Chapter 521: Outcome Not Predictable

Chapter 521: Outcome Not Predictable


“Charlotte, hit me!” Ayrin immediately instructed Charlotte.


Charlotte did not waste any time and whipped Ayrin with her wind whip.

Meraly was dumbfounded for a moment, then immediately blushed. She stomped her foot and grumbled, “You even have such a hobby.”

“Meraly, what are you thinking?”

Charlotte also blushed. However, she shouted back, “Quick, use your arcane skill to hit him. He can recover arcane particles with it.”

“......” Meraly wanted to find a seam on the ground and bury herself.

“Even Lord Ross......”

The group of white and red-robed Divine Temple arcane masters stood around Ross’s corpse. They could not believe it.

Suddenly, somebody hysterically yelled, “Look, what’s he doing?”

“He’s actually asking his girlfriend to hit him...... how perverted must he be......”

The Divine Temple arcane masters trembled non-stop.

“I can’t take it!”

One Divine Temple arcane master was unable to endure the torment and dashed out through a wall.


Ayrin stood inside the raging wind and golden glitter unleashed by Charlotte and Meraly with his silver arcane resistance layer.

His gaze fell onto Ross’s corpse.

“I should be able to make it...... Let’s finish off this big guy first!”

Next, his gaze fell onto the approaching huge worm.

He turned to the side and shouted towards the five monsters, “You five, I told you to stop faking death! Charge!”

“We......” The five monsters got up in tears.

“Quick, charge!” Ayrin swung his fists and his body released silver flames.

The five monsters shut their eyes and charged.

If we charge, we will only be blasted away and suffer some injuries.

However, if we don’t charge, we will definitely be eaten by this perverted master.

“Shanna, move aside!”

Ayrin ran behind the five monsters and warned the Chinyu arcane masters.

“He even asked those arcane masters to retreat, is he really treating us like a meat shield?” The five monsters’ tears had already dried up from crying too much.

“What’s he doing?”

Shanna and the other Chinyu arcane masters stopped their interception and dodged to the side as Ayrin had instructed.


The moment the arcane skills blocking the worm halved, the worm immediately crushed the remaining water walls and waves!


A domain power instantly exploded out.

A pink-colored domain first shrouded the Ice Lord.

The teary-faced Ice Lord suddenly changed its expression.

“Ah...... Aah!”

The Ice Lord madly rushed towards the huge worm with a rose-colored glow, weirdly shouting.

“What’s it doing? Did it eat something wrong?”

The Shoal Lord shuddered. Before it could react, the second pink domain landed on it.

“Ah...... Cha!”

The Shoal Lord also changed its expression and rushed towards the worm while yelling.

The remaining three monsters screamed in fear, “What is that domain?”

“Don’t dodge my domain, or you will be finished!” Ayrin threatened. He did not stop casting his domain. Within that area, the scattering arcane power from the clash between the Chinyu arcane masters and the worm was so dense he did not even need Charlotte or Meraly to replenish his arcane particles.

Similar domains landed on the remaining three monsters.

The three monsters also screamed and charged towards the worm.

“Is that the Warrior Enchantment Domain?”

“Or the Berserk Amplification Domain?”

“Why does it have such a thick alcoholic smell?”

Already escaping for their lives, the white and red-robed Divine Temple arcane masters saw the five monsters charging towards the worm as if they were doused with berserk potions. They had been tormented by Ayrin’s behavior again and again. Now, they couldn’t stop shrieking.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

The dull clash between huge bodies rang out continuously.

The five monsters’ physical strength was no match against the huge worm. They were beaten and knocked away.

“Hic...... Hah!”

“Ah...... Cha!”

However, the five monsters seemed unaffected by pain. They got right back up after being knocked down and charged at the huge worm again.

“What’s going on?” Meraly shouted in disbelief.

The huge worm’s body began wobbling, as if it could not control its body.

“Almost there!” Ayrin shouted excitedly as he dashed in himself.


His body left afterimages and directly rushed onto the worm’s back. He ran to the spot the Titans penetrated.


His crimson gold longsword cut in from the edge of the hole and made a circle, chopping out a large chunk of flesh.

“Merlin! Grill!” Ayrin shouted excitedly and threw the flesh to Merlin.


Everyone became speechless.

Merlin proficiently opened the metal box on her back and set up a fire pit with a Burning Gem as fuel while the flesh was still in mid-air. Then, she put a grill frame on top.


