Chapter 536: Trauma Room, Five Senses Torment!

Chapter 536: Trauma Room, Five Senses Torment!


“Incredible!” Ayrin immediately shouted out.

He had yet to see the interior of the crystal chamber, yet he could already hear buzzing noises in his head as if countless people were quarreling in his mind. It made him unable to concentrate.

At that moment, a voice called out next to Ayrin, “Daddy......”

“This is?”

Due to the eccentric line up in Ayrin’s group, Helgy was only noticed by the Corps arcane masters now.

Black light flashed across Mody’s eyes, and his pupils contracted.

“Oh yeah! Acting Corps Leader Mody, she’s also a powerful person. But her mind was damaged. She probably even forgot her own arcane skills.”

Ayrin suddenly remembered Helgy’s existence. He passionately explained to Mody and the others, “But you can try training her. She may be able to become a strong fighting force.”

“What a powerful arcane particle reading! She’s someone close to opening six arcane gates!” One Corps arcane master looked at the device in his hand and spoke in astonishment.

“Your Corps must also have many strong instructors.”

Ayrin glanced at Stingham and spoke to Mody, “Acting Corps Leader Mody, can you arrange an instructor for Stingham to train specifically on throwing type weapons?”

“Yeah!” Meraly, Shanna and the others nodded and agreed to the necessity for it.

Stingham flicked his hair and spoke confidently, “I think it’s not necessary, is it?”

“You really think so?” Meraly and the others lamented.

“In a large-scale battle, people will be densely packed together. I can hit them even if I throw randomly.” Stingham grumbled, “I’d rather get some good sleep.”

“Somehow, you will not hit the densely packed enemies, but your own allies!” Meraly gritted her teeth. She felt the urge to chop Stingham into small pieces with her Golden Holy Sword.

“Stingham, if you misfire or hit an ally in the war, you will be mocked by every single female arcane master.” Ayrin grinned, “There are many beautiful female arcane masters in the Corps.”

“Oh yeah!” Stingham immediately changed his expression. He pulled on Mody, “Acting Corps Leader Mody, please arrange the best instructor for me!”

“This idiot......” Meraly and the others were completely speechless.

“Brave warrior Stingham, do your best!”

“Charlotte, I will be going in! Relax, I will definitely prevail against the power in this Trauma Room!” Ayrin swung his fist, then turned around and dashed into the crystal chamber filled with a terrifying aura.

Emila and Philp noticed the expressions of Charlotte and the others.

They did not show any doubt when looking at Ayrin disappear.

Emila and Philp narrowed their eyes in expectation.

The momentum this child is showing...... really seems unstoppable.

He can make his comrades show full trust in him. He might really be a monster and pass the Trauma Room’s trial.

The moment Ayrin moved, Helgy naturally wanted to follow after him.

However, Mody blocked her path.

Her eyes were filled with rage as if looking at an evil person. However, she flattened her mouth and did not dare to take another step.

“Even Helgy feels instinctive fear! This Acting Corps Leader may look normal, but he’s definitely not normal......” Charlotte thought.


Boom! Boom! Boom!

Loud noises rang in Ayrin’s head.

There were another few dozens of meters before reaching the crystal chamber up ahead, but the explosions of noise kept reverberating in his head. The noise even caused his consciousness and vision to start blurring.

The crystals outside the crystal chamber were irregularly shaped. They seemed like a messy natural crystal mine.

There was a crack about a person’s height in front of him which seemed to be the entrance.


Just by being near it I’m already getting dizzy!

But I will definitely triumph!

Ayrin’s expression slightly twisted. He was exerting strength from his whole body. Waves of silver flames rose up from his skin.

With a loud boom, he charged into the entrance like a meteor.


An overwhelmingly powerful aura immediately wrapped around him.

The moment he dashed in, he could see the interior was also irregularly shaped. In a space dozens of square meters wide, various strangely-shaped blue and orange crystals grew all over the place.

In the next second, his vision was filled with the blue and orange entangling together.

