Chapter 520: Power Type King Worm

Chapter 520: Power Type King Worm


“You five, stop pretending. Get up, now!” Ayrin shouted towards the five monsters at the back.

“You even saw through this?”

The five monsters wanted to cry as they got up.


The moment they stood up, the ground within the Heretic Judgement Center split open and a massive, armored worm crawled out from the ground.


The five monsters shuddered and almost collapsed again.

“Aren’t you monsters yourselves? Yet you’re calling others monsters?” Meraly was speechless.

“Is this that fat worm from before? It can even use materialized armor?” Ayrin shouted in surprise.

The armor of the worm released powerful arcane energy fluctuations. It was clearly made from materialized particles.

“But if I peel off the armor, its flesh should still be tasty.” He began mumbling again, “It’s so big. One third can be steamed, one third can be grilled, the final third can be braised.”


At that moment, the fallen Ross roared and struggled to retreat.

“Running away?” Ayrin immediately shouted, “Quick, Stingham! Stop him!”

“Ayrin, can you show some sympathy? I can’t even raise my spear, yet you tell me to poke that big guy.” Stingham complained while remaining collapsed on the ground.


Ayrin rapidly charged.

The armored worm moved completely above ground. A house-sized piece of the flooring was lifted up by it and slammed towards Ayrin.

“What strength! Incredible!”

Ayrin immediately became a putty on that piece of flooring and flew back with it.


Merlin consistently fired. However, the huge worm completely covered Ross’s figure. The powerful arcane energy cluster hit the worm’s body and shattered its armor.

A crater appeared on the worm’s body, but the surrounding flesh squirmed and quickly regenerated.

“Ouch!” Ayrin screamed.

He was flattened by that piece of flooring.

Dozens of white and red-robed Divine Temple arcane masters immediately surrounded Ross and assisted his retreat.

“Oi! Don’t run! Fight like a brave warrior!”

“Aren’t you the Evil Dragon Bishop? Didn’t you open six arcane gates? Don’t you feel ashamed for running away like that?”

Ayrin’s shouts accompanied by his groans came from underneath the flooring.

“So perverted......”

The white and red-robed Divine Temple arcane masters were further convinced that fighting against Ayrin was a torture to both the body and mind.

You’re almost flattened and yet you still keep yelling to others not to escape and fight you.

“Hahaha...... King Worm Bishop is actually running away from a student arcane master!”

The black-haired man fighting against the white-robed priestess let out a haughty laughter.


The white and red-robed Divine Temple arcane masters raised their heads in shock.

A terrifying starlight slashed down from the sky onto Ross’s head before anyone could react.

“Lord Ross!” Came the shocked screams from the Divine Temple arcane masters around him.

Ross’s enormous body collapsed.

His head had been cleanly split in half.

“Is he dead?”


“It’s a pity he’s an Evil Dragon transformed from a human. I can’t eat him......” Ayrin’s regretful voice could be heard.


At that moment, the four crystal light films trapping the white-robed priestess rippled.

The originally solid crystal light film seemed to have suddenly become soft water film.

“Not good!”

The black-haired man’s laughter abruptly stopped.

His hands which were pressed onto one of the crystal light films sank into the film.

Not only his hands, even his arcane particles and mental strength were getting separated from his body and flowed towards the crystal light film. It was as if his soul was getting pulled out of his body.

“Arachne Absorption Domain!”

The black-haired man’s expression drastically changed.

“Void Disintegration!”

While the others were yet to react to the changes, he injected his arcane particles into the crystal light film all at once.


The crystal light film turned pitch black. Countless light dots appeared as if the entire galaxy was filled inside.


“I just want to save my son! You can’t escape!”

At that moment, the white-robed priestess’s voice rang in the black-haired man’s mind, causing him to become a little absentminded.

Nobody could stop the clash between powers on that level.


The four crystal light films disappeared and scattered into the air.

At the same time, the galaxy-like domain inside the crystal light film rapidly contracted until it eventually completely disappeared.

“Is she dead?”

“She disappeared?”

“What is that domain?”

Meraly and the others had yet to regain their senses. They were drenched in cold sweat.

It was an indescribable clash between powers. When the absorption power was roaming in the void, even those who were far away from it felt as if their mental strength were getting sucked out.


Helgy’s voice could be heard.

She flipped away the huge flooring pressing down onto Ayrin by herself.

Ayrin was embedded into the ground beneath.

“Ayrin! Think of something! Even that guy has fallen! Jean Camus, Ferguillo and Rinloran as well! If you don’t think of something, nobody can take on that big guy!” Stingham shouted in fear.

After Ross was killed, the worm was in a complete rampaging state. It crazily slammed the ground and chunks of rocks splashed about. It began charging towards Ayrin.

Merlin fired non-stop.

The arcane energy clusters fired from the cannon constantly hit the body of the worm, but it could not stop its advancement.

Psst! Psst!

Two sonic booms could be heard.

While Ayrin was gritting his teeth to crawl out of the human-shaped hole, the two unscathed Mountain Cleaving Titans moved to intercept the worm.

The two Titans held their shields high and took out the spears fixed on their backs.

The huge metal spears grazed through the air and stabbed onto the huge worm while carrying pale blue flames from the friction.

Clang! Clang!

Two loud metal clashing sounds echoed out.

The huge worm and the two Titans stiffened for a moment.

Pssh! Pssh!

After the initial clash, the two metal spears stabbed into the body of the huge worm and skewered through.

As expected of the Titans that can be used to fight against Dragons!

They are really strong!

Ayrin was filled with astonishment.

However, in the next second, he shouted in disbelief, “What!?”

The huge worm let out another mad roar.

It violently twisted its body. The powerful force even forced the two Titans to let go of their spears. The two Titans could not maintain their balance and fell down.

“It’s still not dead?”

Ayrin’s eyes opened wide in disbelief.

Even a true Dragon would not be fine after getting penetrated by two spears like that. However, the worm seemed completely fine.

Even its life force and physical strength did not weaken one bit. After knocking down the two Titans, the huge worm wriggled its body and slammed into the two fallen Titans. The Titans were knocked away.

At that moment, a voice told Ayrin, “It should be the Schwartz King Worm!”

“Schwartz King Worm?”

Ayrin turned around and noticed the owner of the voice belonged to the fallen black-haired man.

That man was clearly exhausted past the limit of his body. In addition, after getting drained by the absorption domain, his mental strength and body were in shambles. His every strand of muscle and nerve seemed to be violently spasming.

“During the Era of the War with Dragons, Schwartz Airship’s material...... Because its skin can be used to make sturdy airships, it was named as such.” The spasming black-haired man quickly explained, “It’s mainly a melee power monster. However, the most dangerous property is that the structure within its body is mostly the same. It is made up of the same type of substance. Each cell is like its organ, but it can also be said that it does not have any organs. Apart from the skin, its internal constitution has no difference. Hence, normal attacks won’t cause any threat to it.”

“Its body is made up of the same substance...... Then even that kind of penetration doesn’t affect it? How should we handle it?” Ayrin thought in a daze.

By then, Shanna and the Chinyu arcane masters in charge of defense had rushed up.

Powerful green water currents and arcane powers reverberated. However, the huge worm roared unencumbered and continued moving forward. It seemed unstoppable.

Helgy looked at him and called again, “Daddy......”

Ayrin had a flash of inspiration. He shouted excitedly, “I got it!”

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