Chapter 524: Belo, The True Brave Warrior’s Fight

Chapter 524: Belo, The True Brave Warrior’s Fight


Not a single shot missed. Each arcane energy cluster would accurately shoot down a Scorpion-tailed Eagle.

Not a single one could get close to the airship.

“So accurate!”

“Who’s the shooter? He’s so precise!”

The airship looked like a flag to the arcane masters fighting against Evil Dragon followers as it rose high up into the sky. It made their blood boil.

Especially for those arcane masters who had ascertained the appearance of the Epic Silver Dragon bloodline and the Green Dragon Prince, the rising airship represented hope. It represented the arcane master belief that would not be defeated by evil!

While Roha and the other arcane masters were getting inspired, a familiar shout rang out next to his ears, “Beardy uncle, there are too many enemies. Are you waiting for death and not running away?”

Roha shuddered and exclaimed in reflex, “What? Why aren’t you in the airship?”

“Eternal Winter Domain!”

At that moment, a figure shining in silver rushed towards the flood-like Corps with a ferocious charge. An extremely chilling domain clashed against the Corps along with a quick incantation.


That figure suddenly became huge and was covered in anti-arcane armor. He smashed into the crowd like a cannonball.

“Haha, run now, beardy uncle!”

Roha and the other royal arcane masters had yet to react to the situation. The armored Ayrin had already desperately run back. There were at least five arcane skills hitting him, but he forcefully dashed out of the blast caused by them and ran towards the airship.

He was also carrying a creepy arcane master shrouded in frost on his shoulder.

Thump! Thump!

The creepy arcane master desperately twisted on Ayrin’s shoulder, but Ayrin kept smacking his head and incapacitated him.

The royal arcane masters were shocked.

“What are you doing rushing here and carrying one of them back with you?” Roha could not hold back his question.

“This is also one of our missions. My teammate is investigating these guys...... I caught one for research......” Ayrin replied from far away.

He was already below the airship. A rope dangled down from the airship.

Soon, Ayrin and the creepy undead arcane master disappeared into the airship.

“That guy really surprises people wherever he goes!”

Roha recollected himself and smiled.

“Let’s go! Just like that guy said, we should escape! Don’t die here!”

“The real battle has only just begun!”

He jumped through the huge buildings and escaped.


In the airship control room, the creepy undead arcane master caught by Ayrin was bound by multiple arcane skills. However, the white glow in his eyes and madly twisting body made them still feel uneasy.

Ayrin looked at the creepy arcane master in a bat-base armor and asked the black-haired man, “How is it, uncle?”

He frowned.

This creepy arcane master has been dead for a long time, even his hair suggests so. However, he has already regenerated the wounds he sustained after constantly getting hit by arcane skills on my way back after abducting him.

I have never heard of a necromancy skill that can show such an effect.

“This is not simply necromancy.”

Lenyu was still slightly spasming, but his expression was grave. He carefully inspected every wound on the creepy arcane master. Then, he came to a conclusion, “The strange white blood in his body is repairing it. The white blood in his body is just like a bizarre parasite. This is the result. It’s a combination of powerful necromancy, Evil Dragon follower’s Parasitize and blood mutation.”


Ayrin cut out a piece of flesh from the creepy arcane master with his crimson gold longsword.

“Ayrin, what are you doing?” Meraly’s face paled, “You aren’t thinking of eating that, are you?”

“I don’t eat human-shaped things. I won’t even eat that Evil Dragon Ross transformed into. Otherwise, I will get a trauma which will affect my appetite.” Ayrin answered with a serious expression, “I just want to check his blood.”

“Your appetite is so good, yet you are worried about affecting it?” Meraly wanted to puke blood. However, she held her breath when she saw the white blood wriggling in that piece of flesh Ayrin cut out. The white blood looked like crawling worms.


A cluster of frost froze the white blood.


Next, a ball of flames burned the white blood.

The frozen white blood did not seem to be affected and continued to wriggle. However, after being burned by the flames, the white blood turned to ash.

“It seems that the colder it is, the fresher the body is kept so that the activeness of the blood can be ensured.” Ayrin analyzed after testing it with arcane skills.

“Ayrin, can you stop using the word ‘fresh’? I will lose my appetite for any frozen food.” Meraly held back her urge to vomit and gritted her teeth.

“So, these arcane masters have been modified into containers that can constantly absorb ice arcane power.” Ferguillo spoke, “Looks like the best method against these creepy arcane masters is using powerful fire arcane skills. However, this blood has such a potent invasive ability. It can constantly convert dead arcane masters into similar existences...... There will be many more of such arcane masters unless the source can be exterminated.”

“Uncle, is it only the highest beastman bloodline that can possess such a powerful blood mutation?” Ayrin scratched his head and asked Lenyu.

“It’s probably an Evil Dragon Bishop who is a necromancy expert and possesses the highest beastman bloodline.” Lenyu sighed, “During the Era of the War with Dragons, the ancient beastman kingdom was the first to fight against the Evil Dragon army without caring for the losses. They were also the first to fall. However, now one such beastman has become a powerful Evil Dragon follower instead.”

“Pursuing power is not wrong. Every arcane master wants to pursue absolute power...... However, the difference is that the true arcane masters pursues power to protect their family and maintain the peace of the Continent. Meanwhile, the Evil Dragon followers pursue power to do as they please and make everyone else their slaves......” Ayrin took a deep breath, fierce flames burning in his eyes, “I believe the person who changed the entire Bat Corps into this undead creature must be related to Belo...... Belo will definitely defeat him. That’s why Belo was acting strange on the way here. Belo was so impulsive and trained without caring about the price...... probably to defeat that guy.”

Stingham, Charlotte and the others became dumbfounded.

Did Belo...... already know such an Evil Dragon Bishop exists? Was his impulsiveness and life-risking training all for the sake of defeating this dangerous existence?

“Ayrin, we must also rush to the Eternal Winter Forest! Someone who can annihilate the Bat Corps must be a six-gate existence!” Charlotte cried out.

Ayrin took a deep breath and spoke with determination, “I have confidence in Belo and the others.”

“Where does your confidence come from?” Meraly screamed, “Even if Belo is very weird, the opponent similar possesses the highest beastman bloodline and has a much higher arcane level than him! Even if it’s you, if the opponent possesses a similar bloodline as you and learned more powerful arcane skills with a higher arcane level than you, you would lose too.”

“It’s different.”

Ayrin suddenly seemed to become hot-blooded. He raised his voice and clenched his fist, “Belo is a true brave warrior! And I know that he will never make others die along with him for no reason! Hence, I believe in him...... Even if the opponent has the same bloodline as him, a true brave warrior will definitely defeat his opponent!”

“I still have a little doubt.”

Stingham mumbled, “Why don’t we go back and take a look? To make sure Belo and Chris are not amongst those creepy arcane masters.”

“You idiot! Don’t be such a jinx!”

“I will chop you first and throw you down. Let them turn you into one of those monsters!”

Meraly was enraged. She unsheathed her Golden Holy Sword and started hacking away at Stingham.

“It’s fine. We won’t make it even if we rush there now. We can only believe in Belo to be able to handle such an opponent!”

Ayrin scratched his hair and laughed, “I’m hungry. That pot of meat must have been cooked. It’s so fragrant!”

“Hungry again...... Ayrin you pervert! It’s all because of you that this legendary airship is no different from a fat sausage flying in the sky!” Meraly screamed.

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