Chapter 518: Evil Dragon Transformation

Chapter 518: Evil Dragon Transformation



Ross suddenly remembered something and shuddered. Pale white arcane particles swarmed out onto his body surface like maggots.

At the same time, a terrifying presence rushed out from the hole opened on Ayrin’s body.

The wound on Ayrin’s abdomen seemed to have become a black eyeball.


The black eyeball shot out, rapidly expanding and shrouding Ross inside.

“Ah!” Ross screamed in pain.

He was currently covered by surging pale white particles, as if he was made up of them. However, black flames were burning within these particles.

Patches of white particles were burned to dust by the black flames. Within a second, skin tore open on Ross’s body and revealed his bones.

“So cunning!”

“Ayrin did that on purpose! Under that situation, the opponent’s first reaction is to kill him...... Ross definitely won’t realize Ayrin is trying to attack with dark sacrifice!”

Meraly also realized Ayrin’s intention after getting drenched by cold sweat.

From that moment onwards, she fully admitted Ayrin’s superiority.

Ayrin was indeed a battle genius she was no match against.

Using the arcane resistance layer just generated...... using the remaining medicinal effects in his body to ensure he wouldn’t get killed instantly...... then using a creepy self-harming type arcane skill like dark sacrifice to attack the opponent. Ayrin has used almost everything he can to create a power that can become a threat to the enemy.

More importantly, his arcane resistance layer has only just taken form, yet he has almost immediately thought of such a combination.

This battle instinct is something I can never match.


The scene before them shocked every Divine Temple arcane master.

In the world of arcane masters, a difference of one arcane level meant an insurmountable difference in arcane skill power, physical function and casting speed. A difference of two arcane levels was like the difference between heaven and earth. Even a surprise attack would not work.

However...... the invincible Ross in their eyes was gravely injured by Ayrin’s surprise attack!

Strictly speaking, although Ayrin had the assistance of the three Mountain Cleaving Titans and cover from the five monsters, they were his summons.

Is it really going to be the same as in the legends, that the Epic Silver Dragon bloodline is fated to bring down the Evil Dragon bloodline?

However, the astonishing events had not stopped yet.

Just as Ross screamed in pain and had his bones revealed through the holes in his skin, a green spear tip suddenly came out of his chest!

“Stingham?” Charlotte shouted in disbelief instantly.

That’s impossible!

How can Stingham hit a target?

It can’t be such a coincidence.

Meraly and the others who were focusing on Ayrin all thought the same.

“Wahahahaha!” Stingham’s proud laughter rang out.


Meraly and the others only realized by then that Stingham had already run to the back of Ross. Currently, Stingham was standing behind Ross with one hand on his waist and the other holding the Green Dragon Spear stabbing through Ross.

“Haha, you can’t say my aim is terrible now, right?”

“I followed Ayrin pervert and ran up behind him. Then I stabbed him! You can’t say I missed this time, can you?”

Stingham flicked his hair and proudly gestured to Meraly and the others.

“Great, brave warrior Stingham! Ahh, why do I feel so dizzy?” Ayrin shouted while falling down.


Every Divine Temple arcane master shuddered.

His body had been penetrated by the Underworld Weeping Saber, yet he is still alive after suffering so many fatal attacks. He’s evening saying he’s feeling dizzy.

Regardless of Ayrin or Stingham, they both look like idiots.

However, is the god-like Ross going to be killed by them just like that?


Ross’s screams abruptly stopped.

Is he dead?

Charlotte, Meraly and the others held their breaths.

However, at that moment, Ayrin suddenly popped open his eyes and desperately shouted towards Stingham, “Stingham! Run!”


Stingham was unable to comprehend the situation.


A huge force transmitted from the spear to his body.

A black shockwave exploded out.


Stingham was blasted away while screaming. A human-sized hole appeared on one side of the Heretic Judgement Center.

“Stingham!” Ayrin shouted towards the human-sized hole, but there was no response.

Shanna and the other Chinyu arcane masters paled.


A breathing and roaring sound unique to huge monsters came from Ross.

At the center of the black shock wave, Ross’s body was morphing.

