Chapter 527: Revenge, Is Not That Easy

Chapter 527: Revenge, Is Not That Easy


“What do you mean?” Ivan was taken aback.

“Belo, you mean those undead ghoul arcane masters we are looking for are approaching already?” Chris immediately asked as she raised her guard.

“They should be here soon.” Belo nodded. A red glint seemed to flash across the eyes beneath the spectacles that were frosty from the cold air.

“This guy......” Ivan was shocked.

He could tell Belo had become very different from before. Just the red glint in his eyes was able to make him feel dizzy.

Moss identified the tall arcane master following behind Ivan and shouted in surprise, “Wilde? So you and Ivan are our contacts? The markings were also left by you?”

They were also acquaintances. Blue Wasp Wilde, the manly arcane master second to Ferguillo in the Iron Forest Academy.

However, the current Wilde had frostbite and dried lips.

“Who’s this?”

Moss asked about the person wearing a deer head hat.

He was a boy with dark skin of about thirteen to fourteen years old. He looked smart and cautious. However, the deer head hat on his head was too big and gave him a hilarious appearance.

“He’s Buel, a resident of this town. He’s the sole survivor and currently our guide.” Wilde rubbed his hands. He saw a steamy, hot tea on the table and immediately gulped it down. He turned to Belo and asked, “Are you sure we don’t have to extinguish the fire? Do you really have a method to fight those things? You need to understand, they are never alone...... They always move in groups. We have also scouted here. The Snow Wolf Corps not far from here has been exterminated. So, if you want to lure those things over on purpose, realize their numbers will be overwhelming.”

Belo glanced at Wilde and said, “You either leave right now, or get yourselves warmed up and eat something hot. Looks like you haven’t eaten something warm for quite some time.”

His tone was arrogant, but Wilde was familiar with the bunch of monsters from Holy Dawn. So, he did not get angry and sat down next to the fireplace with a shrug. He used a tin can to melt the cheese, grabbed a piece of bread and fish and began heating them up.

Chris watched the forest with caution. She had yet to see any movements.

“Oi, brat. You might die if you stay here. Don’t you want to leave?” Belo seemed to be showing interest in Buel as he spoke.

“I’m not scared!” Buel looked at Ivan and Wilde, then shook his head.

Belo seemed rather interested in Buel and asked, “Why are you wearing that deer head?”

“This was given to me by Uncle Hort, for my adulthood ceremony. He was going to bring me to a deer hunt, but all of them died...... So I want to avenge them!” Buel gritted his teeth and grabbed his deer head hat tightly, “After those monsters are dead and I have avenged them, I will take off this hat!”

Belo tapped on Buel’s shoulder and spoke with a strange tone, “Revenge? Do you think it’s that easy?”

Buel felt a slight numbness on his shoulder.

At that moment, Chris warned, “They’re coming!”

Buel held his deer head hat and turned around. He could see several figures covered in frost dashing out of the forest.

Within the night, those figures’ eyes were glowing white.

“Luckily there are only a few.” Moss mumbled to himself.

“Is it?” Belo pushed up his spectacles and snorted.

Moss’s mouth suddenly opened wide and his face paled. However, he could not make any noise.

A piece of bread fell out from Wilde’s mouth.

Apart from Belo, all of them paled.

A few seconds after the first few figures dashed out, branch snapping sounds could be heard coming from the entire forest.

Densely packed white glows from the eyes of those figures swarmed out from the forest.

Chris sternly stared at those figures and spoke, “There’s too many of them! At least a thousand!”

“A thousand......”

Moss began trembling uncontrollably.

Chris’s judgement would not be wrong.

There are definitely over a thousand of those figures!

If it’s just a few dozens, Belo should be able to handle them. But if there’s so many of them...... even a Corps can’t stop them!

Perhaps, there’s more than a complete Corps within those undead ghoul arcane masters!

At that moment, Moss heard Belo speaking. “So many...... Looks like it’s the sum of Corps and residents from settlements within the Eternal Winter Forest. It’s a big army...... not some small fries passing by......”

