Chapter 515: The Long-Awaited War! Gathering Of Experts!

Chapter 515: The Long-Awaited War! Gathering Of Experts!


Ayrin had rushed out of the Heretic Judgement Center before anybody could stop him.

“Uncle, don’t get angry! We can talk it over!” Stingham desperately shouted.

“You’re courting death!”

Ross’s face became completely menacing.


His terrifying presence instantly exploded.

A pillar of green light swallowed Ayrin.

“Uncle...... I told you we could talk it over......” Stingham’s mouth twitched.

Dead...... Definitely dead...... This is really courting death.

Meraly’s mind became blank.


However, at that moment, a huge black eye manifested within the light pillar once again.

“Ah...... It hurts......” A charred figure screamed while rushing out of the green light pillar. He returned to the Heretic Judgement Center.

“Was it because he had been certain the medicinal effect in his body would let him survive?”

“Is he purposely exhausting the opponent’s arcane particles?”

They finally realized what Ayrin was trying to do.

“I should be able to go for another two or three rounds!”

Ayrin felt the medicinal effects in his body still rampaging like a floor without a place to vent.

He also felt some strange pleasure after getting hit and enduring the pain!

His body seemed to undergo refining each time he got hit. Not only did his cells become more resilient, his arcane resistance was also improving. He could even vaguely feel his body about to generate a natural arcane resistance layer.

That Ross guy keeps using the same destructive green light pillar to hit me...... I’m getting the feel of it.

If he hits me one more time with that, I should be able to understand and learn it!

Ayrin had just reached the Heretic Judgement Center’s entrance, but suddenly turned around and dashed out again. He shouted towards Ross while bouncing around, “Hahaha, I’m not dead! I’m actually not dead!”

“Come, hit me again!”

A little black person bouncing around...... this is really too much.

Meraly and Shanna were twitching their mouths. They felt that they would not be able to endure it if it were them.


Ross spat out a mouthful of blood.

The destructive green light pillar appeared once again and swallowed up the bouncing Ayrin.

Even if I can’t kill you, I can at least stop seeing your provocative appearance!

Another huge black eye manifested in the green light pillar.

However, Ayrin did not jump out immediately this time.

The green light and black eye quickly dissipated.

A spasming black person fell down at the center.


Flames of hope lit in Ross’s eyes. He could not hold back his joy.


However, at that moment, Ayrin suddenly jumped back up and shouted, “Let me show you something!”


Ross stiffened and felt the urge to puke blood again.


In that instant, powerful arcane energy fluctuations reverberated around Ayrin.

A green light pillar appeared right above Ross and swallowed him whole!


Ross finally spat out yet another mouthful of blood.

His body disappeared into a huge green vine as he roared, “I’m going to cook you into a tea egg and eat you!”

With a loud explosion, the green light and green vine shattered and the shreds fell down like rain.

Ross, who was at the center of the explosion, had his face glowing green and twisted.

“He even learned Ross’s arcane skill. Is he going to die from anger caused by Ayrin?”

Meraly and Charlotte glanced at each other. They had the same thought.


However, at that moment, the white-robed priestess cast a white light pillar over Ross.

“It’s Holy Light Cure!”

A Chinyu arcane master quickly explained, “It has astonishing healing power. We can’t let our guard down even if we critically injure them. They can regain fighting strength in no time at all with that skill.”

At that moment, Jean Camus whispered to Rinloran’s group, “All of you fight close to me later.”

Next, he turned to Ayrin who was still trying to play some tricks and shouted, “Ayrin, return!”


Ayrin also sensed something amiss. The ground beneath him exploded and he returned with his fastest speed.

“Listen to Jean Camus!”

Ferguillo’s expression changed as he retreated to Jean Camus’s side. At the same time, the White Dwarven Artifact Cannon was releasing metal humming sounds.

Merlin had dragged the cannon along while retreating to where Jean Camus was.

“What’s happening?”

Meraly had yet to comprehend the situation.