The bones and flesh in his body were mutating. His body was enlarging. Pieces of metal brown scales grew out from his skin and covered his body.

“Evil Dragon Transformation!”

Charlotte immediately realized and desperately shouted towards Ayrin, “Ayrin! Be careful! This is the Evil Dragon Transformation!”

Every Divine Temple arcane master stepped back in shock.

They were clearer than anybody what that Evil Dragon forbidden skill meant.

It was one of the most powerful Evil Dragon forbidden skills.

After transforming into the Evil Dragon, not only would his arcane resistance and endurance become more powerful, his adaptability towards Evil Dragon particles would greatly improve too.

The Evil Dragon particles in his body would surpass the normal arcane master’s limit.

If anyone came into contact with the Evil Dragon particles in his arcane skills now, they would definitely die unless there were special arcane skills to counter it like Holy Ablation from the Holy Dawn Academy.

“This is the Evil Dragon Transformation Teacher Liszt mentioned?”

“The Evil Dragon form only a few powerful Evil Dragon followers can become?”

Ayrin’s gaze tensed up.

“Charlotte, all of you, step back!” He immediately shouted.


The arcane particles in his body seemed inexhaustible. Terrifying arcane energy fluctuations reverberated from his body again.


The Eternal Winter Domain descended.

Everything froze with him at the center.

A string of mysterious Draconic incantations could be heard in everyone’s mind.

Ross’s body had completely transformed.

He had become a ten-meter long, iron grey Dragon. Pieces of scale covered his body like shields. A row of bones protruded and was exposed on the surface like a huge chain.

Wings covered in scales grew from his back. Purplish black flames surged out from his body.

“I told you...... I will cook you like a tea egg and eat you!”

The loud and terrifying roar came from the Evil Dragon’s mouth. At the same time, he spat out a waterfall-like dragon breath!

Ayrin reacted immediately. The Eternal Winter Domain had already manifested.

However, the terrifying purplish black dragon breath cut it apart and rushed towards Ayrin.

“Ah!” Ayrin screamed and disappeared within the dragon breath.

However, at that moment, the huge Dragon body suddenly stiffened.

Within the shattered ice shards from the Eternal Winter Domain, clusters of pink glow spread out.

Ross’s head became woozy after inhaling the extremely strong alcoholic scent.


At the same time, crimson flames rushed out of the exploded ice crystals.

In an instant, the bisected Eternal Winter Domain was filled with flames, becoming a world where ice and fire coexisted.

“Black Blood Demonic Dragon Egg!” Ross roared out angrily as his huge body was twisting in the splashing flames.

At that moment, he realized it had to be due to Ayrin devouring the Black Blood Demonic Dragon Egg. In addition, the unique bloodline talent of the Epic Silver Dragon bloodline allowed Ayrin to obtain a portion of the Black Blood Demonic Dragon’s bloodline talent. Hence, the Eternal Winter Domain would have such a mutation.

A pitch black figure flew out from the Eternal Winter Domain and screamed out in pain, “Ouch! It hurts!”

Still not dead?

Is that guy immortal?

The Divine Temple arcane masters felt numb.

However, they felt an urge to puke blood when Ayrin said to Ross, “You’re a real glutton, always thinking about tea egg!”

It’s you who ate the Black Blood Demonic Dragon Egg like a tea egg! That’s why Lord Ross is so furious and said he would eat you like a tea egg. Now you’re saying Lord Ross is a glutton instead!


Ross was so furious he spat out purplish black dragon breath. However, he could not properly lock onto Ayrin.


At that moment, an astonishing green flame suddenly flew past him.


Charlotte, Meraly and the others were attracted by the green flame, then became speechless again. Their mouths twitched non-stop.

Stingham had crawled out from the human-shaped hole unknowingly. He was also just a few dozen meters away from Ross’s huge body.

However, even though he was so close and Ross’s body was so large, he still missed!

“It missed again......”

Stingham really wanted to cry, his mouth twitching.


A purplish black dragon breath swept past and Stingham disappeared again.

At that moment, Ayrin excitedly said, “I’m going to turn you into a stinky egg!”

Charlotte immediately realized what would happen and reflexively pinched her nose.

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