Chapter 535: Death Bet!

Chapter 535: Death Bet!


“Mountain Cleaving Titans!”

“Those are the Mountain Cleaving Titans from the Era of the War with Dragons! The largest metal war avatars in the history of Doraster!”

The metal reflections on the Mountain Cleaving Titans’ bodies gathered all the gazes of the arcane masters in the stronghold.

The huge turtles and lizards felt the threat of those huge metal objects and became quiet.


The five monsters weeped as they greeted Ayrin. Their hearts were bleeding. They finally escaped from the pursuers in the underground sewers.However, before they could rest, they were immediately summoned.

“You’re actually a summoner with three Mountain Cleaving Titans and five monsters? And the five monsters are all Lord level?”

The word ‘Boss’ woke up many astonished many arcane masters and shocked them thoroughly.

At that moment, Merlin carefully surveyed the surroundings and nodded.

“Do we have enough material to build the base for the Mountain Cleaving Titans?” Ayrin immediately became excited.

He, Charlotte and the rest of his group knew Merlin's construction speed very well. If they had enough materials, it would not be a problem for Merlin timewise.

“A self-conscious metal clockwork war avatar that can build things?”

Merlin’s actions and Ayrin’s voice caused even more arcane masters to be astonished.

“The Mountain Cleaving Titans can be utilized soon. They will help increase the strength of the stronghold’s defenses. Acting Corps Leader Mody, arrange some arcane masters to fight me. I will prove I can continuously fight.”

Ayrin did not waste any time. He turned to face Mody, then swung his fist and shouted with enthusiasm, “If I can do it, you will change your mind and stay here to defend! Right?”

“And we also have the White Dwarven Artifact Cannon!” Meraly shouted.

In her eyes, Ayrin was an absolute monster. Based on Ayrin’s performance before, she felt they would definitely win if they fought on his side.

“There’s also my Green Dragon Spear!” Stingham patted the spear in his embrace.

“......” Charlotte and the others almost tripped.

The originally hot-blooded and serious atmosphere was spoiled.

“Philp, forget about the boring proof or whatnot. I can guarantee his claim.” The Dimension Traveler Lenyu turned to the green-robed arcane master next to Mody, “The question is, will you change your decision based on the new situation?”

The green-robed arcane master raised his brows but remained quiet.

“We must defend this stronghold! Many arcane teams and Corps from our Kingdom of Eiche will definitely attack the Evil Dragon army after crossing the border. If we can’t defend this place and stall the Evil Dragon army, once the demihuman-plus-monster army enters the Kingdom, we will be routed and forced to escape. If this place becomes the Evil Dragon army’s stronghold, they can gather reinforcements easily through here and fight against our Kingdom of Eiche’s army!”

Ayrin looked at Mody and the other big shots, “However, if we can successfully defend this stronghold, the Evil Dragon army that occupied the majority of the Kingdom of Doa will also suffer from a sandwich attack!”

Ayrin’s voice caused more arcane masters to reconsider.

Looking at it from the entire Continent’s perspective, Ayrin’s words were highly prospective.

“You’re right.” Mody spoke. He nodded towards Ayrin and turned his gaze to Lenyu, “Although I have only heard about some of your achievements, you should be a six-gate arcane master if I’m not mistaken. With your current condition, if we assist you with our best medical masters, you should be able to recover to your prime, right?”

It was just an inquiry and did not state any clear stance. However, Mody’s words brought a new wave of energy to the arcane masters preparing to retreat.

“Acting Corps Leader Mody, are you going to change your mind and stay here to fight!?” Ayrin opened his eyes wide.

“It should be doable.” Lenyu answered while still having light spasms.

“Although I don’t know what kind of battles or special training you went through, your physical strength seems to have suddenly gained an astonishing improvement. It’s just that your mental synchronization is insufficient, so you can’t get used to your body...... With insufficient mental strength, despite your physical strength passing the critical point, you aren’t able to open a new gate, correct?” Mody did not answer Ayrin’s question. Light flickered in his eyes as he analyzed Ayrin’s condition. It was as if he could see into his body.

