Chapter 522: Daring Idea

Chapter 522: Daring Idea


“Rinloran! Ferguillo! Jean Camus! How are you?” Ayrin began calling out.

“I won’t die......” Ferguillo replied.

What shocked the Chinyu arcane masters who were desperating healing Rinloran and Jean Camus was Ferguillo standing up by himself while his body was riddled with holes.

Ferguillo who struggled up despite getting so many wounds opened up on his body was just like Ayrin.

He watched Rinloran and Jean Camus who were in a deep coma and quietly spoke, “These two should also survive......”

“Are they heavily injured? Even these two guys are in a coma from injuries? These Evil Dragon Bishops are so powerful!”

Ayrin continued while chewing the meat and cutting more flesh out of the worm, “Uncle, who are you? Did you discuss with Jean Camus beforehand? If not for you, we definitely could not have beaten those guys.”

“In the past, people called me Foreign World Traveler Lenyu. I’m from the Sarens Clan.” The black-haired man answered.

“Sarens Clan?” the Chinyu arcane masters exclaimed in shock.

“What clan?” Ayrin scratched his head embarrassedly, “Is it strong? I have never heard of it.”

“Sarens Clan is also known as the Balance Clan.” A Chinyu arcane master explained with an astonished expression, “This is a mysterious clan. During the Era of the War with Dragons, this clan’s origin was said to come from a foreign world meteor. This clan has a unique faith. They believe that all entities in the world can only survive after getting balanced. Hence, they take maintaining balance as their responsibility. They always try to restrain the most powerful individuals in the Doraster Continent. So, when the Evil Dragon tried to destroy the order of arcane masters in the Doraster Continent, they stood up and fought against it.”

“The war between our Sarens Clan and the Evil Dragon has continued up to the present.” The spasming black-haired man looked at Ayrin with a complicated gaze, then slowly spoke, “In the past, the outside world thought that the shadow of the Evil Dragon followers always existed, but the arcane masters in every Kingdom held an advantage. However, I don’t think so. The Evil Dragon follower’s force is much stronger than most could even imagine, they even have the advantage in fighting strength.”

“Based on my intel, amongst these Evil Dragon Bishops, there is a Coffin Master Bishop who is much stronger than the rest. The most important item of the Evil Dragon is in his hands. If we can’t kill him, the Evil Dragon followers will never die out. However, the Coffin Master Bishop is very mysterious, we can’t even try to assassinate him.”

The black-haired man continued, “When Jean Camus was held captive here, I once infiltrated this place and got into contact with him. We wanted to wait for a chance and force Coffin Master Bishop out. Even if we can’t kill him and die trying, as long as we know his identity abilities...... some arcane team might be able to kill him. Your arrival...... especially the simultaneous appearance of the Epic Silver Dragon bloodline and Green Dragon Prince, has caused a never before seen storm within the Doa Royal Palace. The flames of war have been lit, the righteous arcane masters and hidden Evil Dragon followers have already split into two sides...... The three Evil Dragon Bishops have almost been wiped out here. The timing cannot be better, yet Coffin Master Bishop hasn’t showed up.”

“Coffin Master Bishop? If he’s much stronger than those other three Bishops, isn’t he an existence who opened seven arcane gates?” Ayrin shouted in astonishment.

The black-haired man nodded, “It’s possible.”

“There really is someone who has opened all seven arcane gates in this era?” Meraly’s expression was filled with disbelief. Based on her knowledge, those Evil Dragon Bishops with six arcane gates should have been the strongest existences in the current era.

Charlotte was also astonished.

It was the same for her. She believed the Dragon arcane masters from the Nine Houses had the strongest individual fighting strength in the Kingdom of Eiche. They should also be arcane masters with six arcane gates opened.

“Some arcane masters with special bloodlines have a long lifespan. They have more time to raise their arcane levels compared to most other arcane masters. There are always these hidden individuals in every era.” The black-haired man spoke confidently, “Even if the Coffin Master has not opened seven arcane gates, he must be at the peak of six arcane gates. He should far surpass the average six-gate arcane masters.”

“What a powerful guy! I wouldn’t even survive one attack from someone like Ross if not for the herbs I ate in the Divine Herb Garden. Teacher Liszt is right, I can only try to run away if I face arcane masters on that level with my current strength. Looks like I must at least open one more arcane gate and learn some powerful forbidden skills before I can fight against arcane masters with six arcane gates opened.”

Ayrin felt a little emotional. However, he immediately looked determined and shouted with enthusiasm, “No matter how many arcane gates the Coffin Master Bishop opened, he will definitely be defeated! Since he did not dare to defeat his opponents openly despite possessing such great strength, he’s not a true arcane master, unfit to be called the strongest in the current era.”


Everyone trembled for some reason.

Certainly...... only a natural born battle maniac like Ayrin will keep charging forward. He will keep challenging stronger opponents and climb up to the top!

