Chapter 538: Must Win

Chapter 538: Must Win


The Fearotz Stronghold welcomed another sunrise.

The pale sunlight showered every corner of the ancient stronghold.

Although the harsh training allowed the Royal Thorns Corps arcane masters to develop the ability to fall asleep immediately after closing their eyes, many of them woke up several times over the long night.

The order to resume retreat was never issued.

It meant Ayrin was still alive in the Trauma Room.

In the Corps command center, Mody and several important Corps figures stayed awake the whole night.

Mody rubbed his eyes and slowly explained to the others, “He has yet to be killed by the power in the Trauma Room. His chance of success is really high.”

“Another half day...... If he endures another twelve hours, we don’t have a choice.” The expressionless Philp looked at the tactical map, “Judging from the marching speed of the enemy, if we don’t retreat within the next twelve hours, we won’t be able to.”

Mody turned around and asked the important figures gathered in the center, “From the start, I asked him if he was willing to take a bet. Since he has endured until now, it’s our turn. From now on, I wish to exercise the absolute authority granted to me in times of war. Do any of you have any objections?”

“No.” Philp and the others shook their heads immediately.

“Then, the Corps will now enter the final preparation stage.” Mody calmly nodded, “Prepare for war.”


“Charlotte has been training for the whole night? What’s with her hands, is she training some special arcane skill?”

Outside the metal gate sealing the Trauma Room, Meraly and Shanna were astonished.

Charlotte was still repeating the same simple rush attack.

Her sweat had soaked the ground.

Her body was violently trembling, her consciousness was blurry, but her hands were vaguely shining gold.

“Don’t stop her. This moment is when she improves the fastest.” Grandmaster Yi stopped Meraly and the others from approaching Charlotte, his stomach finally deflating.

“What is Charlotte training? Is she fine continuing like that?” Meraly felt Grandmaster Yi was ‘Grandmaster Screwface’. His words could not be fully trusted.

“Grandmaster Yi, is that the training for the legendary Heavy Metal Marrow?” A calm voice asked.

When Meraly heard that voice, she called out in surprise, “Ferguillo, you’re awake?”

“Ferguillo, your recovery speed is becoming as powerful as that pervert!” Stingham grumbled as he walked over.

Under the morning sunlight, Meraly and Shanna turned around and saw Ferguillo standing next to Grandmaster Yi. Apart from a little paled face, he seemed no different from normal. The wounds on his body had not even left any scars behind.

On the other side, a creepy-looking Stingham was walking towards them.

“You have good eyes.” Grandmaster Yi nodded to Ferguillo and proudly spoke, “This is the strongest heavy particle skill: Heavy Metal Marrow.”

“Heavy Metal Marrow? What kind of arcane skill is that?” Meraly asked.

Grandmaster Yi gestured to Ferguillo, signalling him to explain it since he knew it.

“It’s a dual body refining skill. By using the heavy particles in the body to rapidly rush through one spot, even denser heavy particles will be compressed and refined. She uses these special heavy particles to alter her own bone marrow to squeeze out more potential. This makes the compressed heavy particles stronger and helps them become more destructive. The heavy particles become stronger, and the body potential is being squeezed out. The dual improvement effect lets the power brought out by such heavy particles be several times more potent than normal.” Ferguillo explained in detail.

“Several times more potent?” Meraly and Shanna drew a sharp breath.

In the world of arcane masters, a small difference was already a terrifying improvement. Several times more potent was basically equal to improving by an entire arcane level!

“Charlotte desperately trains to accompany Ayrin. But is she really alright training like that non-stop?” Shanna asked Ferguillo with a worried expression.

“Grandmaster Yi is right. Now is the moment Charlotte can improve at the fastest pace.” Ferguillo nodded, “After having heavy particles rush in her body for such a long time, it is sufficient for the tiny particles in her body to naturally flow to her hands. Currently, the bone and flesh density in her hands are the highest. The heavy particles compressed now will be the most powerful.”

“It’s already a miracle for her to endure this training to such an extent...... Since the miracle has happened, we should not prevent it.”

