Chapter 532: Choice Of The Strong

Chapter 532: Choice Of The Strong


The menacing face in the sky was infested by the blood and became colorful.


A terrifying arcane energy fluctuation reverberated. It turned the icy lake choppy.

A white, squarish bone case appeared before Belo’s father.

The moment it appeared, Besche seemed to have completely become a God made out of ice.

Streams of white ice crystals covered his body, becoming an ice robe that fluttered in the air.

At the same time, everything inside his body seemed to have been frozen. All heat was lost, even his expression became frozen. He gave off a merciless and emotionless feeling.

Terrifying ice arcane power spread out with astonishing speed.

Two great powers were vying for superiority.

The surface of the colorful blood showed a layer of gem-like ice crystals.


It seemed like the ice crystals were set ablaze. Their surfaces turned hot and the colorful blood seeped out from them.


A visible shock wave created by ice arcane power exploded with the God imitation Besche.

Although he never made any sounds, the raging gale caused by the shock wave sounded like his angry roars.

Chris and Moss wanted to retreat on reflex.

However, at that moment, none of them felt any chill.

Even though such a strong ice arcane power exploded, the surrounding air became warmer instead.

Everyone became dumbfounded.

Only Belo, who had become colorful and was rotting, was filled with fervor and pride. There was even strong sarcasm in his expression.

“This is the so-called great power you took?”

Belo looked at the white, squarish bone case floating in contempt, “Even your pride and hot-blood will be frozen...... Only a coward like you will desperately try to obtain it.”

“It’s useless......” Belo slowly shook his head. He continued as if mumbling to himself, “How can the power of this item compare to our ancestor’s hot blood......”

Belo’s voice echoed in the air, giving off a warmth.

There was no response.

The colorful blood spread towards Besche.

The ice robe on his body began to become colorful.

Next, the white bone case floating above his hands was also getting dyed by the colorfulness.


Besche released another flood-like arcane power shock wave.

The ice around him shattered and shot outwards.

The colorful blood swarmed back into his body.

Besche instantly looked colorful again like Belo.

His skin also started rotting.

Besche’s expression slightly twisted. However, he immediately regained his calm. He looked at Belo and asked, “Is it worth the price?”

“Go to hell!”

Belo revealed an impulsive and cruel smile.

He clasped his hands in front of him.

The final bit of blood color in his eyes disappeared. Even his eyes began reflecting the colorful blood.


Chris and Moss finally realized what was happening and began shouting desperately.


Besche’s body was also on the verge of collapsing. His entire body was rotting, pus and blood flowing from his wounds. He let out a yell, but was shocked when he saw Belo’s three retainers.

In the next second, his gaze fell onto Buel who was far away.

“Underworld Blood Chain Contract...... So that’s how it is?” He murmured.


Terrifying amounts of arcane particles surged out from his head and formed a light pillar above him.

“He can still fight back!”

Yugou and the others were shocked!

The power gathered by an arcane master of his level exhausting all his arcane particles was despairing.

“To pull you down with me, or to let you live. This seems to be a difficult choice.”

Besche pondered, and eventually smiled.

“There’s no meaning in killing you. Even though you used the last of your ancestral blood, you were able to obtain enough power to drag me down with you in such a short amount of time. This proves that you are indeed stronger than me. After all, you are my son......”

“Since that’s the case, my son, who resents me due to this item and the deeds I have done...... I will leave this to you. Although I can’t see what choice you will eventually make, I believe you will understand mine after coming into contact with it.”

“Hahahaha...... Perhaps, you will follow on my path. By then, my son...... you will not resent me, but respect me.”

Besche laughed maniacally.

With a loud boom, the light pillar gathered above his head shattered.

Countless shooting star-like light rays flew across the sky.


At that moment, his body completely collapsed, becoming nothing more than murky blood.

At the same time, the white bone case floated towards Belo.


Chris and Moss trembled. They could not understand what Besche’s last words meant.

They only felt that Belo’s body was rapidly weakening.

It seemed like Belo would soon follow in his father’s footsteps and become nothing more than a pool of murky blood.

However, at that moment, Belo called out, “Oi, deer head brat!”


Everyone turned their attention to Buel. They held their breaths upon seeing his state.

Buel’s hands still desperately grabbed onto his deer head hat. However, they could see his body showing large patches of rotting flesh almost similar to Belo.

The only difference was that Buel’s eyes were bloodshot.

Two streaks of blood flowed down from his eyes and floated towards Belo.

“Brat...... You handed your life to me just now...... Now my life is in your hands...... so you must endure it for me...... Otherwise, even if I die, I will tear apart your deer head hat......” Belo’s voice rang out inconsistently.

“What’s going on?” Moss shouted in confusion.

“It should be a secret skill unique to their beastman bloodline...... It should be some sort of mental contract. Belo stored a portion of his blood in Buel’s body to chain their lives together...... Buel’s life is supporting Belo to survive. However, Buel has to endure through it first......” Yugou deduced while looking at Belo and Buel with a frown.

“What are you saying? Can you make it simpler?” Moss had completely lost his ability to think.

Yugou took a deep breath and spoke, “Simply speaking, it’s a test of will. If Buel has a strong enough will to support himself to survive, then he and Belo will survive. Otherwise, both of them will die.”

Everyone felt a chill.

Chris clenched her fists. She was trembling as she shouted towards Buel, “No matter what, you must endure it!”

“You absolutely...... absolutely cannot give up!”

“I know, there are many times you may feel worse than dying...... but if you really do die, you will lose any chance to rise up again!”

“Is that the reason you became a god-like girl? You aren’t willing to give up despite feeling worse than death from your usual training......” Yugou looked at Chris, then at the remnant of the dissipating arcane particles in the distance.

Such a powerful Evil Dragon Bishop, such strong retainers, yet we killed them......

Even now, he could not believe it.

“So that Evil Dragon Bishop was actually Belo’s father...... So Belo has been desperately training and fighting without any regard to his life, all for the sake of killing his father...... The powerful entity who annihilated several Corps on the border was really killed by Belo!”

At that moment, Ivan, Wilde and the others were filled with disbelief.

Moss’s expression twisted. He shouted towards Buel with a teary face, “Buel, you must endure it! If you die now, Ayrin will definitely laugh at you if he finds out!”

Buel and Belo seemed to have completely stopped breathing. There was not a single patch of skin safe from the rot. Only a weak red glow was vaguely seen, their bodies turning cold.

However, when everyone was about to take in that fact, Belo’s voice weakly called out, “Idiot...... He doesn’t know Ayrin......”


Their hearts started beating again.

Everyone was astonished.

“Belo......” Moss’s body became stiff.

“Oi, brat. You did well...... How about it, are you interested in licking my foot and becoming my fourth retainer?” Belo called out.

Buel was unable to move, but he replied, “Did we really win?...... I...... I am willing to become your fourth retainer!”

Belo rolled his eyes and looked at the deer head hat on Buel’s head. He showed a fervent and proud smile.

In the next moment, his gaze stopped at the white bone case floating in front of him.

It was releasing an arcane energy fluctuation that could shake the bones of people.

The cover of the white bone case showed an emotionless Lich’s face. However, the eyes of that face seemed alive and were looking at Belo with a sarcastic expression.

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