While everyone was silently thinking over Ayrin’s speech, Ayrin asked, “Uncle, how did that golden guy escape? What about the Arachne Bishop who you fought against?”

“Zachirei’s Chaotic Demon Body is a powerful arcane skill. His body will become extremely sturdy. After he uses it, he can unleash dangerous arcane skills in a melee. The power from the arcane skills harm his opponent while he is able to endure it himself. However, the only weakness of the Chaotic Demon Body is that it solidifies his body into a solid-like state. After he got stabbed through, the cracks spread out causing great harm to his body. The moment he fell down, he used ‘Earth Escape’. This is an arcane skill that makes use of the earth to camouflage his aura and escape. I could not stop him in time.”

The black-haired man believed Ayrin’s group would face these powerful Bishops again, so he explained in great detail, “As for the Arachne Bishop, she’s the strongest one amongst the three Bishops. Her strength lies in the many dangerous forbidden domains she knows. The number of forbidden domains she learned and her research in domains has far surpassed most arcane masters in this era. Although I successfully ambushed her, she almost turned the table over on me. In the end, I could not kill her. The domain I activated last was similar to a teleportation domain. I only sent her to an extremely far away place.”

“Teleportation domain!”

Charlotte and Meraly were astonished.

It was a domain that left many legends during the Era of the War with Dragons. That domain was similar to a decapitation skill. In a large battlefield, it could directly teleport the dangerous opponents or large artifacts away from the battlefield.

Although the teleported target would not be destroyed, being forced to leave the battlefield could change the tide of battle.

“Uncle, have you rested enough?”

Ayrin’s eyes sparkled as he listened. He looked at the black-haired man with expectation, “The battle outside seems to be really fierce. Let’s rush out and you can change the tide of this battle!”

Explosions occurred non-stop outside. The ground continued to tremble. The battle outside was clearly very fierce. However, hearing Ayrin’s suggestion, the black-haired man shook his head. “I was already forcing it when using that domain with my arcane level. Plus, I suffered great damage from Arachne Bishop’s absorption domain. I will need to rest for at least ten days before I can fight again.”

“The outside situation is very disadvantageous to us! The Evil Dragon followers have the upperhand!” One Chinyu arcane master shouted while standing on the roof of the Heretic Judgement Center to scout.

In his view, explosions were occurring everywhere in the Doa Royal Palace. Many royal arcane teams were getting defeated and the arcane masters wrapped in purplish black flames were clearly in control.

At that moment, a Corps showed up.

From afar, that Corps should have come from the borderline neighboring the Kingdom of Eiche. They wore ice crystal-like armor and were covered in frost. They joined the side of the Evil Dragon followers. What was creepy was that the arcane masters in that Corps seemed unkillable. He clearly saw some of the arcane masters suffering fatal damage, yet they continued to charge.

“None of you can fight anymore?”

Ayrin looked at the unconscious Rinloran and Jean Camus, then at the surrounding people.

“Looks like we really can’t fight anymore.”

He mumbled regretfully, “What a pity. There might be some big delicious food outside.”

Suddenly, that Chinyu arcane master shouted again, “What are these monsters?”

“What’s wrong?”

Charlotte and Meraly also jumped up.

“These guys don’t seem to die...... and those killed by them seem to become one of them......” The Chinyu arcane masters spoke.

“Could it be the monsters that annihilated the Bat Corps?”

Charlotte held her breath.

She saw the Corps covered in frost becoming a flood of death. The arcane masters killed by them along the way immediately stood up and became similar to them.

Even from afar, she could see strange glints in their eyes.

“They seem to be really powerful. We are going to be surrounded soon. There are too many enemies.” Ayrin called out. He appeared next to Charlotte and looked stern.

“Oh no, I can’t finish that fat worm!” He grieved.

“Is it really that delicious? You’re still thinking of eating at such a time!” Meraly’s face paled. In her eyes, the Green Dragon Divine Temple had become the center of the chaos. Those arcane teams fighting against the Evil Dragon followers could not stop them. The Evil Dragon followers continued to advance towards the Green Dragon Divine Temple. Watching all those countless arcane masters swarming towards the Green Dragon Divine Temple was like an epic scary scene.

“This is a form of training. I might just gain another domain out of eating!” Ayrin answered in a serious tone. At the same time, his eyes flickered. He was desperately thinking of a countermeasure and clearly did not want to give up the fat worm.

“Schwartz King Worm...... can make a huge airship......”

Suddenly, light flashed in his eyes. He shouted towards Merlin, “Merlin, can you make it into a Schwartz Airship? That kind of airship should be able to carry plenty of meat!”


Everyone became speechless!

Using that fat worm to make an airship to carry its own flesh! What a daring idea!

However, they became even more speechless when Merlin nodded and opened her metal box.

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