However, in the next second, her face immediately turned pale.

A terrifying presence spread out from the roof of the Heretic Judgement Center.

At the same time, a strange humming sound rang throughout the Green Dragon Divine Temple.

The weird arcane power looming over the entire Green Dragon Divine Temple instantly disappeared!


The green roof of the Heretic Judgement Center suddenly turned purplish black.

The moment Meraly raised her head, the solid roof of the Heretic Judgement Center had started to collapse.

An enormous figure wrapped in purplish black flames fell down from the collapsed roof.


Ross let out a dangerous roar.

The green light wrapping him completely disappeared. An even more powerful aura exploded forth from his body. He was immediately wrapped up by purplish black flames. His entire body became bigger.

“Doa’s Minister of Internal Affairs Zachirei, you once taught me arcane skills, yet even you are an Evil Dragon follower.” Jean Camus calmly spoke as he raised his head. He looked towards the collapsed roof and the descending figure in the air.

Zachirei seemed very calm as he landed along with purplish black sparks and huge chunks of broken roof. He spoke to Ross and the white-robed priestess, “Time is limited, finish it immediately.”

Jean Camus suddenly spoke directly to everyone’s mind, “Ayrin, you and Stingham use the cannon to take on Ross and the other Divine Temple arcane masters.”

“Rinloran, Ferguillo, take on Zachirei with me.”

“Shanna, you and the other Chinyu arcane masters are in charge of defense.”

“Ignore my mother, someone else will take her on.”

It seemed to be a type of mental transmission. He sent his voice directly into everyone’s head.


Jean Camus, who had been standing behind the grey film, suddenly disappeared.

In the next moment, he was already less than a hundred meters away from Zachirei!

So he already found the method to get out of that domain!

He really came prepared!

Looks like we don’t have to run away and can have a grand battle!

Ayrin’s breath stopped at that instant.


However, his eyes were shining even brighter than the brightest star. Red and silver flames poured out from every pore on his body!

His entire body seemed to have ignited!

“I will shoot the cannon! Stingham, throw your spear!” Meraly shouted immediately.

When the restriction disappeared, the aura released by Ross, Zachirei and the white-robed priestess had made her tremble uncontrollably. It seemed only the cannon could provide her a sense of security.

“I also want to shoot the cannon......”

Stingham wanted to cry. He just closed his eyes and threw the Green Dragon Spear.

Rinloran and Ferguillo did not say anything. However, the moment Jean Camus got out of the grey film, they also disappeared from the spot. They followed right behind Jean Camus and dashed towards Zachirei.

“Jean Camus, face reality.”

“Whoever possesses the greater power will be the ruler of this continent. This is the law of nature.” Zachirei spoke.

The purplish black flames split apart before him and became two wings on his back.

At the same time, a purplish black crystal appeared before his outstretched hands.


The common-looking crystal carried a suffocating Evil Dragon aura. It shot out a beam towards Jean Camus, Rinloran and Ferguillo with a speed arcane masters below six arcane gates could not react to.

Jean Camus did not change his expression. He raised his head calmly and stubbornly.

His black hair fluttered.

A unique domain power suddenly exploded outwards when the beam was less than a meter from him.

The arcane power around him completely disappeared.

Rinloran and Ferguillo stiffened.

The arcane power around them had also disappeared.

However, at that moment, Jean Camus grabbed Rinloran and Ferguillo.

Everyone held their breath.

It was an astonishing scene.

In the center of that beam, Jean Camus, Rinloran and Ferguillo were still dashing forward. Their bodies opened up a path of nullification.

The battle has started!

The restricting arcane power has disappeared!

At the same time, Ayrin, who was releasing red and silver flames, roared, “Come out! My big guys!”


Three huge light pillars and five golden swirls simultaneously manifested in the air!

Meanwhile, Ross and the white-robed priestess did not yet make a move.

They raised their heads and looked at the sky.

A spiral-shaped light suddenly appeared in the distance.

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