Chapter 517: Provocative Fighting Method?

Chapter 517: Provocative Fighting Method?



The crystal films sealing the white-robed priestess trembled. The dark blue flames inside rapidly dissipated.


An arcane master with fluttering black hair appeared from one of the films and slammed his hands onto the film.

Countless dazzling arcane particles swarmed out from his hands and extended towards the sky along the crystal light film.

Almost immediately, the crystal light film turned black like the deep night sky.

Silver glitters flashed in the darkness like stars.

The arcane energy fluctuations surging like a tide within the crystal light film were forcefully suppressed.

At the same time, Ayrin, whose chest wound was rapidly healing, mumbled to himself, “I’m so dizzy...... but it’s not there yet!”

In the previous battle, he felt his cells almost generating a natural arcane resistance layer.

Many monsters and Dragons would naturally generate an arcane resistance layer after their potential had been squeezed out to a certain extent.

Just like Emperor Evil Eye, the natural arcane resistance layer would allow his body to obtain greater defensive power.

Ayrin was still young, so his cells were immature compared to adult monsters and Dragons. His cells had yet to reach their prime. However, he had experienced many fatal injuries in the continuous battles, not any less than what many adult monsters experienced. In simpler words, he had been beaten up too much...... Hence, the arcane resistance potential in his cells had been stimulated early.

However, it was currently at the critical point. He felt it was almost there, but still lacking a little.

“The Green Dragon Divine Temple restriction is no longer active. Ross’s arcane skills have become much more powerful. I won’t survive another attack!” Ayrin thought.

“I’m going to kill you!”

A menacing roar came from the burning black throne.

“No need, I will do it myself!” Ayrin shouted in reply.

Arcane particles swarmed out from his body and became a huge green light pillar.


The green light pillar containing destructive aura slammed against his own body.

“What...... the......” Ross’s voice was transmitted to many others’ minds again.

“Ayrin, I told you to stop scaring people. Yet you’re doing it again!” Stingham became teary-faced.

“What’s he doing?”

“Is he a masochist? He stabbed himself and used such a powerful arcane skill to hit himself!”

The white and red-robed Divine Temple arcane masters were hysterical.

Almost everyone focused on the green light pillar.

Even the battle between the black-haired arcane master and white-robed priestess could not attract much attention.

He survived?

The Divine Temple arcane masters shuddered.

At the center of the dissipating green light pillar, a pitch black figure stood straight.

“What a pervert!”

“What monster is he?”

In the next instant, the Divine Temple arcane masters trembled.

They saw the pitch black Ayrin stretching out two fingers and making a victory pose while showing his white teeth.

“So sick...... Is this the legendary provocative fighting method?” Meraly shuddered and became speechless. Her only thought was that Ayrin making a victory pose while being pitch black was sickening.

Suddenly, Stingham shouted, “Rinloran!”

In the sky, Zachirei’s golden body, Ferguillo, Jean Camus and Rinloran were rapidly falling to the ground. At that moment, Rinloran’s body became a cluster of pale blue light. Streaks of light became two bridges that connected to Jean Camus and Ferguillo.

“Such a high level healing skill...... Rinloran is burning his own life force to cast the healing skill...... He wants to save two people alone. He will die like that!”

Shanna and the other Chinyu arcane masters turned pale. Indescribable gleam showed in their eyes.

Even from such a distance, they could sense Rinloran’s life force rapidly weakening.

These people from Holy Dawn...... Every member of this team seems so unreliable...... yet, they are true arcane masters!



The burning black throne completely disappeared.

Ross appeared from within.

His body was still wrapped in purplish black flames. A materialized weapon over three times the size of his body appeared in his right hand.

It was a white saber.

The surface of the saber was uneven. It was made by squeezing countless skulls together.

“Underworld Weeping Saber!” Meraly screamed in shock.