Countless angry roars and sounds of battle shocked his brain. His mind felt like exploding.

“Someone is coming to commit suicide again?” A voice suddenly called out in his surroundings.

The blue and orange color he was seeing started rapidly spinning. At the same time, high-pitched sneers rang in his ears.

“How can a person die so easily? I will definitely defeat you!” Ayrin roared on reflex.


Within the blue and orange mixture, there seemed to be a large mouth opening. The noises eventually gathered into one, “Then try it.”


An unimaginably massive mountain suddenly appeared above Ayrin’s head and squashed him underneath.

Every cell in Ayrin’s body started roaring. Under the threat of death, all of his potential erupted.


However, after the mountain fell onto his body, it suddenly disappeared.

Right! This is only a mental attack! Everything inside here is fake!

Ayrin realized that fact while his body was already fully tensed.


At that moment, two thin needles suddenly appeared before his eyes and fiercely stabbed into his pupils.

Although it was an illusion and disappeared immediately, the real sensation of having needles stabbing into his eyes caused him to feel nauseous.

After the massive mountain and needles, various kinds of things appeared and fell onto Ayrin like a downpour.

All kinds of weapons...... and anything else he had seen before kept crashing down on him. Even if there was no real damage, the feeling could easily break someone’s mind.

“Is that all?”

However, Ayrin immediately calmed down. He stood without moving and looked at the various objects raining down on him. He shouted, “If that’s all, isn’t it too simple?”

The sound that came from the gathering of the noises rang again, “Oh Really?”

“Ah!” Ayrin suddenly screamed in pain.

The objects that rained down on him began to inflict real pain.

The pain seemed to be amplified unlimitedly.

Pain from getting cut, pain from needles stabbing, pain from blunt object smashing...... Whenever something hit his body, the intense pain shook his mind like waves crashing against the shore.

At the same time, sharp screeching sounds rang in his ears. It felt as if his eardrums were stabbed by sharp needles.

He suddenly felt countless chilling hands touching his body, each next hand colder than the last.

Something seemed to be stuffed into his mouth. An unbearable bitterness spread out in his mouth.


“Acting Corps Leader Mody! What kind of effects will that crystal chamber do to people?”

“How did he become like that?”

Charlotte, Meraly and the others screamed in shock.

Outside the metal gate, the Royal Thorns Corps had prepared the observation mirror. They could see Ayrin was twisting and spasming as if he was getting squashed within the reflected images.

Ayrin’s facial features squeezed together and seemed unlike a human anymore.

“He didn’t get killed immediately huh...... He can still hold on......”

The undetectable worry in Mody’s eyes lessened.

“This Trauma Room will torment the arcane master who enters using the mutated power from the Celestial Maiden Dragon and Nightmare Dragon to attack the nerves from all directions.”

He slowly exhaled and explained, “Arcane masters will experience the torture of the five senses. Shape, sound, color, taste and touch. All sensations will receive cruel torments.”

“So, he will be attacked by seeing scary things, unbearable noises, disgusting tastes, horrible stench and intense pain. The pain that over stimulates the brain and causes the person to pass out is considered the lightest. Numbness, itch...... various senses from touch will even make the person choose to endure extreme pain to shake off such feelings.”

“What? The pain that can make people pass out is considered the lightest form of torture in there?”

They changed their expressions.

“Oi! Are you purposely trying to kill him? Are you an Evil Dragon follower in disguise?” Stingham shouted with a green face, “How can someone survive such torture?”

“Don’t spout nonsense!”

A Corps arcane master scolded, “Acting Corps Leader Mody is one of the survivors from that Trauma Room!”

“What?” Stingham and the others held their breaths. They focused on Mody.

“Let’s wait patiently.”

“Since he has not died yet, he has a chance to survive. Over 70% of the challengers are instantly killed after entering...... This is still the easier part.”

Mody watched Ayrin’s figure in the observation mirror and slowly spoke, “These scars on my body were from the hardest stage. Even when I was determined...... I still almost scratched myself to death from the itch...... I was so close to suiciding multiple times.”

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