Chapter 530: Fighting Against Impossibility!

Chapter 530: Fighting Against Impossibility!


“He can unleash a mental attack from such a distance and make the opponents feel as if their souls are burning...... In that case, aren’t we just going to suffer from his attacks? How can we even hit back?”

Cold sweat dripped down Moss’s forehead.

“Not only that, according to the legends......” Yugou became serious, “The Burning Soul Shooter has a unique life force. He can use a secret skill to replenish his life force from the monster he rides. Just injuring him isn’t enough. We have to kill him and his monster if we want to truly kill him. So, they usually pick a monster with astonishing defense and recovery as his mount. That mount is equivalent to his second life.”

A retainer is already on this level, huh?

Chris hardened her expression as a burning fighting spirit lit up in her eyes.

“Even our retainers have such a massive difference. Your three retainers can be finished off by one attack from my retainer. How do you intend to kill me?” Besche looked at Belo with pity and disdain.

However, at that moment, Besche mumbled in surprise, “Hmm?”

Bat suddenly moved.

Although he still looked in pain, his body moved and he took a step forward.

“Leader...... Instructor...... I won’t be scared anymore. I won’t run away again...... Even if I die, I will die fighting!”

Bat’s head felt as if it were exploding from the pain. However, that voice became louder and louder in his consciousness.

As that voice overwhelmed the pain, the black flames burning on his body rapidly disappeared.

“At least one managed to regain mobility with his willpower huh?”

Besche shook his head, “What difference does that make?”

The moment he spoke, the other retainer, the fisherman wearing tattered arcane robes suddenly moved forward.

As he approached, they could see he was an old man with waxen yellow skin and black light dwelling in his eyes.

However, at that moment, the old man’s flesh rapidly shrank.

A creepy arcane energy fluctuation surged out from his body.

His flesh and skin had shrunk into an elastic membrane and tightly adhered to his bones. Even his organs had completely disappeared.

He had become a skeleton wrapped in skin. Two yellowish flames burned in his black eye sockets.

Meanwhile, black light gathered in his right hand and became a one-meter long black hammer.

“Black Warrior!” the serious-looking Yugou shouted out in shock.

Besche looked at Yugou in surprise and praised, “Good eyes.”

“What’s that?” Moss’s hair stood up in fear.

He just wanted to fight a proper battle against a normal arcane master!

Belo was already creepy enough when fighting the enemy. Now that Belo’s father appeared, the retainers his father brought were even creepier.

Yugou frowned and quickly explained, “A close-range combat master who used drugs to refine his body since he was young. He has abnormal close range combat techniques and possesses astonishing stamina. In addition, his body can transform into a monstrous form, so his body will not get affected when taking hits.”

“Super strong close-range combat master......” Moss felt his mouth so dry as if he had just swallowed sand.

At that moment, Chris whispered to everyone, “Belo, can you and your retainers stop your father?”

You must be kidding!

The two retainers are already monsters at such a level! How can Belo handle that guy alone?

Moss almost shouted in reflex.

“I can.” Belo’s voice mixed with fervor and chill immediately replied, “I can stall him. All of you finish off the two retainers.”

“Moss, you and I will take on that Burning Soul Shooter. Yugou, you three handle that Black Warrior. Is it alright?” Chris turned around and asked Yugou’s team.

“It may cost us quite a heavy price.” Yugou nodded with a bitter expression.

Fesh and Manguu glared at him and scolded, “Stop being such an idiot.”

“Belo, let’s go.”

Moss’s legs trembled non-stop. He felt it was a battle they had no chance of winning. However, Chris did not seem to doubt Belo at all and waited for Belo’s signal.

Belo did not say anything else.


However, his surroundings suddenly let out a humming noise.

His bloody body suddenly became pale white. Meanwhile, a huge blood swirl formed around him.

That blood swirl rapidly revolved and drilled into the ground.

At almost the same time, countless blood threads rose up from the ground beneath his father.

The densely packed blood threads formed a large blood cocoon.

Only Belo’s face remained blood red.

“Carry me there!” He commanded Bat.

Bat put Belo on his back without any hesitation and dashed towards the blood cocoon.

“Moss!” Chris shouted.


Moss disappeared with a loud explosion.

The Burning Soul Shooter standing on the toad’s back revealed a mysterious glow in his eyes. He calmly drew his bowstring.


An arrow accurately hit Moss’s body.

Black flames immediately began burning on Moss’s body.

His body stiffened and his face twisted in pain.


However, in the next instant, his body rapidly expanded and slammed into the ground like a mini volcano. At the same time, a visible sound shock wave came out from his mouth.

The Burning Soul Shooter and his monster mount stiffened.

A petite figure and leapt over Moss.


The Burning Soul Shooter and his toad contracted their pupils.

Chris disappeared from their vision. A terrifying black dragon condensed from destructive black flames replaced her figure.

The terrifying Dark Destruction Dragon swept over the Burning Soul Shooter and his monster.

“Wake up!”

Chris violently kicked Moss’s head the moment her Dark Destruction Dragon swallowed up the Burning Soul Shooter and his monster.

She used the kicking force to dash forward again. She stared at the place her Dark Destruction Dragon swept past without blinking.


Her gaze flickered.

The monster appeared first.

Its body was corroding. The remnant power from the Dark Destruction Dragon shone on its body like black gems.

However, the Burning Soul Shooter was nowhere to be seen.

At that moment, the monster opened its mouth.

The unscathed Burning Soul Shooter stood inside its mouth and shot an arrow towards Chris.


Black light shone on Chris’s forehead as if it was going to split open.


However, a terrifying arcane energy fluctuation was released in front of her again.

A terrifying shock wave slammed into the Burning Soul Shooter as he watched on in shock. The shock wave rushed into the monster’s mouth.

The Burning Soul Shooter let go of his bow. He was blasted backwards with his flesh getting gouged out.

The monster which opened its mouth bloated to the extreme in an instant and exploded.

“Die......” The Burning Soul Shooter screamed. A trail of light seemed to be taking shape between his hands.

“You die!”

However, at that moment, a huge impact hit his body accompanied by an even louder roar.

Moss held a burning golden sun with a twisted expression and slammed it into the Burning Soul Shooter.

Explosions rang out from within the Burning Soul Shooter’s body. His eyes lost their light and the trail of light dissipated.


“I must not fall!”

“I must help Belo!”

The wobbling Chris was supporting herself on her knees just like her usual overloaded training. She panted heavily as the black flames on her body shattered and disappeared.



At almost the same time, the huge blood cocoon completely shattered.

Huge waves of blood crashed about in the sky with an angry roar.

Within the blood waves, Besche’s expression was extremely chilling. Layers of ice crystals piled around his body and became a huge ice statue over ten meters tall.

At the same time, a huge white swirl took form under his feet. The scattering blood waves were attracted by it. The blood gathered under the huge ice statue and swarmed into it in streams.

“The huge difference in arcane level caused his blood essence to be devoured by the opponent?” Yugou frowned and commented.

“Worry about yourself first!” Fesh grumbled next to him and unleashed a silver crescent sword flash.


A black hammer deflected the sword flash.

The hammer then continued forward and touched Fesh’s sword. Fesh felt as if he were electrocuted and was repelled backwards.

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