Chapter 519: The Enemy Who Received Both Physical And Mental Abuse

Chapter 519: The Enemy Who Received Both Physical And Mental Abuse


Rinloran landed. Pushing over the limit had caused him to fall in a semi-coma state. However, the familiar stench allowed him to understand what domain Ayrin used.

“Bastard...... Just how much do you love this domain......” He cursed in his mind.

However, after cursing, he yelled in his mind before completely fainting, “Ayrin, you bastard, you must win!”


“What is this domain?”

Even the white-robed priestess and black-haired arcane master who were in a fierce duel were dumbfounded for a moment.

The stench made them feel the urge to vomit.

“So smelly!”

Many Divine Temple arcane masters desperately pinched their noses and retched.

“Lord Ross......” Some Divine Temple arcane masters were shocked.

The complaining Divine Temple arcane masters also stopped.

The bubbly domain was wrapping around the torso of Ross who was still in Evil Dragon form.

We are already vomiting from this stench so far away, what about Lord Ross who is directly inside of it?

Ayrin also desperately pinched his nose. He was looking at Ross with excitement and caution.


A mad roar came from the Death by Puking Domain.


The entire domain collapsed.

The collapsed arcane power became streaks of yellowish black air currents.


The majority of the Divine Temple arcane masters vomited non-stop until their faces turned yellow.

“......” Charlotte was relieved.

If not for Ayrin’s peculiar preference for the Skunk Devil Summoning and that domain which allowed them to gain multiple experiences from enduring it, they would also be puking non-stop like those Divine Temple arcane masters, unable to use arcane skills.

“Is he unaffected?”

“Is the Evil Dragon form more resistant against it?”

Ayrin opened his eyes wide in shock.

The Evil Dragon remained unmoving and looked very stable.

However, in the next instant, a deafening vomit sound came from Ross’s mouth, “Wah......”

Everyone’s eyes nearly popped out.

The Evil Dragon was vomiting like a waterfall, as if he were throwing up his organs.


Ayrin was extremely happy. His body emitted a silver glow again.

“While you’re vomiting, I’ll take your life!”

“Come! Holy Gate of Life!”

As he shouted with fighting spirit and chanted, he began dashing towards Ross with a never reached before speed!

Pop! Pop! Pop!

Glitters flashed in Ayrin’s eyes like meteor showers, getting brighter and brighter. He could sense his physical strength constantly improving. His charging speed was getting faster and faster.


The moment Ross forcefully stopped vomiting and emitted a terrifying arcane energy fluctuation, Ayrin’s arcane particles swarmed out.

Ayrin’s arcane particles did not flow through the passages within his body but swarmed out from every part of his body.

His body surface gained a magenta patterned hue. His entire body was releasing dazzling magenta light, as if he had become a huge cluster of arcane particles. At the same time, his body felt as if it were bursting open.

“This is Holy Dawn Academy’s strongest forbidden skill, the Holy Gate of Life? But he has been fighting for such a long time, how can his body still contain such an amount of arcane particles? Are the legends true? Does the Epic Silver Dragon bloodline really have unlimited arcane particles?”

“What is he doing? Suicide? Spewing out arcane particles like that is definitely suicidal!”

The Divine Temple arcane masters were traumatized. They felt that battling against Ayrin would not only damage them physically, their minds would also be tormented!


The moment Ayrin seemed to be on the verge of disintegrating, terrifying black flames rose up from around him.

A huge black eyeball took form with Ayrin in the pupil.

It’s another dark sacrifice from a near fatal condition!

Everyone finally realized what happened.


The huge black eyeball slammed into Ross.

Ross roared while his body lost balance. He was forcefully pushed back. His claws dug deep into the ground to regain his balance.

The black eyeball struck his neck, his scales shattering.

Within the scattering black flames and air currents, a crimson gold flash lit up.


Ayrin tightly held the crimson gold longsword with both hands and stabbed through the broken scales until only the handle could be seen.

It was an unimaginably epic scene.

The scattering black flames and air currents looked like a huge black rose.

Meanwhile, Ayrin, who was relatively tiny compared to Ross, fiercely stabbed a sword into Ross’s neck.