Belo’s voice carried that impulsiveness and fervor again.

The moment he turned around, he could see Belo’s face dyed red like blood and releasing a mysterious red glow.

“Oi...... Shouldn’t you be telling us how to handle them now?”

Silver Fox Team Captain Yugou spoke, “Even if these monsters are just minions waiting to be cut down, we will still get tired from chopping down so many of them. I also heard those things aren’t so easy to kill.”

Everyone turned their attention to Belo.

“Oi, since you completed the Hell: Blood Yasha Form, shouldn’t you be able to control those things?” Yugou looked at Belo and asked.

“There’s such a large number of them. There should be around ten controllers amongst them.”

Belo did not answer Yugou’s question immediately. He slowly took off his spectacles and passed it to Hiruka. Then, he mumbled to himself and finally answered Yugou, “If we can kill those ten controllers, I can control those things.”

“Controllers?” Yugou’s brows raised.

“Although it’s not a pure beastman arcane skill...... the property of chaotic blood from the beastmen will not change. Mutated blood organisms are the lowest tier organisms. Just like the worker insects, every hundred of such creatures requires a controller. Otherwise, it will become chaotic.” Belo nodded and explained.

“Can you identify the controllers?” Yugou rubbed his chin and asked.

“I can.” Belo simply answered, “When they get closer, I will tell you.”

“But killing ten specific individuals from such a large group......” Buel could not hold back his worry.


Belo revealed a menacing smile. He used an extremely low tone and slowly spoke, “Revenge, is not that easy......”

Buel trembled. He grabbed his deer head hat and stopped speaking.

“Although it’s still just as dangerous, this is something that’s possible at least. It’s worth a gamble.” Yugou grinned, “The righteous Silver Fox Team will fight alongside you!”

“Ten, huh?”

Chris watched the undead ghoul arcane masters swarming closer like a tide and began calculating, “Ivan, Wilde, you two; Me, Moss and Belo, us three; Bat, Hiruka and Snake Eyes, another three; Finally, Yugou, Fesh and Mangou, the last three. If we take on one each, there can be one extra to overlook the entire battle. It should be fine.”

“Is it really alright?”

Hearing Chris’s words, Moss became pale again. His legs trembled non-stop.

There were only eleven arcane masters and a young man Buel who probably awakened not long ago, yet they had to face such a large army! It was probably only fine in a god-like girl’s eyes.

The undead army covered in frost had reached the outermost buildings of the town.

The chill their bodies released caused the surrounding temperature to drop.

Many of them were not as agile as they were alive, some fell from the bridge into the icy lake and waddled through the cold water.

However, such an encroaching scene was even more terrifying.

The closest undead ghoul arcane master was less than fifty meters away.

“Belo, who are the controllers?” Moss shouted in fear.

There were whitish eyes everywhere in the dark night. It was too scary. The water splashing sounds made his head go blank, robbing away his ability to think.

Belo’s face instantly became fervent and impulsive. His eyes turned bloodshot, thin trails of blood spurting out from his eyes and dancing in the air before him.

The thick smell of blood caused the creepy arcane masters to become even more stimulated. They let out dangerous howls.


The blood in the air spread out into even thinner blood threads.

The blood threads fell and passed through the undead army.

Psst...... Psst......

Apart from stimulating the majority of those creepy arcane masters, there was no other reaction. However, some of them began shining white and started to release smoke.

“One, two, three......” Chris began counting quickly.

“Only ten! Belo, you’re right! They are the ten controllers?”


At that moment, an explosion occurred underneath Moss’s feet. The floor was split apart.

Since I’m trembling from fear...... and cannot stop myself from feeling scared...... it’s better to just jump into the frey as soon as possible!

I will only stop feeling scared after the battle is over!

“Charge! Brave warrior!”

Moss’s eyes locked onto one of the smoking figures. His body shot through the air like a meteor and crashed into the undead army!

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