Chapter 514: Impulsive Youth Possession?

Chapter 514: Impulsive Youth Possession?


“Even Lord Sandran has sided with the Evil Dragon followers......”

Seeing the Frost Dragon sweeping the Vulture Riders in the sky like a broom, many arcane masters rushing towards the Evil Dragon bones dazed out for a moment.


As the Frost Dragon appeared in the sky above the Doa Royal Palace, Ayrin felt another dangerous presence appear in the Green Dragon Divine Temple.

A white-robed woman releasing a holy aura walked out from behind Ross.

Another six-gate Evil Dragon Bishop level existence, huh?

Ayrin unconsciously clenched his fists.

“Why does she look so familiar...... I have seen her before!” Stingham suddenly trembled, “She was the one who put me on the spider’s back!”

“What? Was she the one who saved you?”

Ayrin opened his eyes wide and turned to ask Jean Camus, “Jean Camus, who is she?”

“Green Dragon Divine Temple’s Holy Priestess, Evil Dragon Arachne Bishop, and also my mother.” Jean Camus calmly answered.

“Ah? Will she help us?” Stingham was dumbfounded.

“Idiot!” Rinloran scolded him with a dark expression.

“Oi! Did you save Stingham?” Ayrin directly shouted towards the white-robed priestess.

“I don’t understand what you are talking about.”

The white-robed priestess looked gentle. She smiled at Ayrin, “Thank you for risking your lives to save Jean Camus. I don’t want to be forced to kill you, so I hope you can give up resistance.”

Ayrin swung his fist and shouted, “We are true brave warriors, we will fight against evil to the end! As Jean Camus’s mother, don’t you feel what you’re doing is wrong?”

“This guy is still so pure and hot-blooded......” Ferguillo glanced at Ayrin and revealed a rare smile.

This guy will probably remain so pure and hot-blooded as he fights on.

Fighting alongside him is always fun.

“As a mother, if my child doesn’t listen to me and is in danger, isn’t it normal to lock him up?” The white-robed priestess smiled.

“But as a mother, shouldn’t you teach your child the correct morals and be his role model? You should become a true brave warrior and fight against evil!” Ayrin shouted back with an even louder voice.

The white-robed priestess seemed unwilling to speak any further. She took a meaningful glance at Jean Camus.

“Oi! Then what was that dragon egg you used to cook tea egg?” Ayrin was still curious and asked.

“Tea egg......”

Ross had already calmed down a little. However, after hearing those two words, his face turned green and the green glow became more intense. His every cell seemed to be roaring out.

At that moment, Stingham dealt an additional blow, “Uncle, your expression looks poor. Should we have a talk?”


Ross spat out a mouthful of blood.

“That should be a Black Blood Demonic Dragon Egg, right?” Jean Camus calmly asked.

“Black Blood Demonic Dragon?” Meraly and the Chinyu arcane masters screamed in shock.

“What kind of Dragon is a Black Blood Demonic Dragon?” Ayrin saw their shock and asked, “Is it strong?”

“The unique bloodline talent possessed by the Black Blood Demonic Dragon is called Symbiosis.” Jean Camus calmly explained, “It can make its body grow together with some powerful creatures and receive the corresponding power.”

“Growing together with another creature, isn’t that the same as Parasitize?” Ayrin exclaimed in surprise.

Jean Camus shook his head, “Parasitize only lets your body merge with another body of similar species. The Black Blood Demonic Dragon’s Symbiosis is not as simple as arcane masters parasitizing on those dying monsters. Symbiosis can even let its body merge with a powerful artifact. During the Era of the War with Dragons, this type of Dragon was called the Demonic Dragon as they had extremely weird things growing on their bodies. Metal, gem weapons, even Dragons or monsters would be part of their bodies like tumors.”

“It can merge with other monsters and Dragons, even artifacts as well. It’s so sick...... The egg of such a sick Dragon was eaten by Ayrin? Ayrin is really too perverted.” Stingham imagined such a Dragon growing corpses of other creatures on its body and paled.

“If they dyed the egg with special Evil Dragon arcane skills using Evil Dragon aura during the hatching phase, the hatched Black Blood Demonic Dragon would surely merge better with the Evil Dragon bloodline.” Jean Camus’s gaze stopped on the white-robed priestess and Ross, “That’s because the Evil Dragon particles have a naturally powerful corrosive property. Any single Evil Dragon follower could only integrate a very limited amount of Evil Dragon particles even if there are unique Evil Dragon arcane skills to help them. Once the limit is passed, the Evil Dragon particles will begin corroding and damaging the arcane master’s own bloodline instead. By then, they will die.”