Everyone’s gaze froze at that moment.

Especially Meraly’s group, their mouths twitching while enduring their laughter.

That was because there was an even funnier scene.

The tattered Stingham, who came out of nowhere, held his Green Dragon Spear and proudly stabbed into the Evil Dragon’s butt.

Shanna and the other Chinyu arcane masters felt their eyes moistening.

As expected of the Green Dragon Prince, he’s a true brave warrior...... He still dares to charge forward against such a powerful enemy...... But you stabbed so far off the mark despite charging so close? Why can’t you stab at a more vital part?

“Ah!” Ayrin roared and exerted all his strength to slice his crimson gold longsword horizontally. He cut open a deep wound on the Evil Dragon’s neck. Blood spurted out like a fountain.


Ross let out a sky shaking roar. He shot out countless pale white particles, blasting Ayrin and Stingham away.

Bam! Bam!

Ayrin and Stingham crashed into the ground.


Ross shook and collapsed down like a hill.

“Not good...... I can’t get up this time......”

Stingham was spasming and screaming in pain. The Green Dragon Spear pressed on top of his body and released a pale green glow.

“Is that guy immortal?”

The Divine Temple arcane masters took a step back in shock.

It was because Ayrin jumped up excitedly again.

“My Death by Puking Domain is really useful...... It can even suppress a six-gate arcane master like him!”

“Can he still fight? He should be pretty much done for, right?”

The wound on Ross’s neck was terrible.

Shattered dragon scales stabbed into a large piece of rotten flesh. The black flames from dark sacrifice still burned in the wound.

There was a terrible sword cut which almost cut through half of the neck within the rotten wound.

However, Ayrin felt a little regretful. The surging medicinal effects in his body had completely receded after that strike.

He definitely would not be able to use dark sacrifice in the battles that followed.

At that moment, a trail of yellowish stench drifted past him.


The energetic Ayrin immediately started vomiting.

While vomiting, he complained, “So smelly, I’m puking as well......”


The group became speechless again. They wanted to laugh but could not.


A cluster of arcane energy which had a platinum core and purplish black shell blasted apart on Ross’s Evil Dragon body.

“What happened?”

Meraly and Charlotte turned around in surprise.

The White Dwarven Artifact Cannon vibrated and shifted back in recoil.

“We didn’t shoot it! What’s going on?” Meraly shouted in reflex.


Right after she shouted, Meraly and Charlotte noticed it was Merlin.

There was a purplish black crystal inserted to a socket at the base of the cannon. The purplish black smoke wrapped around the entire cannon like blood vessels.

“Isn’t that the crystal that was attached to Ross’s tongue?”

Meraly and Charlotte realized what happened. “Great King!” they exclaimed together.

“The metal clockwork war avatar actually activated that cannon by itself! It even modified the cannon?”

“What kind of monsters are these people?”

The Divine Temple arcane masters trembled.

“He’s not dead yet!”

“He should still be able to fight! Otherwise, Merlin won’t keep attacking him!”

Ayrin raised his guard.


Another purplish black aracne energy cluster blasted onto Ross.


Ross let out another pained roar.

His body emitted black light. A huge black cloud appeared above his head.


Boom! Boom! Boom!

Various arcane powers exploded around the four Evil Dragon bones in the Doa Royal Palace.

Over a dozen royal arcane masters kept shooting arcane skills, but they were unable to stop the advancement of the huge earthworm-like monster.

However, at that moment, the monster suddenly trembled and dove into the ground.


The ground collapsed in a trail towards the Green Dragon Divine Temple.

“It’s gone? It went towards the Green Dragon Divine Temple. What’s happening over there?” The sweating royal arcane masters looked towards the Green Dragon Divine Temple in shock.


Within the Green Dragon Divine Temple.

Ayrin and the other could also feel the great tremor underground. They could clearly sense a huge object digging towards them.

“It’s that worm!”

“Stinky egg, I told you to call that worm long ago and you refused. So you’re finally willing to call it over!”

Ayrin became excited. His eyes sparkled as he waited in anticipation.

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