Chapter 531: Ancestral Blood, Final Showdown

Chapter 531: Ancestral Blood, Final Showdown



Fesh’s pupils contracted. He could not believe it.

All the joints in his body were dislocated!

“He was just grazed by the opponent’s weapon......”

Manguu’s pupils also contracted.

As Fesh was sent flying, the black hammer was approaching his chest with a strange vibration.

I must not touch this Black Warrior’s weapon!

“Iron Ball Rush!”

“Sword Qi Slash!”

Manguu’s chest caved in. An iron black current gushed out from his mouth and condensed into a ball which rapidly shot towards the Black Warrior’s head.

At the same time, a silver crescent sword flash shot out from his sword and slashed towards the black hammer.

“What!?” Manguu shouted in shock as the Black Warrior used his forehead to take on the iron ball.

The Black Warrior did not show any abnormalities after getting hit. His burning eye sockets revealed sarcastic flickers instead.

The moment his black hammer collided with the silver crescent sword flash, he rapidly kicked out his left leg towards Manguu.

“Bull Horn!” Manguu silently chanted in his mind. Yellow light shone from his right knee and became the shape of a horn.


The bull horn clashed with the Black Warrior’s left knee.

The Black Warrior’s left leg seemed to have been fractured.


However, Manguu’s gaze froze.

The Black Warrior’s lower leg swung like a pendulum and slammed against his body.

“Jointless Technique!”

“Instant Rebounce!”

“Pendulum Saber!”

Several powerful combat skills flashed across Manguu’s mind.


At the same time, his body was pushed back uncontrollably.

The flames in the Black Warrior’s eye sockets flickered. He raised his black hammer and chased after Manguu, about to give Manguu a fatal blow.

However, at that moment, his body suddenly stopped.

Psst! Psst!

Two silver sword flashes cut his back.

Two new cuts opened up on his tattered black robe.

Some black bone crumbs slowly fell down.

The light in the Black Warrior’s eye sockets greatly flickered and he turned around.

Yugou looked at the Black Warrior seriously, while silver light flashed on his sword, and said, “Oi...... You want to leave me alone and kill them? You’re looking down on me too much. I’m more or less their Captain.”

“Interesting sword skill.” The Black Warrior looked at him, “Try again?”

“Looks like I need to get serious.” Yugou seemed irritated and sighed.

“Idiot! We’re already in trouble, you still want to pretend!?” Fesh and Manguu scolded Yugou.

“What troublesome teammates.” Yugou lamented. He raised his sword but closed his eyes.


The moment the Black Warrior saw Yugou closing his eyes, the flames in his eye sockets burned more intensely.


Silver sword flashes flew through the air.

The Black Warrior took a step back. Another sword scar appeared on his throat and bone crumbs fell off.

Yugou appeared on the side, his eyes closed.

“So it was not sword skill, but the Heart Blade Style blade skill! You’re the successor of the San Clan.” The Black Warrior spoke with his screechy metallic voice.


At the same time, the black hammer in his right hand suddenly disappeared. Two streaks of black light surged out from both his hands and became two black sabers.

One saber was two meters long while the other was less than half a meter short.

“Stance Blade Style?”

Yugou’s expression became serious.

“Heart Blade Style was one of the strongest close-range combat styles during the Era of the War with Dragons. Unfortunately...... Stance Blade Style counters it.” The Black Warrior slowly spoke.


He suddenly disappeared.

At the same time, Yugou also disappeared.


Suddenly, black lightning and silver lightning collided in the air.

Fesh and Manguu opened their eyes wide.

The Black Warrior and Yugou reappeared.

“Captain!” Fesh and Manguu screamed out in shock.

Yugou’s eyes were still closed. The sword he swung was blocked by the Black Warrior near the forehead.

A black shock wave was hitting his sword along with the black short saber.

At the same time, the Black Warrior’s long saber was swung horizontally.