“In that case, even these Evil Dragon Bishop level existences did not integrate much of the Evil Dragon bloodline?” Ayrin shouted in astonishment.

“According to the records, The maximum amount of Evil Dragon particles Evil Dragon followers can integrate gives them power equal to one third of the full Evil Dragon bloodline. Their bodies cannot endure more.” Jean Camus nodded, “However, if they let the Black Blood Demonic Dragon receive it, it can probably possess over two thirds of the Evil Dragon bloodline.”

“But even if it’s like what you said, if I’m the Black Blood Demonic Dragon and I become stronger than them, why should I listen to them?” Stingham raised his doubts, “These Evil Dragon Bishops won’t be so idiotic as to nurture such a powerful Demonic Dragon only for it to become their boss, right?”

“The Demonic Dragon won’t control them, it will be controlled by them.” Jean Camus calmly shook his head, “One of the Evil Dragon Bishops just has to cast a parasitic arcane skill and merge with the Black Blood Demonic Dragon. Then, a super powerful Bishop closest to the Evil Dragon’s strength will be born.”


They drew a sharp breath.

After the Era of the War with Dragons, the reason arcane masters continued to battle against Evil Dragon followers was because the Evil Dragon bloodline’s power was too tempting.

If they obtained even a little Evil Dragon bloodline, they would obtain talents far above normal arcane masters.

Evil Dragon Bishops had talents surpassing most Dragon bloodlines.

If an existence twice as powerful as an Evil Dragon Bishop appeared one day, what kind of training speed would it possess? What level of strength would it reach?

“Evil Dragon Bishops only possess one third of the Evil Dragon bloodline? The Evil Dragon back then must have been really powerful.” Ayrin finally gained a better image of the War with Dragons.

If it’s the complete Evil Dragon bloodline, it can probably open seven arcane gates when it reaches Dias’s age.

If such an Evil Dragon Bishop exists, he can probably lead his followers to sweep away the Kingdom of Doa as well as the Kingdom of Eiche in the Fallen Shadow Valley campaign.

“No wonder Doa Royal Palace has been researching the Black Blood Demonic Dragon for so many years. You really found a Black Blood Demonic Dragon Egg?” Jean Camus’s calm expression revealed a rare sarcasm. He looked at his mother, the white-robed priestess who seemed to be giving off a holy aura, “However, mother, I wonder who amongst you will be chosen to merge with that ugly Demonic Dragon. If the plan succeeds, that is. Is it you, mother? Or is it the rumored strongest Evil Dragon Coffin Master Bishop?”

“Yeah, aren’t you worried someone else will be ordering you around?” Stingham felt Jean Camus’s words were reasonable.

“So that was your plan. No wonder your vomited blood in anger after I ate that Black Blood Demonic Dragon Egg.” Ayrin said while looking at Ross with pity.

“I will eat you like a tea egg!” Ross took a deep breath and suppressed his urge to stare at Ayrin. The overuse of arcane skills a while ago caused his arcane particle exhaustion to surpass its limits and damaged himself. He was worried he might vomit blood again after looking at Ayrin.

“I don’t look like an egg.” Ayrin spoke with a serious expression, “Where’s your black worm? It looks delicious. Can you call it over?”

Ross was fuming and roared out in his heart.

“I wonder what they are waiting for.”

At that moment, Rinloran spoke with a chilly voice, “There are already two Bishop-level existences here, yet they aren’t making a move after getting so angry.”

“They should be waiting for the Green Dragon Divine Temple’s restriction to be lifted.” Jean Camus spoke.

“What do you mean?” Stingham could not comprehend.


Rinloran could not endure any longer and smacked his head.

“The Green Dragon Divine Temple’s restriction can isolate arcane power. You can only exert a small portion of your power when casting arcane skills when it’s active. In this case, although their arcane levels far surpass ours, their arcane skills’ power is greatly reduced. They don’t have much of an advantage over us right now.” Jean Camus calmly explained.

“This Green Dragon Divine Temple’s restriction can be lifted?”

Stingham finally understood and turned bitter, “If that restriction gets lifted. Won’t their powerful arcane skills gain the advantage?”

“Then, shouldn’t we fight against them now?”

Ayrin was taken aback for a moment, but gained inspiration, “Jean Camus has been asking us to wait, are reinforcements coming?”

Anyway, I will make them exhaust some arcane particles first!

“Oi! Ross! Call your black worm here!” Ayrin shouted and began rushing towards the Evil Dragon Bishops without any hesitation!

“What’s Ayrin doing?”

“Is he courting death?”

“Did he get possessed by Belo? He’s so impulsive!”

Rinloran, Stingham and the others shuddered from Ayrin’s sudden action.

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