Chapter 528: Blood Moon Night, The Fated Enemy

Chapter 528: Blood Moon Night, The Fated Enemy


Within the frosty undead army, a creepy arcane master who was smoking from the blood thread suddenly raised his head.

He was close to two meters tall. There was a roaring snow wolf symbol on his arcane robe covered in frost. He held a huge scythe even longer than his body.


The moment he raised his head, a burning hot flame suddenly appeared in front of him.

His scythe sliced at the ball of flames without any hesitation.


The frost on his body was shattered, the scythe was repelled, and he was knocked back by the huge impact.


Without any pause, Moss’s shoulder slammed into his chest.

The creepy arcane master’s chest caved in.


Countless shattered bone shards splashed out from his back.

However, the creepy arcane master did not show any delay in his actions.

He slightly bent his knees and pressed onto Moss.

Two arcane powers were released from his knees like two swirls.


Moss’s body shook and spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Ah!” Moss roared. The burning huge blade spun around from the back to his front. He grabbed onto it and smashed it against the creepy arcane master like a hammer.


The creepy arcane master’s upper torso was shattered!

Moss fell back from the repelling force.

“I did it!” Moss roared out in his mind.

However, his face immediately paled again.

The frosty figures jumping up around him had completely covered his view!

Only then did he realize that in order to defeat the undead army, he not only had to kill the controller by rushing into the army, he had to survive after killing the controller too!


A creepy arcane master wielding two white swords dashed above the surface of the lake.

His body released white light and smoke.


Suddenly, a silver sword flash appeared from the lake underneath him.

The icy lake water gushed up from the sword flash and one of his legs was severed.

Yugou rushed out of the icy lake wielding a silver sword.

“Sometimes, battles require tactics.” Yugou looked proud.

However, his expression suddenly stiffened.

The creepy arcane master with the severed leg fell back due to losing his balance. However, the white glow in his eyes became even brighter.

Several streaks of light closed in from all directions and shrouded Yugou and the creepy arcane master.


The lake water within several meters was vaporized by the explosion.

“Cough...... Bastard......”

Yugou jumped back while coughing blood.

The creepy arcane master who only had one leg left was in tatters from the explosion. However, he used two swords as support and stood up straight expressionlessly.

These guys are harder to handle than what I imagined...... They aren’t afraid of using arcane skills at close range nor are they afraid of hurting themselves...... They don’t have a sense of pain, and they can regenerate after getting damaged to that extent and continue fighting...... they can receive reinforcements from the surroundings whenever they want as well.

No wonder an entire Corps could not stop their attacks and got turned into their kind instead.

Taking a glance at the creepy arcane master who was clearly wearing a Snow Wolf Corps arcane robe, then at the advancing figure of Chris nearby, Yugou showed a resigned expression, “Looks like I can’t slack off...... I can only use my trump card......”


Chris was rapidly charging.

Arcane power kept exploding around her.

The creepy arcane masters along the way did not show any concern for their companions and shot arcane skills at Chris.

Chris’s charge seemed without a pattern. However, each time she changed position, she could use a creepy arcane master as a shield to block the arcane skills aimed at her.

Along her path, there were numerous creepy arcane masters who got slashed by the weapons of their companions. There were also some who were blasted by arcane skills and exploded. However, Chris did not receive a single injury, not even her speed was affected.

Her eyes locked onto the smoking arcane master who wore a strange crane-shaped armor. However, her mind seemed to be grasping every movement in her surroundings.

The direct yet simple charge became astonishingly beautiful in the eyes of others.

How many times did she go through the obstacle course training, bouncing ball training, complex evasion training...... to allow her to be unhindered within such a battlefield?


The creepy arcane master wearing the strange crane-shaped armor suddenly opened his arms. The feathers on his armor immediately shot towards Chris.


The sound of sharp blades entering flesh sounded out.

The creepy arcane master’s white pupils contracted.

Chris appeared behind another creepy arcane master who was riddled with feathers and two piercers accurately stabbed his chest.

The creepy arcane master wearing the strange crane-shaped armor did not seem affected by the attack and pushed out his hands.

Two spiral-shaped shock waves rushed out from his hands.

However, the shock waves only hit Chris’s afterimage.

Chris had already appeared at his flank. Her piercers became a blur and stabbed into his body non-stop.

At the same time, Chris’s feet exerted force interchangingly and propelled her body around the creepy arcane master.

Several arcane skills exploded next to her. However, none could hit her.


Hiruka watched Chris’s god-like attack absentmindedly.

She was certain the controller had no chance of counterattacking and would collapse after getting riddled with holes.

However, not just everyone could become the god-like girl.

Can I...... possibly charge in?


While she was distracted, a cold glint flashed from her side and cut towards her neck. She was unable to dodge and stiffened.


Blood spurted out.

The hot blood sprayed onto her face, but it was not her blood.

Belo slowly retracted his cut hand after appearing at her side. He licked his lip like a beast and coldly spoke as if he saw through her, “It’s true not everyone can be the god-like girl...... But don't forget, we at least have one extra person, one to overlook the battlefield.”

One to overlook the battlefield?

Even if I cannot dodge all of the attacks, he will help me block the fatal ones?

Hiruka felt the blood in her face burning. She took a deep breath and charged forward without any hesitation.

“Leader...... Captain, you were killed by these monsters...... Are you watching me? This time, I will not be afraid!”

Bat was covered by his bat-base armor and dashed forward from the other side. His eyes were reflecting a determined gleam.

“Even if I die fighting...... Following these guys will surely leave a mark in the history books.” Snake Eyes, who was the newest retainer of Belo, charged through the waist-deep lake.

“Dashing Light: Consecutive Slash!”

Yugou’s rapid incantation could be heard.

Several streaks of dazzling sword flashes shot through the air.


The controller in front of him and the surrounding creepy arcane masters suddenly stopped moving. Then, they became chopped up bodies and collapsed.

With the death of several controllers, the undead army began to show signs of chaos.


Belo stretched out his hands. His wrists had already been slit by his sharp nails.

An ancient, mysterious chant came from his mouth. The sound of countless beasts raving echoed in the air.

Blood sprayed out like a waterfall from his wrists.

The blood fog spread out from the icy lake.

It shone brightly in the deathly battlefield.

A creepy, blood red moon rose.

Many creepy arcane masters who were in a daze suddenly stopped. They smelled the spreading blood fog. The white glow in their eyes dimmed and their white eyeballs began turning blood red.


The creepy arcane masters around the rapidly charging Bat seemed to have suddenly gone berserk. They started killing each other.


A clear path appeared in his sight. He leaped up and used his feet to strangle the controller’s neck. Then, he decapitated the controller before the weapon in their hand reached his back.

The controller's body stiffened.

Bat forcefully pressed down the controller’s body. He used the sharp blades on his boots to sever the arms of the headless controller.

“Leader...... Instructor...... you’re right...... If I completely forget fear...... and ignore my own safety...... I can really become stronger......”

At that moment, hot tears welled up Bat’s eyes.


Everyone in Belo’s team felt their burdens lightened.

More creepy arcane masters began killing each other.

At that moment, Belo heard someone speak in an ancient beastman language in the forest far away.

“Finally here?”


He let out a mad roar that sounded like an injured beast.

His skin split apart and began bleeding immediately. Even his hair turned blood red. Belo looked like a human-shaped cluster of blood at that moment!


Everyone was shocked.

A pillar of blood rose up from the forest far away.

The aura of a bloody storm swept outwards, bearing down on everyone with an overwhelming pressure.

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