The scene gave Fesh and Maguu a feeling that Yugou would get bisected while the shock wave shattered his joints.

However, at that moment, Yugou’s closed eyes suddenly opened.

A tiny silver light shot out from his pupils.


The Black Warrior’s short saber started showing seams.

The Black Warrior’s gaze froze.

“Blade Severance Style!” was all he managed to exclaim before Yugou’s silver sword flash slashed his throat again.


The Black Warrior’s throat revealed an obvious cut.

He was pushed back by the powerful force.

The long saber in his hand completed its swing, but it did not touch Yugou’s body.


Yugou’s eyes closed and opened again.

In that blink, his sword severed the Black Warrior’s long saber while another sword flash struck the Black Warrior’s throat.

The Black Warrior’s throat completely snapped.


He showed a shocked expression and rapidly retreated as black smoke rose up from his body.

However, with a loud bang, his rapidly retreating figure seemed to hit a wall.

Manguu’s voice sounded next to the Black Warrior’s ear, “Are you forgetting about me? Do you think you can defeat me with one strike?”

Despite blood spilling out from his mouth, he blocked the Black Warrior’s retreat.


Without any pause, a silver sword flash cut into the Black Warrior’s broken throat.

The Black Warrior’s neck completely cracked open and broke.


Belo, who was pale white apart from his red face, looked at Besche in the huge ice statue and mocked, “Looks like your retainers are also nothing. They’re already disposed of by my comrades.”

The huge ice statue had completely become blood red.

It was no longer a mixture of white ice crystals and the streams of blood underneath Besche’s feet. It was a pure blood swirl now.

Bat, who was carrying Belo and advancing, could no longer move forward due to the huge arcane energy pressure released by the ice statue.

“It’s alright. Since they are trash, there’s no problem if they die. Meanwhile, the stronger your companions are, the more useful they are to me. They will become my ghoul minions or retainers.” Besche remained calm. He was confident and powerful.

“Now...... My son, have you made up your mind? Are you going to continue fighting against me or side with me?”


The moment he spoke, the huge ice statue that had become blood red completely shattered. Countless blood red ice shards shot out and covered the entire sky of the town.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Blood red arcane power started raining down.


Yugou’s team and Chris’s group changed their expressions. They seemed to have lost control over their blood as it seeped out from their skin.


An impulsive and mad laughter suddenly rang out from the sky.

A huge menacing blood face slowly appeared.

“He is actually this strong...... We are still going to die huh......”

Buel looked at the menacing blood face in the sky and clenched his teeth so hard his gum was bleeding.

In his eyes, even Chris, Yugou, Ivan and the others who he felt were really powerful could not resist it. They were completely trapped by that dangerous arcane power.

However, at that moment, Belo’s voice spoke in his mind, “Oi, brat...... Are you really not afraid of death?”


Buel’s body stiffened. He watched the blood flowing out from his body. His gaze looked past the blood and saw the empty town.

“I want to take revenge! I’m not afraid of death!” He twisted his deer head hat and roared out with all his strength.

Belo’s voice spoke in his mind again. “In that case, hand over your life to me.”

At the same time, Belo’s forehead split open.

A drop of blood flowed down into Belo’s mouth.

Within that drop of blood, there was a pill shining colorfully.

The moment the calm and confident Besche saw that pill, his face suddenly twisted. He roared, “Ancestral Beast Blood Pill!”

“What are you trying to do? You’re going to risk your own life to kill me!?”

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Three waves of blood flowed out from Bat, Hiruka and Snake Eyes into Belo’s body.

“My retainers are not as strong as yours...... two of them are even rendered immobile by your retainer...... But they are willing to hand over their lives to me...... They really trust me...... My father...... Now is the time to settle our grudge......”

Belo raised his head and showed a mocking yet proud grin.

A colorful glow suddenly appeared on his skin. His body began to rot. The blood floating in the air also began to become tainted and colorful while rotting.

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