Chapter 529: Kill You, Or Be Killed By You

Chapter 529: Kill You, Or Be Killed By You


Every undead ghoul arcane master stopped fighting and moved back like a retreating tide.

On one side were the undead ghoul arcane masters with white eyes, on the other were those with red eyes. The factions were clear.

Three figures slowly appeared from the forest next to the lake.

One looked like an old fisherman. His waist was bent and he wore a black rain cape. Though the black robe on his body was tattered, a dangerous aura reverberated around him.

One was an arcane master with a bow on his back. He was tall and rode a monster.

The monster looked like a toad. However, it was over three meters long and shrouded in black flames.

The black flames even covered the appearance of the arcane master riding on its back.

Those two arcane masters gave off a powerful and creepy feeling. However, compared to the last arcane master walking out along with them, the first two felt like his servants.

That man was not especially tall. However, each step he took would splash out white crystals and blood fumes. It seemed like a godly aura.

It was not the effect of an arcane skill, but the result of the arcane energy fluctuations from his body.

It’s really you...... It’s finally time to settle this......

Seeing the arcane master with the unimaginably powerful aura, Belo revealed a cruel smile.

“So strong! That’s the guy who killed these arcane masters and turned them into those monsters? Belo, do you know him?” Chris had noticed the change in Belo’s expression.

“You have activated the ancestor blood’s deepest potential and completed Hell's baptism?”

At that moment, the arcane master releasing white crystals and blood fumes spoke, “As expected of my son, I really do feel proud of you.”


Moss, Chris and the others were shocked. They looked at Belo.

“But I feel ashamed for having a father like you, Besche.” Belo’s eyes were filled with impulsiveness and mockery, “Only by killing you personally will I be able to wash away this shame.”

“What’s going on...... that guy is Belo’s father? Belo......” Moss looked at Belo absentmindedly. He could not imagine what had happened between Belo and his father.

“Why do you feel ashamed?” Besche calmly asked.

The two servant arcane masters stopped. He continued walking until he reached in front of the white-eyed, creepy arcane masters. He stopped when Chris and the others could see his face clearly.

He was a middle-aged arcane master who resembled Belo.

He carried an indescribable confident, cold-blooded and powerful expression.

His body was covered in frost. Even his pale face had a thin layer of ice. Each strand of his hair was glittering with ice crystals.

However, what was different from those creepy arcane masters was his body was showing great tenacity. The heat generated from his body sprayed out from under his feet.

He was not a normal arcane master. No, he was on the level of those legendary arcane masters.

Belo’s chilling smile became deeper. He seemed unwilling to waste any effort to speak to Besche. Meanwhile, Besche seemed to be looking at Belo with expectant eyes and spoke, “Fearing the power of something is only the mindset of the weak. My son, do you think it’s a shame to pursue power and become a stronger existence?”

“Was it me who wanted to kill them?”

Belo remained silent, while Besche looked at Belo and continued, “I just wanted to use the power of the Ice Lich Bone Case. It’s they who desperately tried to stop me and wanted to kill me.”

Chris and Moss stood to the side and quietly listened. They watched Belo and Besche and vaguely guessed what might have happened.

“Just because of fearing the power of an item, they wanted to forcefully stop and destroy the person who wanted to obtain that power. My son, don’t you think the mindset of the weak is hilarious? Do I have to obediently get killed by them for you not to feel ashamed?” Besche showed a sarcastic expression.

“I don’t care about some Ice Lich Bone Case. I also don’t care if others want to destroy it. You just wanted to obtain that artifact left behind by the Evil Dragon...... I don’t care about the strong or the weak. I only know that I was originally living a happy life without a single worry. The people around me treated me well. However, those same people were killed by you......” Belo finally spoke. The bloody glow in his eyes was so dense it seemed to be dripping blood, “I only know that each night I dreamed of them bleeding profusely and begging me to avenge them.”

“Then, are you saying I should be killed by them? Would you have avenged me?” Besche shook his head and snorted.