She caught the large chunk of flesh, then professionally chopped it into pieces of steak and began grilling it.

“She’s really grilling it?”

Apart from Charlotte, the others felt a chill. They felt Ayrin was really too savage.

“It’s really fat! Now the meat also has an alcoholic fragrance!”

“Merlin, steam this piece too!” Ayrin excitedly shouted again.

Another chunk of flesh was thrown.

Everyone felt that it was not a legendary battle but cooking in the kitchen.


The huge worm began slamming on the ground. The ground shook like a wave.

However, the five monsters did not shrink back one bit. They continued to rush at it. Even if the worm tried to go back underground, the five monsters forcefully pulled it back out.

The three Titans also rushed over. Another spear penetrated its body.

The huge worm madly wriggled. However, it was like a caged beast and could not break free.

“Merlin, braise this piece!”

Ayrin swung his sword as if he was digging through a mine. He kept carving out chunks of flesh and threw them to Merlin.

“He’s definitely trying to break our fighting spirit! He’s not really going to eat it, right?”

There were only a few Divine Temple arcane masters left. The reason they stayed behind was because they were driven by a strange emotion. They wanted to see if Ayrin would really eat the flesh of that worm.

Soon, Ayrin’s excited voice called out again, “Merlin, is it done? Let me taste it!”

One section of the worm was hollowed out by him. It could only wriggle on the ground and did not pose much of a threat.

As he shouted, Merlin moved closer to him and threw a pan lid-sized grilled meat at him.

While the other Divine Temple arcane masters watched absentmindedly, Ayrin gleefully enjoyed the grilled meat and shouted, “Delicious! It’s chewy, just like the egg white of a tea egg that has been cooked for a long time!”

Even the spasming black-haired man could not help but exclaim, “He’s really crazy......”

“It’s so big! I can definitely fill my stomach this time. I wonder if I can get another domain if I eat enough......” Ayrin mumbled.

In the depths of the Green Dragon Divine Temple, an angry roar could be heard. “What are you escaping for!?”

A red-robed, middle-aged Divine Temple arcane master holding a black cane dashed out.

“Even if Lord Ross is dead! Many of them have fallen! The strongest individuals among them have fallen! Can’t you finish off the rest with so many of you?”

The middle-aged Divine Temple arcane master released powerful arcane energy fluctuations. Streaks of purplish black flames wrapped around him like pythons.

“Lord Antwerp......”

The Divine Temple arcane masters shrank in fear.

He was the Divine Temple Guard Captain, someone who possessed a higher tier of the Evil Dragon bloodline than them.

“Demonic Dragon Rush!”

Antwerp immediately attacked after rushing to the scene.

Over a hundred streaks of black arcane energy currents merged into a swirl, then quickly turned into the shape of a black dragon.

“So strong!”

“Although it’s not as powerful as the Dark Destruction Dragon, his arcane level is still much higher than Chris’s. The power within that arcane skill is terrifying!”

Ayrin instantly raised his head while still merrily eating.

Flame of fighting spirit and anger were lit in his eyes at the same time.

“You bastard, I hate it the most when someone fights me when I’m eating!”

“Death’s Energy: Shadow Ball!”

An evil ring of light suddenly bloomed and landed on the corpse of Ross not far away.

Countless purplish black particles and a necromancy aura rapidly condensed.

An enormous shadow ball the size similar to a Dragon rose up.

Ayrin continued eating.

Meanwhile, the shadow ball blasted towards Antwerp.

“Ah!” Antwerp let out a shocked scream.


The black dragon arcane skill shattered.

The shattered arcane power impacted him instead and his body immediately became a shattered skeleton frame.

“This is definitely an unbeatable monster.”

“He’s an unkillable masochist!”

“A maniac with unlimited arcane particles......”

The remaining Divine Temple arcane masters did not dare to stay behind and only thought of running as far away as possible.

Meraly looked at the scattering enemies and could not hold back her voice, “We really won?” She felt as if it were a dream.

There were three Evil Dragon Bishop level existences a while ago. They actually survived against those terrifying enemies.

“Three Evil Dragon Bishops...... Two escaped...... It’s hard to tell...... if we won or not......” The black-haired man spoke with difficulty.

“The other Evil Dragon Bishop pierced by Thousand Storms Sword escaped, huh?” Meraly only then realized there was no corpse of the Evil Dragon Bishop who turned golden.

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