“Yes.” Ayrin nodded absentmindedly. He did not understand what Mody’s intention was.

“If he already has the ability to fight continuously and stall a large number of arcane masters, I think there really is a possibility of success if he can improve a little more. I want to make a bet with him, what about the rest of you?” Mody turned around to ask Philp and Emila.

Philp’s expression did not show any change, “I think so as well.”

Emila’s sonorous voice replied, “The question is whether he is willing to make the bet.”

“What bet?”

Ayrin was surprised, “As long as you change your mind and let the Corps stay, I am willing to bet anything.”

“Don’t boast like that yet!”

Emila scolded loudly, “You don’t even know what the bet is! This is not something you can easily do by just saying it! Just us few aren’t authorized to make the entire Corps stay. I’m afraid you have to actually win the bet to gain the confidence of the majority of decision makers and have them put the fate of the entire Corps in this place!”

“Could it be......” The surrounding arcane masters immediately realized what the bet referred to and drew a cold breath.

“What is it?” Ayrin swung his fist and shouted, “No matter what, a true brave warrior never cowers!”

“It’s the Trauma Room.” Mody did not waste any time and spoke the name that changed every Corps arcane master’s expression.

“It’s a mental strength training room that dates back to the War with Dragons. This training room was rumored to be a product left behind from the fierce battle between the Celestial Maiden Dragon Clan and the Nightmare Dragon Clan. It was naturally formed from the combination of their shattered dragon crystal cores. Once you enter this crystal chamber generated by the shattered cores, you will enter a powerful mental domain. The unique power from the cores will transform into various real heart demons in your mental world. They will uncover all your weaknesses and attack you. If you survive, the power from the cores will greatly improve your mental strength. However, if you fail, you will die in that crystal chamber! More importantly, once you enter, the power from the cores will take effect immediately and cannot be interrupted!”

Mody’s voice was extremely serious, “In the entire history of the Royal Thorns Corps, only three arcane masters exited the Trauma Room alive. More than two hundred arcane masters lost their lives in it. All of them were powerful individuals with great confidence!”

“No way? You must be kidding. You’re asking him to go despite it being so dangerous? Can we change the training room?” Stingham immediately objected.

“Three succeeded? Then I definitely will succeed!” Ayrin did not show any fear, and instead became excited, “Acting Corps Leader Mody! If I survive that crystal chamber training, will I be able to open my fifth arcane gate?”

“If you can survive, you should be more or less there.” Mody looked at Ayrin and felt an indescribable feeling.


I may even be able to use the strongest Psychic Style forbidden skill after opening my fifth gate!

Ayrin was immediately filled with a fighting spirit. He swung his fist excitedly, “Let’s begin immediately!”

“Is something wrong with his head......? Or does he really not know what fear is?”

“He doesn’t even ask what he might encounter?”

Emila and Philp had such thoughts.

“Alright, I will bring you there immediately,” was all Mody said. He nodded, then told the Corps generals who had come closer, “Let’s make a vote now. I support the change of plans due to their involvement. Until the outcome of his trial in the Trauma Room is revealed, the Corps will suspend the retreat.”

“I agree.”



All of them voiced their opinions. There was actually nobody who disagreed.

“In that case, Ayrin, follow me.”

An undetectable fervent hope flashed across Mody’s eyes. He turned around and led the way.

“Lord Mody!” Several generals called out, “Should we give him more details about the Trauma room?”

Mody turned to look at Ayrin following right beside him. He spoke in his mind, “In that crystal chamber...... Only those who truly experienced it know that any hint or tip does not hold any meaning.”

He did not say it out loud and just lightly shook his head.


A heavy rusty metal gate slowly rose up.

A strange fluctuation mixed between blue and orange swept towards Ayrin who stood before the gate.

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