“Bastard! It’s because your clan wanted to destroy an artifact left by the Evil Dragon, while you wanted to keep that artifact for yourself. So, you killed everyone who stopped you!”

Chris’s angry voice interrupted, “It’s not wrong for an arcane master to pursue strength. However, there are many ways to become strong. If his path to become strong is not accepted by the people around him, something must be wrong! Killing everyone in the clan in order to become strong is just an excuse no matter what justification you make!”

“Bastard! You and Belo have such a high beastman bloodline! You must be the descendent of the most powerful beastman tribe in the past. The strongest beastman tribe that stood up against the Evil Dragon first...... The powerful beastmen tribes perished in the war against the Evil Dragon. Those who lived bet their lives to prevent a new Evil Dragon from appearing. They wanted to destroy anything that can be of assistance to the Evil Dragon followers. Yet you, who is a beastman, is greedy for power and killed your relatives who tried to stop you. Someone like you is utterly shameful!” Moss roared out angrily.

“The reason they died is because they weren’t strong enough.”

Besche shook his head, “I don’t want to fall from superiority. Since the weak are born to be killed by the strong, rather than dying in the hands of others, they are better off dying in my hands and becoming my power.”

“My son.” His eyes revealed fervor as he looked at Belo, “My blood flows in you. You only used such a short time to complete the Blood Yasha Form. You should be standing next to me. Only people like you and me can build a more powerful beastman kingdom.”

“I don’t think so.” Belo shook his head, “A person who doesn't even dare to believe in his own strength. A person who has to rely on the ancestral blood to gain power and confidence is definitely not a powerful person. A beastman kingdom built by an impure beastman like you will never be a pure and proud beastman kingdom. If someone has to build it, it should be someone like me.”

“Yeah, Belo is so fervent and impulsive. He’s someone who inherited the traditions of the beastmen. The beastman kingdom built by him would be pure.” Moss thought for a moment, then he unconsciously continued, “But if all of them are like Belo, that kingdom will be in danger.”

“Moss, you idiot! You are also infected by Stingham!” Chris shouted grudgingly at Moss, “You’re even saying this at such a time!”

“Very well...... It’s because of people like you that the beastman kingdom was annihilated so quickly.” Besche looked at Belo, “In that case, you are certain about fighting me and killing me?”

“Why do you have to keep spouting nonsense?” Belo touched his teeth with his hand. His teeth had become razor sharp and pierced through his skin.

“But you’re too weak. You can’t kill me.” Besche shook his head in pity.

Belo grinned, “Kill you, or be killed by you.”

“After today, you may be able to understand.”

“These three are your retainers?”

Besche looked at the sky, then at Bat, Hiruka and Snake Eyes who stood next to Belo, “Too weak...... Even your retainers are trash.”

The moment he said that, the undead army behind him split up.

The servant riding on the monster toad suddenly drew his bow and shot an arrow at Belo.


The black flames shrouding the toad surged up. The figure of that arcane master twisted and became a burning reaper.

The arrow he shot suddenly disappeared in the air.

A chain burning in black flames landed on Belo and his three retainers.

Yugou opened his eyes wide and exclaimed, “Burning Soul Shooter!” Yugou opened his eyes wide and exclaimed.

Belo’s body flashed in blood red. Nothing seemed to have changed.

However, Bat, Hiruka and Snake Eyes became stiff and unable to move. Their faces twisted in pain.

Is that a mental attack?

He can even attack from that distance?

Moss jumped back in shock and shouted, “Yugou, what’s a Burning Soul Shooter?”

“It’s a shooter who was said to have sacrificed his soul to the devil...... However, it should be those arcane masters who have unique mental strength. They can cut a portion of their mental strength and unleash a super long-range attack. It’s just like burning the opponent’s soul.” Yugou took a deep breath and continued, “These kinds of arcane masters were legendary existences during the Era of the War with Dragons.”

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