Chapter 513: Prologue To Destruction

Chapter 513: Prologue To Destruction


“How about it? Can you break this domain?” Stingham came closer and asked.

“I can’t break it.”

Ayrin frowned and shook his head, “This domain is too weird. It’s different from normal domains.”

“Then let’s leave him alone and escape.” Stingham immediately suggested.

“Brave warrior Stingham, how can you leave your friend behind and run?”

Ayrin looked at Stingham begrudgingly, “I only ate some stuff from your Green Dragon Divine Temple and you’re throwing your spear at me. Why are you so stingy?”

“I didn’t want to hit you.” Stingham wanted to cry, “My aim just strays off!”

“You were so accurate, you almost killed me just now and yet you say your aim strays off. But your spear is really powerful. Where did you steal it?” Ayrin focused on the spear in Stingham’s hand and mumbled, “I wonder if I can eat it.”

“You even want to eat that thing?” Charlotte almost fainted.

Ferguillo thought of something after hearing Ayrin’s mumble and suggested, “Stingham, give your Green Dragon Spear to Ayrin. See if he can use it.”

Ayrin’s Epic Silver Dragon bloodline is very special. It can even use many talent arcane skills from other bloodlines. If Ayrin can use this Green Dragon Spear, its power will be on a whole different level.

“I will give it to you, I can’t aim with it anyway.” Stingham shoved the Green Dragon Spear to Ayrin.

“What a weird arcane power, I can’t seem to use it.”

He clearly felt the arcane power released by the Green Dragon Spear rejecting his own arcane power. Furthermore, the moment Stingham let go of the spear, the green glow on the spear also dimmed.

“I can’t.” Ayrin immediately shook his head.

It was not a materialized weapon like the crimson gold longsword. It was made by a unique material and only Stingham’s aura could activate the power hidden within it. It would just be a normal javelin to others.

“Even Ayrin can’t use it...... it can only be used by the idiot Stingham......” Their expressions darkened.

“This spear doesn’t suit me. It must be going against me on purpose! A strong, smart and handsome Green Dragon Prince such as me should not miss!”

Stingham also felt ashamed. He jumped next to the White Dwarven Artifact Cannon, “I think this White Dwarven Artifact Cannon definitely suits me better. I will definitely hit my target with it!”

“White Dwarven Artifact Cannon? This is the White Dwarven Artifact Cannon those guys we beat mentioned? It’s already found by the royal arcane teams?” Ayrin opened his eyes wide in surprise.

“I shoot!”

Stingham had already injected his arcane particles into the cannon. He pushed the masterpiece of the dwarves and aimed at a white-robed arcane master.

A loud boom followed.

“......” Everyone was speechless.

“......” Stingham was also speechless.

Half of the Heretic Judgement Center was blasted away.

His shot did not even get out of the door and strayed off to the side.

At that moment, they saw Merlin appearing next to the White Dwarven Artifact Cannon. She began adjusting and moving the cannon.

“Merlin, what are you doing?” Ayrin called out. However, he immediately guessed it, “Merlin, are you helping with the aim?”

Merlin nodded and continued her work.

“Merlin cannot inject arcane particles, so she is helping with the aiming? Let me try.” Charlotte also understood. She injected arcane particles into the cannon.


A platinum arcane energy cluster shot out again.

“Haha, you missed as well!” Stingham gloated.

That platinum arcane energy cluster seemed to have hit empty air.

However, the moment Stingham’s laughter came out, a red-robed Divine Temple arcane master appeared right in front of that cluster.


That Divine Temple arcane master immediately became a charred mosaic. He was blasted backwards and got embedded into a wall.

“......” Stingham was dumbfounded.

“It even predicted the opponent’s movements! Merlin must have used the White Dwarven Artifact Cannon before!”

Meraly became excited. She rushed forward to inject arcane particles into the cannon and shouted, “Let me take a shot as well!”

“......” Rinloran and Ferguillo became speechless.

It seems female arcane masters are more excited about this kind of artifact than male arcane masters. No wonder the cannoneers in the Corps during the Era of the War with Dragons were female arcane masters.


Another platinum arcane energy cluster flew out.

“Yay! It hit!”

Meraly jumped up and down in excitement. A red-robed Divine Temple arcane master closest to them was blasted away.

“As expected of the metal clockwork war avatar with the instructor module. So accurate!” Ayrin greatly admired Merlin. Merlin’s prediction was extraordinarily accurate.

“Meraly, let me take a shot?” Stingham pleaded.

“No!” Meraly shouted, “Go play with your spear!”

“......” The Chinyu arcane masters expressions changed into sly looks.

“Jean Camus, who’s that guy with at least six arcane gates?” Ayrin turned around and asked Jean Camus.