It was one of the legendary materialized weapons during the Era of the War with Dragons, the commanding saber owned by the Corps Leader of the Underworld Corps of the Evil Dragon faction. The huge saber could not only disperse into materialized particles to be stored within the body, it also contained powerful ‘bone arcane power’.

According to the records she had seen in the Golden Academy, the arcane master who used it could draw arcane power from the saber and integrate it into long-range arcane skills!

So, the white saber was completely different from normal materialized weapons. It was not a close-range weapon, but a long-ranged weapon which could unleash bone saber flashes by swinging it.

More importantly, the power of arcane skills from arcane masters on Ross’s level was already astonishing. If it were supplemented by such a materialized weapon, how much power would the saber flash contain?


However, at that moment, Ross’s body shook again.

The soot on Ayrin’s body was repelled by a strange power and scattered away, turning into a ring of black dust around his body.

A layer of silver glow seeped out from Ayrin’s body.

His original arcane robe was in tatters, leaving him practically naked. However, the layer of silver glow seeping out from his body formed a brand new arcane robe.


Ayrin opened his eyes in surprise.

It was an indescribable feeling at the moment the arcane resistance layer formed.

The silver arcane resistance layer gave off an impenetrable feeling. It made him feel as though his every cell was compacted in the silver glow. His body seemed more sturdy and tense. However, it did not obstruct the arcane particle flow and arcane power integration.

“Arcane resistance layer...... he’s really a monster in human skin after all.”

The five monsters had just landed and were frightened by the level of arcane masters around. Cold sweat uncontrollably flowed down their bodies.

“Ayrin, when did you hide such a handsome arcane robe? Can you lend it to me?” Stingham looked at Ayrin enviously.

“......” The surrounding people who heard Stingham were speechless.

Looks like I must end the battle quickly!

Ayrin’s eyes flickered.

He could sense the rampaging medicinal effects in his body beginning to die down. He could probably only withstand another one or two fatal injuries.

That was also the same as saying he was the strongest while he could still endure another one or two fatal attacks.

After that, his fighting strength would greatly deteriorate.

He immediately roared out, “Stingham, Charlotte, Meraly, attack him together!”

“You five, use your most powerful arcane skills to hit him! Or else I will eat you!”


The five monsters shivered and attacked on instinct.

Five different domain powers took form simultaneously.


The three Mountain Cleaving Titans began moving. The Titan with a broken leg pulled out its spear while the other two retrieved the shields on their backs.

The actions from so many enormous entities caused the red and white-robed arcane masters who wanted to attack to shrink back.

“Enchanted Blade!”

Ross swung his Underworld Weeping Saber with an amazing speed.


The five monsters opened their eyes wide in shock.

A crescent moon-shaped saber flash almost a hundred meter long swept across and destroyed the five domains which had yet to completely manifest.

Within the terrifying clash of arcane powers, the five monsters could not even scream and were blasted away by the shock wave.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Even the three Titans were pushed back.

A platinum arcane energy cluster broke through the dissipating arcane power at that moment and shot towards Ross’s head.


Ross opened his mouth and a purplish black olive-shaped crystal appeared on his tongue.

The olive-shaped crystal was connected with many blood vessels as if it grew on his tongue!


A ring of iron grey flames reverberated from the crystal.

The arcane energy cluster shot by the cannon was extinguished without a sound.

However, at that moment, Ross’s pupils contracted.

Ayrin appeared right behind the arcane energy cluster.

Psst! Psst!

Two streaks of blood spurted out from Ross’s tongue.

The purplish-black olive-shaped crystal was severed from his tongue.


“Do you think you can block it after you gained an arcane resistance layer?”

Ross was furious. Every cell in his body seemed to be madly roaring.

The tip of the Underworld Weeping Saber in his hand released a white light and hit Ayrin.


The silver glow on Ayrin’s body began resisting the white light. However, it could not stop it from penetrating Ayrin’s body.

“Good job!”

However, Ayrin’s pained expression revealed a cunning smile instead.

At the same time, he stretched out two fingers and made a victory pose.

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