Chapter 516: A True Life-Risking Battle

Chapter 516: A True Life-Risking Battle



While the three Mountain Cleaving Titans and five monsters had just manifested in the air, a terrifying presence pressed down to the ground from the spiral-shaped light further up.


“Is that the helper Jean Camus mentioned?”

Ayrin opened his eyes wide in surprise.

Pieces of crystal light films impacted the ground from the sky with an unimaginable speed.

The air and ground the huge crystal light films went through were isolated into a separate space.

At the same time, countless black figures slid down along the crystal light film and dashed towards Ross and the white-robed priestess.

The five monsters which had yet to comprehend the situation already started shivering.

They felt as if they had crossed over a thousand years into the past and reached the battleground of the War with Dragons.

The crystal light film that isolated the space had such a terrifying speed that the five monsters felt their bodies stop in time as they landed.

Within the light film, there were black figures swimming through with even faster speed. Each released terrifying arcane energy fluctuations they could never hope to match.

Furthermore, each figure in the crystal light film had the same appearance. A man with fluttering black hair.

“Void Traveller!”

Ross let out a roar.

Countless arm-thick, purplish flames shot out from his body and madly extended. They slammed onto the crystal light film.

At the same time, holy white light burned around the white-robed priestess. White flowers grew out in the air to form a huge flower crown.

However, at that moment, a wild laughter rang, “Haha! Arachne Bishop, you set me up once before, now I will return the favor!”


Apart from the four huge crystal light films around the white-robed priestess, the other crystal light films disappeared.

At the same time, a truly terrifying power gushed out from beneath the white-robed priestess.

Dark blue flames instantly filled up the space in the crystal light film.

The area isolated by the four huge crystals suddenly became a massive sapphire.


“There’s still too big a difference between me and them!”

Ayrin’s eyes opened wide.

The casting speed of those experts when fighting with their full strength was too quick. Before he could even see the first arcane skill, the three experts had already completed an entire round of exchanges.


The calm Jean Camus who was still rushing towards Zachirei released a mysterious flame.


The unique arcane power neutralization domain covering him suddenly disappeared.

Rinloran and Ferguillo trembled and roared out in their hearts, “Jean Camus!”

They were certain Jean Camus could not withstand Zachirei’s arcane skill without the special arcane power neutralization domain!

The power of arcane skills used by the six-gate Evil Dragon Bishops was too overwhelming. Even Ayrin could only rely on his super regenerative ability and the medicinal effect of the herbs from the Divine Herb Garden.

“It’s alright. Just like what Ayrin said, only an arcane master who can risk his life for his beliefs can be a real arcane master.”

“Otherwise, what can he do even if he obtains great power?”

The domain dissipated. The purplish black beam reached Jean Camus’s body.

His body began to crack, his skin decomposing into particles.

However, the corner of his lips was curled up proudly.

“It’s up to you!”

Jean Camus let go of Rinloran and Ferguillo.

His entire body was radiating from the inside. He seemed to have become a shining diamond and crashed into the purplish black crystal floating in front of Zachirei before anyone could react.

“Jean Camus! You’re crazy!” Zachirei roared out in disbelief.


The purplish black crystal was shattered into countless shards. Each shard exploded and generated a mushroom cloud.

“Jean Camus!” Rinloran and Ferguillo yelled.

They suffered many cuts from the shock waves of the explosions. However, it was nothing like Jean Camus. They could see many holes opening up on his body as he slowly fell down.

“Petrification Stare!”

“Storm Nightmare!”

Pink rays shot out from Ferguillo’s left eye. At the same time, his right eye became yellow and a circular yellowish ripple reverberated from his body!

“What? Two arcane skills simultaneously? Impossible!”

Zachirei’s roar rang inside Ferguillo and Rinloran’s minds.

The mental strength of an arcane master at Zachirei’s arcane level was too powerful. The mental stimulation resulted in a roar directly in the opponent’s mind.