“Green Dragon Divine Temple’s high priest Ross, King Haris Soss’s younger brother. The first in line successor to the throne of the Kingdom of Doa.” Jean Camus looked at the majestic figure standing at the center of the red and white-robed arcane masters.

“Isn’t he my uncle?”

Stingham’s eyes sparkled. He shouted towards Ross who was wrapped in green glow, “Uncle, I’m your nephew. You’re so strong, you will help me, right?”

“Such an idiot......”

Ayrin and Rinloran shuddered.

“Jean Camus, what plan do you have?” Ferguillo asked.

“Wait.” Jean Camus answered calmly.

“Wait for what? Wait for death?” Stingham grumbled.

“Even the Divine Temple arcane masters have divided into two camps. It should be the same for the Doa Royal Palace outside. The riot which was suppressed not long ago and the chaos your brought with your arrival today have triggered the distrust of those righteous arcane masters towards the Doa Royal Palace. The Kingdom of Doa will go through a purge and be reborn.” Jean Camus calmly explained, “We need to wait for the flames of war to be completely ignited. There will surely be more arcane masters coming over, and more arcane masters in the Royal Palace will see the truth and fight against the Evil Dragon followers.”

“Yeah, when I was rushing here, many Divine Temple arcane masters did not try to stop me and guided us instead.” Ayrin nodded. He suddenly became excited and had that ecstatic look on his face again, “I even snatched a dragon egg from them and ate it. Several guys like that Ross went mad. They couldn’t even disguise their Evil Dragon presence and many arcane masters in the Royal Palace noticed them. There should be more brave warriors fighting against them now.”

“What? You ate a dragon egg?” The group almost tripped.

“Tea egg flavor.” Ayrin nodded in satisfaction.

“Daddy......” At that moment, a crisp voice called out.

Stingham, Rinloran and the others instantly focused on Helgy.

“Ayrin pervert, why is she calling you daddy? Where did this female arcane master come from?” Stingham suddenly paled, “Why does she resemble that female arcane master in the sewer?”

“She is that female arcane master, the Evil Dragon Vice Bishop.” Ayrin explained, “Her mental strength got drained by my Warlock Variation. After which she became like this.”

“But she’s really useful when I throw her like an artifact!” He immediately became excited again and looked at Stingham, “Just like your Green Dragon Spear, she will run back quickly by herself!”



At that moment, a terrifying explosion came from afar.

In the next moment, the entire Green Dragon Divine Temple shook violently.

The ground shook back and forth. Everyone was shaking along with the ground.

Kaboom...... Kaboom......

Next, they heard several loud impacts and explosions. The ground shook like during an earthquake.

It’s coming from the Doa Royal Palace!

What an intense battle!

Jean Camus is right, they have started fighting!

Ayrin’s eyes immediately glowed with fervent heat.


“Third team! Fourth team! Go stop that monster first!”

“The rest, follow me! Destroy those Evil Dragon bones!”

“Hurry! Endure it!”


Screams and curses reverberated inside the Royal Palace halls.

The grandiose-looking but rotten Doa Royal Palace had been completely ignited!

The Doa Royal Palace Inner Palace had turned into an unimaginable epic battlefield!

The sky was dyed a deep greenish black by various arcane powers.

Countless three-meter big black shadows coiled in the greenish black sky. The huge shadows constantly spat out a green corrosive breath. Arcane masters on the back of those shadows kept releasing streaks of flames that ignited the sky.

Those were Vulture Riders from the Doa Royal Palace’s Vulture Corps.

The building with the golden roof, from which Ayrin had stolen the dragon egg, had collapsed into ruin. The circular building now looked like an old colosseum.

Four Evil Dragon bones erected at the center were releasing countless purplish black particles into the sky.

Currently, an iron grey Demonic Dragon stood at the center of those four bones!

That Demonic Dragon was releasing a fire and necromancy aura. An arcane master wrapped in purplish black glow was embedded at its chest.

The body of that arcane master seemed to have become one with the Demonic Dragon.

Several dozens of arcane masters spread out around the Demonic Dragon and protected the Evil Dragon bones.

Meanwhile, various arcane teams rushed towards the Evil Dragon bones from all sides and fought against the terrifying Demonic Dragon.

Elsewhere, the monster which looked like a huge earthworm was also rushing towards the Demonic Dragon.

Several arcane teams were intercepting the monster to prevent it from regrouping with the Demonic Dragon.

Currently, that monster was covered in black ring-like metal armor. Various arcane skills hit its body but only made a small splash.


A terrifying dragon breath reverberated in the greenish black sky.

A huge ring of white light swept out.

The vultures flying in the sky groaned and instantly became ice blocks.

A Dragon shrouded in white frost charged down from the center of the white ring like a meteor.

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