After a pause, Ferguillo looked at the metal gate behind which Ayrin underwent his training. “When Ayrin comes out, Charlotte’s fighting strength will have greatly improved.”

“Please stop that. If they all become so powerful, I will be under heavy pressure......” Stingham grumbled.

“Isn’t Instructor Emila, the best instructor of the Corps, training you? Your special training is already finished?” Meraly suddenly thought of something and looked at Stingham suspiciously.

“About that...... Ahem, she thinks my training went well so she ended it.” Stingham mumbled while looking away.

“You dare say your training went well!?” A general who just passed by heard Stingham’s claim and almost puked blood, “Lady Emila is so furious she almost wanted to kill him...... She has given up teaching him.”

“What? You idiot!” Meraly almost fainted.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

At that moment, loud drum sounds suddenly echoed in the Fearotz Stronghold.


At almost the same time, the entire Fearotz Stronghold seemed to be boiling.

Countless people roared out.

Arcane masters everywhere became hot-blooded and continued their jobs with greater fervor. Some packed cargoes were opened up and distributed.

“What’s going on?”

Meraly was dumbfounded.

“It’s the signal to start the war preparations!”

The Corps general who almost puked blood from Stingham’s shameless lie was shocked. His eyes sparkled, “Acting Corps Leader Mody...... he has ordered everyone to get ready for war!”

“In that case...... Even Lord Mody and the others believe that Ayrin can survive the training in the Trauma Room?”

Shanna took a few seconds to digest the meaning behind the general’s words. Then, she shouted towards the Trauma Room, “Ayrin, you hear that? Acting Corps Leader Mody and the others have decided to let the entire Corps stay! Even they believe you can survive this. They have tied the fate of the entire Corps to you, so you must win!”

Meraly also clenched her fist and desperately shouted towards the Trauma Room, “You must win!”

From how it looked, Ayrin’s condition was extremely dangerous.

His body seemed to have entered a dehydrated state. He was not even sweating anymore.

Apart from twisting and spasming, his body was also slightly bloating.

At that moment, the voices from outside echoed in Ayrin’s mind, “You must win!”


There was no change to the mental illusion before Ayrin’s eyes.

It was still the rapid spinning of blue and orange color spreading over the endless space.

Items of various shapes constantly rained down on his body.

Meanwhile, apart from the unbearable noises that made him want to puke, a taste so sour it could melt his bones filled his mouth. It was a sourness indescribable by words.

His whole body was itching. It felt as if countless tiny ants were crawling on his body.

Despite all of this, Ayrin was constantly shouting towards the big mouth within the spinning blue and orange space, “So refreshing!”

“So comfortable!”

“Do you have anything more refreshing?”

“Quick, bring it out and use it on me!”

Even the mental consciousness in the Trauma Room was astonished by Ayrin’s behavior. The countless noises gathered together to comment, “You’re really a masochist...... a real pervert......!”

“They are all fake...... You just wanted to control my body. If I don’t move...... no matter what kind of mental torture you use on me, it is all useless!”

“Is that all you got? In that case, you will definitely be defeated by me!”

Ayrin desperately controlled his body to not move.

He screamed out again as if venting his frustration, “So comfortable!”

“......” All fragments of consciousness became speechless.

The noises began disappearing and it became completely quiet.

However, soon, a clear voice called out. “It’s useless!”

The spinning blue and orange color became a creepy big mouth.

“Unless you can throw away all your emotions and sever all your bonds, you will never succeed. Your emotions and bonds will become a power that will torment you.”

Along with that voice, even greater noise and pain fell onto Ayrin.

“Stop trying to deceive me!”

“A guy who throws away his emotions and bonds is just a walking corpse!”

“You want to use this method to make me give up resistance!”

“I won’t fall for your trick!”

“I will eat!”

“I will eat all of you!”

Ayrin yelled loudly. He began munching on the objects falling onto him.

Regardless of mountains, needles, swords or sabers, he just opened his mouth and bit them.

“So perverted...... savage......”

Countless voices murmured in fear.

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