a day assuming they cannot participate.”

“Acting Corps Leader Mody, what about us? Which division should we join?” Meraly asked.

Although she did not have Corps battle experience like Charlotte, she knew the importance of cooperation on the whole rather than individual fighting strength in such a large scale warfare.

Mody shook his head, “No need. You can reinforce as you see fit. We are unfamiliar with your fighting methods, so it will be difficult to cooperate. If your little group fights on your own, you will be able to display greater fighting strength instead.”

Meraly looked at the departing Mody, then at Charlotte who was still training, and asked the others, “What should we do?”

“It’s fine. Let Grandmaster Yi and Charlotte stay here to wait for Ayrin. The rest of us should go to the stronghold walls first.” Ferguillo calmly spoke.

Stingham rolled his eyes and suggested, “Why don’t I stay here as well?”

“You bastard! You still want to slack off!?” Meraly immediately exploded, “No, anyone else can stay, only you cannot!”


“Metal Shield Brigade assemble! Equip!”

“Flying Messenger Fish Brigade assemble!”

“Sky Scar Brigade assemble!”


A mysterious flow was sweeping across nature in the distance. The atmosphere in the entire Fearotz Stronghold was completely boiling.

Over a thousand Corps arcane masters were assembled under a tall metal wall facing the Kingdom of Doa.

The buzzing stronghold suddenly became quiet.

“Ayrin and Rinloran......”

The frustrated Stingham followed behind Ferguillo and climbed the wall using the narrow staircase.

Although he detested Rinloran and Ayrin for constantly annoying him, now that they were not with him, he felt uncomfortable as the three of them had always fought together.

Arcane teams and artifacts filled the top of the wall.

Stingham felt it was too crowded and grumbled, “Why are there so many people? Shouldn’t the arcane masters spread out as far as possible in battle to prevent the enemy from wiping out a large number with a single powerful arcane skill?”

“That’s the case in an open-field encounter or sudden assault, but it’s completely different in a siege defense. The large number of artifacts will not give the enemy any time to prepare a powerful large-scale arcane skill. The initial stage of this type of war is attrition. When the artifacts from both sides are more or less exhausted, the arcane masters will be forced to exhaust their arcane particles which they cannot recover within a short time. The enemy will then make a force assault through that opening. Only at that time will the decisive tactical arcane masters be joining the fray. At the current stage, we must ensure a certain level of arcane master density on the walls. This is to prevent the enemy from using blitzkrieg or aerial assault methods to wedge into the wall and conquer this line of defense. This wall provides a great defensive utility. However, if the enemy captures it, they will enjoy the advantage of a high vantage point.” Shanna quickly explained in detail.

Nobody mocked Stingham at that moment.

It was because two strange floods had already appeared on the plain in the distance.

“What’s that?”

Everyone focused their attention on the towering structure within the Sequoia Corps.

Elsewhere on the wall, Mody calmly stared at the tall structure with unknown uses.

Based on its appearance, it was a mast made of a huge red tree trunk. The bottom half was covered by curtains which also hid its method of transportation.

On the platform of the centermost structure within the Sequoia Corps, an arcane master wearing a thin, silver full plate armor was staring at the ancient and majestic stronghold.

He looked to be about thirty years old. He had a handsome face, but his lips were naturally crimson. Hence, even though he was wearing full plate armor, he gave off a creepy and cunning feeling.

On the opened up scroll in his hands, the information of the Acting Corps Leader Mody was recorded.

“Mody, male, thirty six years old. Passed the Royal Thorns Corps recruitment at the age of eighteen, entered the Flying Messenger Fish Brigade...... Became the third scouting team captain at the age of twenty...... Became the Third Assault Brigade leader at the age of twenty five...... Became Acting Corps Leader at the age of thirty six.”

“What a strange profile...... I still feel surprised and interested no matter how many times I see it......”

The arcane master looked at the scroll in his hands again and muttered to himself, “What kind of experiences and abilities allowed you to be trusted by people like Emila and Philp despite being a brigade leader, and get voted to become the Acting Corps Leader? Such an interesting fellow...... I’m also looking forward to fighting you......”

“Lord Divana!”

A tall arcane master appeared behind the silver full plate arcane master and deeply bowed.

The tall arcane master wore thorned, dark red armor. Each spike on his thick armor was half a meter long. It made him look horrifying.

Divana smiled and ordered, “Farok, first wave will be Gale Brigade.”

“Gale Brigade?”

Farok showed a look of surprise. However, he did not hesitate, “Understood!” He immediately turned around and passed down the order.

The two massive armies creeped towards Fearotz.

The Undead Corps maintained a steady march.

Suddenly, streaks of light shot out from the dark red flood-like Sequoia Corps!

There were almost a hundred arcane masters who were so fast only their afterimages could be seen. There were special artifacts attached to their feet which greatly improved their acceleration.

Those flying arcane masters clearly knew all the entrances of the metal wall. They immediately dispersed into groups and approached the five shut entrances.

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