Chapter 537: Smell Of War

Chapter 537: Smell Of War


Hearing Mody’s words, they noticed the irregular pattern of scars on his body.

The scars on his body were from self-inflicted wounds?

They felt a chill running down their spines.

Mody turned around and said, “Let’s go.”


Charlotte and Meraly were confused.

Mody nodded, “Since he didn’t get killed at the start, he has a more than 70% chance of surviving...... We must also begin to restore various things and prepare to defend.”

“How long will he have to stay inside for?” Charlotte was still worried.

“The special power will integrate with the arcane master’s mental strength. It will take two days to naturally dissipate.” Mody replied.

“Two days?”

Everyone paled. Such pain would be unbearable for even a minute, yet Ayrin had to stay inside for two days...... It was too frightening!

Mody slowly continued, “That’s the reason this crystal chamber is called the Trauma Room. Many of our Corps seniors think the reason those arcane masters who greatly improved their mental strength after surviving this crystal chamber is not because of the cores of the Crystal Maiden Dragon and Nightmare Dragon, but from a natural growth after their minds were tortured so intensively for such a long time.”

“You better fail, Boss. We have faith in you!” The five monsters silently prayed.

They felt if Ayrin successfully walked out from the Trauma Room, he would become even more perverted.

“Getshe, the Chinyu Clan has great affinity with water type arcane power. You will be in charge of their artifacts and other equipment.”

“Emila, you are our best instructor. You will be in charge of Stingham’s weapon throwing training.”

“Philp, bring Instructor Nora here. She is experienced in teaching arcane masters who are poor at learning.”

Mody gave out concise orders without wasting any time.


Several hours later.

The entire Fearotz Stronghold was still in a buzz. However, the arcane masters were no longer packing up, they were instead doing repairs and maintenance on broken installments and new defensive constructions.

Compared to before, those hard at work seemed much more enthusiastic.

Most arcane masters considered the stronghold to be more important than their own lives.

They did not want to give it up in the first place.

In a certain Cultivation Hall in the Fearotz Campsite......

The robust Corps Chief General Emila who had the nickname ‘Thorns Pride’ twitched her mouth. Stingham stood next to her.

There were a dozen wooden dolls erected about twenty meters away from them.

Stingham grabbed his Green Dragon Spear and looked at her doubtfully.

“Are you really the best instructor for throwing type weapons in the Royal Thorns Corps? Why can’t I hit a single target? I’m doing exactly as you say!” Stingham grumbled.


Emila finally erupted. She roared out like a beast, “After so much training you can’t even hit the target from such a close distance! You even dare doubt my ability!”

“You are a disgrace to all throwing weapons!”

“Siva! Bring the best looking young female arcane masters from the Corps to here!”

“Bring the best looking young female arcane masters?” The arcane master next to them was dumbfounded.

Are we going to reward him by giving him a chance to get intimate with the pretty female arcane masters in our Corps despite his poor performance?

He can’t even hit a single target in such a simple training. He slacks off and is shameless. If he was a new recruit in the Royal Thorns Corps, he would surely be punished to do the most tiring and dirty jobs!

“Didn’t this guy drool the moment pretty female arcane masters were mentioned? I want the best looking female arcane masters in the Corps to watch him make a fool of himself and mock him!” Emila roared.

The other arcane master finally understood Emila’s intention.

In another Cultivation Hall, a short-haired, female arcane master was twitching her face while watching Helgy.

Helgy remained hostile towards her.

No matter how she tried to teach Helgy, what Helgy wanted to do was to run out of the door behind her and find her ‘Daddy’.

At the same time, in a warehouse that kept a mountain of scraps, a group of Royal Thorns Corps artificers were also twitching.

The Fearotz Stronghold had existed as long as the ancient Kingdom of Doa. Many scraps piled up in the warehouse were so ancient that their origins could not be tracked.

Many things that were deemed valuable had been selected by many generations of the Corps artificers. The rest that piled up inside was considered junk.

However, Merlin was rapidly dashing through the piles of scraps. There were already several strange furnaces and big machineries set up before them.

Three huge metal bases were slowly being built.

Merlin had built an artificer workshop here by herself.

Most of the materials came from the ‘junkyard’!

More importantly, Merlin was also fixing some things along the way while building the three huge metal bases.

Next to the three bases, there were over a hundred fixed items.

There were simple machines like the steam-powered winch cars, clockwork heavy load carriers and spring-load ballistas. However, there were also powerful ancient metal war avatars like the ‘Twin Rib Blade War Avatar’ and ‘Spiritual Arcane Elder’!

An artificer madly rushed out.

“What are you doing?” His companions shouted. They were afraid he might have taken the fact too hard and wanted to commit suicide.

“Bring your collections here as well! She might be able to fix something better!” He shouted over his shoulder.

The other artificers understood him and rushed out after him.


Outside the Trauma Room.

Charlotte stood before the shut metal gate and practiced a simple rush attack.

She would push out a cone-shaped particle cluster in each rush which shot through the air with a sonic boom.

At the same time, silver war avatar shells made of heavy particles would continuously condense around her.

After repeating the simple and boring training, drops of sweat dripped down from her chin.

Ayrin, you must be suffering unimaginable pain in the Trauma Room.

You promised me you will endure it to the end and obtain victory!

I will stay right here and train with you!

Sparks flashed in Charlotte’s eyes.

Each time she practiced the rush attack, the heavy particles would gush out from her right hand. The rapid friction and powerful impact constantly refined some bronze-colored essence in her fingertips.

Each time the heavy particles rushed out from her body, her flesh and nerves felt like they were cut by countless tiny blades or bitten by countless tiny ants.

Her breath became heated, but she clenched her teeth and persevered.

The bronze-colored essence in her fingertips became brighter and brighter each time the heavy particles rushed past. The essence began spreading out towards her torso.

Not far from her, Grandmaster Yi was drinking herbal soup that aided his digestion while looking at Charlotte train.

“She has even managed to refine the essence of the Metal Marrow...... When you trained in the past, your heavy particles couldn’t even reach this acceleration...... Looks like love does not not only make people blind...... it can also make people risk their lives to train and improve......”

Grandmaster Yi watched Charlotte and took another sip of the herbal soup.


He burped again and immediately became angry, “Is this really a herbal soup that helps with digestion? I’m burping after drinking this!”


Outside Fearotz, in the direction of the Doa Royal Palace.

In a place the Royal Thorns Corps Observation Post could not see, two large groups were advancing at full speed.

Frost trailed one flood. All living creatures disappeared as a deathly aura filled the path.

The other flood looked like a sea of fire. All arcane masters were wearing dark red arcane robes or armor.

In the neat rows of marching arcane teams, there were several red silhouettes towering over dozens of meters tall.

In the depth of the Thorns Swamp.

Countless huge thorny trees were chopped down.

Large numbers of demihumans covered in mud were busily running about while letting out strange roars.

The thorny trees were made into charcoal to be used as fuel for the smelting furnaces.

The melted metal flowed down along the grooves. Blacksmiths were hammering down on the freshly hardened metal ingots with huge hammers. They were made into crude but heavy and massive weapons.

A thunderous roar rang out, “Don’t slack off! Our era is approaching!”

A single-eyed giant of about six to seven meters tall with blue skin grabbed two demihumans and threw them into the smelting furnace.

Some distance from where the demihumans were gathered, loud roars and rampaging arcane energy fluctuations reverberated in the thorny forest.

The demihumans who could hear the sounds were trembling in fear.

“When the sun rises, we will depart and attack Fearotz!”

Along with another loud roar, the center of the thorny bush violently shook. There seemed to be something huge crawling out from underground.

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