Zachirei’s body suddenly turned golden.

Even his eyes became golden. He seemed to have become a golden statue.

At the same time, the huge purplish black wings dissipated into countless purplish black longswords and filled the sky.

Ferguillo’s voice transmitted into Rinloran’s mind, “Rinloran, it’s up to you!”

Ferguillo’s hands stirred the air and his body stood in front of Rinloran like a shield.


Several purplish black longswords pierced his body and drilled through his back.

“Jean Camus...... Ferguillo......”

Rinloran’s eyes turned bloodshot.

“Thousand Storms Sword!”

A dazzling sword flash he had never managed before shot out from his hand.

Each tiny sword flash screamed through the air.


The dazzling sword flash mercilessly pierced through Ferguillo’s body and stabbed into the golden Zachirei.

At that moment, many people heard Zachirei’s mental roar, “Chaotic Demon Body!”


The white sword flash carrying Ferguillo’s blood heavily crashed into Zachirei’s chest.


Time seemed to have stopped.

From Jean Camus’s sudden escape, to the huge crystal films falling from the sky and trapping the white-robed priestess, and ending with the Thousand Storms Sword crashing into Zachirei’s chest.

Everyone could only witness the scenes taking place.

It was too fast. It was irreversible.

Ayrin, Stingham, Charlotte and the others watched Jean Camus’s body, which seemed to be evaporating into steam, falling to the ground.

Ferguillo’s body was filled with purplish black longswords. In contrast, the dazzling white Thousand Storms Sword pierced through his body and stabbed into the golden body of Zachirei.

Pierce through!

Jean Camus and Ferguillo risked their lives...... and created the chance for my attack to hit!

Ayrin gritted his teeth. His body was trembling violently.

A piece of golden light fell from Zachirei’s body.

It was the size of a nail, but it filled everyone’s sight.


A tiny dot of white light appeared on Zachirei’s back.

In the next moment, a dazzling sword flash rushed out!

“Even Zachirei’s Chaotic Demon Body......”

Ross’s face twisted again. The purplish black flames surrounding him violently flickered. The powerful visual impact and emotional fluctuations left him unable to use any arcane skills.

“It’s our turn!” Ayrin suddenly roared.

His hair fluttered and his body released silver flames.


Crimson gold light flashed in his hand.

He stabbed his sword into his own heart!


Vast amounts of arcane particles and blood spurted out from his chest!

Stingham jumped in fright from Ayrin’s action and scolded, “Ayrin, you freak!”

Didn’t you shout to the opponent to die?

Why did you stab yourself?

You can’t do that no matter how perverted you are!

“Ayrin...... got caught in some sort of evil arcane skill?”

Meraly and Charlotte’s mind became blank. They even forgot to inject arcane particles into the cannon.

“Since it’s time to risk my life, I have to truly risk it!”

“What kind of power will this kind of dark sacrifice bring?”

However, at that moment, Ayrin’s body burned with even brighter silver flames.


The waterfall-like blood and arcane particles before him suddenly changed. It became a massive black eyeball and pressed towards Ross.

Ross was stunned by Ayrin’s action.

“What...... the......”

However, at that moment, everyone could also hear his roar in their minds.


He madly poured out his arcane particles and a huge black throne manifested underneath him.

The massive black eyeball and the black throne collided.


The black throne burned until nothing was left.

Ross disappeared within the flames.

“Dark sacrifice...... Ayrin used that method to sacrifice all the blood in his body to attack Ross...... because his body still holds the powerful medicinal effects!”

Meraly finally realized the situation and shouted out, “Ayrin, you maniac!”


At that moment, Ayrin wobbled and mumbled to himself, “Why do I feel dizzy...... Why Belo doesn’t......”

“You forced all your blood out in an instant, how can you not feel dizzy?” Stingham became teary-faced, “Ayrin, can you stop scaring people like that in the future? I will also faint from getting frightened by you!”

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